Much like my illness we can’t seem to shake the rain. I know rain is beneficial, but we seem to be getting an inordinate amount this winter.

I skipped the hash last night, instead I stayed home and cooked. I should have also exercised, but failed that effort. The vegetable lo mein dish I made in the Instant Pot would have been wonderful if not for the additions that I experimented with; perhaps it was the miso and turmeric that gave the dish a salty and bitter finish?

I also started contemplating a couple of radical life changes, such as selling the house and moving into an apartment in East Atlanta. That contemplation ended when I saw the ridiculously high rents being charged for tiny apartments. Even if you factor property taxes, insurance, and other expenses of home ownership (excluding repairs of course), it would easily cost me $400/month more for less than half of the space. I’m okay with downsizing, but not at a significant additional cost. It’s time to resort to another plan I suppose.

Though could certainly use another night at home I may try to make it to the final German class of this quarter, even if I am completely unprepared. My effort, or lack thereof, for learning German is another decision I have to make about my future…

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  1. Adding to yesterday’s discussion about COVID-19 cancellations, I heard yesterday that the City of Austin cancelled South by Southwest this year! I get it, but that’s a bit mind boggling to me.

  2. barb says:

    Well – we are still going to Spain, Allan’s mom is all freaked out – we are not at all.
    I’m mostly packed – trying to figurer out what we are missing – thought of one thing, the adapter to plug into the wall to be able to charge my phone. But- TJ has 1, so we will be fine. I was trying to figure out what store might have 1 – it too late for Amazon.

    Gotta go vote today, just in case we get stuck in Spain forever………

  3. barb says:

    I think I just booked 2 or 3 tours in Barcelona – Katrina’s friend owns this tour company called Spanish Trails – this way we have things to do and I don’t’ have to try to figure it all out. Its gonna cost plenty – but I’m so excited. I was just trying to figure out the trains from the airport, to the hotel, and then how to get to Girona – it just confused me……….

  4. Steve says:

    I watched a biathlon over the weekend (skiing and shooting, what’s not to love?) and the stands were empty. In some places this is getting serious, and in other places they are trying to keep it from getting there.

    My new tires for the scooter came! Now to see if I’m brave enough to try and change them myself. Shops want what seems an incredible amount of money to do the work.


    • bob says:

      Steve, I have changed motorcycle tires before. Whatever they charge you to do it is worth every penny! It is a HUGE PITA

  5. Steve says:

    Barb, I hope you have a wonderful time!

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