This weekend I put my toe into the proper Minimalism Movement waters, well, not really. I did spend a lot of time going through drawers, getting rid of duplicates of things and old papers that I know I shall never reference again. I still have a stack of user manuals for which I need to see if PDFs exist so that I can rid my house of them as well. I am giving the recycling truck a lot to take away today. Apparently I am not the only one spending time ridding their houses of goods, last night the City of Atlanta sent out a voice mail saying that all trash must be in bags, and that bulk trash will only be picked up by appointment. I’m still struggling with how to get rid of things that are either still functional, or for which I have a modicum of sentimentality.

I heard yesterday that my favorite Irish bar, RiRa, has closed permanently. What I was told is that it was planning on shuttering in May because their landlord wanted a year’s rent paid upfront, and that COVID-19 accelerated the closure. Dangen!

Hope you had a decent weekend.

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  1. Steve Brady says:

    Not RiRa!! That’s a shame. Doubtful the landlord will be filling that space any time soon.

    After finally clearing the trail of that one big a$$ tree, Debbie ordered and I picked up from our local Johnnies Pizza. Hard to tell if they are really feeling it, as it took 45 minutes for our order to come out. People were being good about staying apart.

    Saturday had me on a nice scooter ride. Over 100 miles of nice Spring scenery.

    Sunday had me stop at the former JEFDSDR to pick up a piece of furniture the current owner was giving away. The place looks great. The dominoes table has been removed (it had been in declining condition) and she installed a dressage ring in the front pasture and lots of dog pens (they raise greyhounds). I’m glad someone else loves it like we did.


    • In my cleanup I came across a tin of Double-Twelve dominoes that I purchased after one of our Moreland Day Spa Saturdays. They are unopened, and for the time being have not made the donation pile.

  2. ITP Lurker says:

    I made successful runs to Target and Trader Joe’s yesterday. Both are wiping down carts as you enter the store. I beat the line at Trader Joe’s, when I left they were making people queue up outside. I had an aborted Home Depot run, I wanted to get tomato plants, but then discovered that there was a big line to get in the front door, and that I couldn’t just sneak in the garden center. I’ll make another attempt this week and either go right when they open, or right before they close. A quest for yeast took me to Aldi for the first time, what a bizarre store. They did have tons of yeast, and I was able to restock on beer since it was after 12:30. At least I no longer feel like I’ve been missing out by not going to Aldi. Maybe you have to go a few times to “get” it.

    • I’m trying to figure out when I will be making my next grocery run.

      I watched a couple of YouTube videos about Americans and Aldi this weekend. It’s a “different” store, very budget-conscious, oddly Germanic.

      • Steve Brady says:

        I don’t know about “oddly” Germanic, but Germanic for sure.

        Debbie did a Publix run yesterday and except for TP, everything was available. We also got a fruit and vegetable basket from a friend who normally supplies restaurants and has plenty of merch. not going anywhere. I don’t think we saved any money buying through her, but the stuff looks great and helps her out.

      • I just returned from Joe’s Coffee Shop with a cup of coffee and a bag of ground beans for the rest of this week. I certainly spent more than I needed to for these, but it “helps”.

    • Bonnie says:

      Hmmmm I’ve been considering a Target run but have been too scared. Is it still like the holidays? The last time I pulled into the parking lot I took one look and did a u-turn out of there.

      I like Aldi for the most part. Some very good prices. But I know enough about you that you have other shopping parameters other than price. 🙂

      • Steve Brady says:

        Debbie was in and out pretty quickly, with no big crowds. She went in the late afternoon.

      • ITP Lurker says:

        Bonnie, I was there around 10:00 AM on Sunday, which felt too late when I left my house (I’d wanted to get there at 7 when they open) but I fell back asleep earlier in the morning. It was orderly, I mostly had to work around people stocking the shelves. Lots of fresh stuff, and this won’t affect you, but I found ground beef, which I haven’t seen my last two shopping trips to Publix. Trader Joe’s had lots of fresh meat, so maybe the supply chain is starting to regulate. No wait at the checkout line, which was nice.

    • barb says:

      Lurker – Aldi is weird, but I like there is just 1 brand, 1 type of whatever I’m looking for. I want’ spaghetti noodles, just grab & go. Didn’t even think to look for yeast there – someday, maybe, I’ll make some bread.

      • Speaking of bread. I made another squatty loaf this weekend. The bread is heavy and tasty but doesn’t tick the box as sandwich bread. Later in the week, or on the weekend, I am going to attempt hamburger buns using a different source for the recipe.

      • ITP Lurker says:

        Barb, that makes sense that there’s just one of everything. My first impression is it seemed like a disheveled mish-mash of stuff. I’ll try again. My 12-year old daughter made cheesey naan bread with the one packet of yeast we had in the house. It was so good I had to find more yeast.


        I’d at least read an article about Aldi a while back, so I was prepared with a quarter (turns out there were no carts, so I used my shopping bags) and I knew in advance about bagging your stuff yourself. Otherwise it would have *totally* been a mindfuck.

      • That recipe could come in handy since I don’t have any naan in the house right now.

  3. Sadly with two cameras and an iPhone ready for action I did not get out to do any photography.

  4. barb says:

    I went for a walk Saturday morning with Davey, or a wide sidewalk over in East Cobb. Plenty of people out, everyone was good to move away from others as they passed. Saw plenty of roadies, many of them are too worried about their drafting, were way too close to each other riding.

    • On Friday I rode my mountain bike on the South River Path (and Bouldercrest Road). I ran into Bonnie who was also out riding, and Dean (aka Jackass) who was pulling into the trailhead for his ride.

    • Bonnie says:

      Some may judge, but I went for a hike at Sweetwater Creek State Park this weekend. Yeah, the red trail was too crowded, but the white trail wasn’t bad at all IMO. I didn’t touch a single thing while there, including as much as a tree, a rock or anything on the trail. Sanitized before and after. Gave other folks a wide berth most of the time. I still think there is less chance for disease transmission there versus say a regular trip to the grocery store.

  5. Because I still had a lot of potatoes on hand I made another masaman curry. I no longer had frozen green beans, so I improvised using frozen shelled edamame instead. 💯

  6. Forgot to mention that this was a good weekend for me because I found a couple items that I thought were lost. Who knew cleaning and organizing could be beneficial?

  7. Bummer, the USPS said I was going to receive my postcard from Vern today, but it was not delivered with the rest of the mail.

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