I failed to get anything done last night because all I wanted to do was lay down and watch TV after making dinner, and that’s what I did. For dinner I made an improvised Instant Pot lo mein noodle with vegetables dish and topped it with a few meatless chicken nuggets that I bought at Aldi the last time I was there. It was good, but I added one too many ingredients. 😐

Today I am going to try and do a solid day of work and then give myself the freedom to do absolutely nothing, or more accurately, anything I want to do, without guilt.

Here are a few week-ending tidbits:

– This week I dug through a bag that I used to keep in my car’s trunk prior to the asshats breaking into it last year. The bag was my “emergency” bag and contained two first aid kits (purchased at different times). With the exception of things like bandages, all of the items in each were long expired. This makes me happy since I never needed them, but sad that I had to toss them.

Oh wow, I just crashed Safari on my old iPad Air 2.

– I think that I am going to put together an Amazon order (of non-food items things they will deliver) today. I’ll do a Kroger/Aldi run next week when I start to run out of things I need to make meals.

– Atlanta’s pollen count is crazy again. 🤧

– As I have gone through old Apple boxes I am discovering many cables that I had no idea that I had. Of course, the next generation of products will probably use USB-C and these cables will become fodder for donation and/or recycling.

– As a person who has lived alone for 99.5% 97.2% (I actually did the math this time) of the past 21 years, I’m acing this self-quarantine thing! 💪🏼

Okay, that’s all I have. Until we virtually meet each other later, make it a great day.

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  1. Supposedly another letter regarding the census is to be delivered today. Hey US Government, I know you are busy but I’ve already completed the damn thing! Are you just trying to keep the Post Office in business?

    • Bonnie says:

      Same! This will be my third mailing. The first two were received 4 days apart! Hey maybe I’ll apply to be a census worker? No one will be answering their doors, right, so I just walk around and get my steps in and get paid? (JK.)

    • Brilliant! 🙌🏻

  2. Bonnie says:

    Yeah, I know there are bigger problems out there, but today I’m going to be sad and pout that I’m not leaving for the Table Rock campout today. I just can’t believe that COVID struck during my two planned spring camping trips. 😭😭😭😭😭 Couldn’t it have struck during the Christmas season?

  3. Steve Brady says:

    Good morning from 1000 Peachtree! 70+ mph all the way in this morning. Amazing what a pandemic does to traffic.

    After I gave up trying to stay online yesterday, I took a bike ride. Breathing was a challenge, mostly because I was having to chew before I inhaled because of all the pollen. And it was warm. But 20 miles is 20 miles…

    Debbie was “unseated” on her ride yesterday. Ceili just spooked, but Debbie managed to hang on and land on her feet. 8.5 from the Russian judge.

    Dinner tonight will be from our favorite sushi bar- I hope they are open!!

    Weather looks fair for the weekend. Get outside!!


    • I’d like to get a real bike ride in this weekend, perhaps on the mountain bike on/near the Beltline? I could put the outside wheel back on my road bike and get out that way too.

      I think that I will be getting a pizza tonight, though I’m making no commitments (because I don’t have to!)

      • Bonnie says:

        I plan to try and ride the Beltline Southside Trail this weekend on the MTB. Planning 20 on the “road bike” this afternoon if I am allowed to escape chores… 🙄

      • I wonder how “crowded” the Southside/Westside trails will be this weekend.

        • Bonnie says:

          Probably more than usual, but still significantly less than the Eastside Trail. I walked over the Southside Trail a couple days ago and there was a little more than the average sprinkling of people on it (I know it was a weekday, but the other side of the Beltline was full AF).

          • ITP Lurker says:

            FYI, Southside trail is closed beyond Pryor Road, just before it goes under the connector. At some point they’ll be pouring concrete on a 3/4 mile stretch. Westside Beltline is typically wide open any day of the week.

          • Bonnie says:

            Lurker, you can just detour using University, as I understand it.

          • ITP Lurker says:

            Thanks, Bonnie. I was walking on the trail during what looked like the Beltgrind recently and saw a bunch of bikes cutting through some trees onto the trail, so I have a sense of where to go. I haven’t been on the Southside trail on my bike in a while, I’ve been hoofing it on foot as of late.

          • I heard tale of an unofficial Beltgrind happening last Sunday. 😉

            I’m getting ready to put some miles in via my mountain bike. I’m not sure in which direction I am headed. I just want to get some exercise today.

    • Bonnie says:

      😮. Glad the stars were aligned for Debbie.

  4. The text on my browser window seemed HUGE and I just realized that I accidentally hit the keyboard shortcut for increasing the font size when I was trying to accomplish something else.

    “Watching” a Creative Mornings livestream as I work this morning.

  5. ITP Lurker says:

    “As a person who has lived alone for 99.5% 97.2% (I actually did the math this time) of the past 21 years, I’m acing this self-quarantine thing!”

    Yeah, my parents were way into social distancing long before it was cool. Given I had 18 years of that in my childhood, this damn quarantine doesn’t stand a chance against me either. In true quarantine spirit, I downloaded Robinson Crusoe this morning and started reading it again. The ebook is free on Amazon.

  6. bob says:

    Definitely get out and ride, the parking lots may be closed but the woods are always open!
    For the last 5+ years every Thursday night I have rambled (think wheelhopper with no flour). In that 5+ years the ramble has only been canceled maybe 5 times. With crowd sizes that have to be less then 10 we decided to do a virtual ramble, everybody get out and ramble and take photos so we can guess where you were. Everybody went out and rode their own ride or in small groups and there were over 100 photos posted.
    Ended up being a lot of fun and the ramble lives on!

    • Hahaha. Thanks!

      For those who are confused. When I was out for a walk recently (who knows what day that happened…) I encountered this band playing music while being towed in a boat through Ormewood Park. 🙂

      • Steve Brady says:

        This is great!!

        I joined a group that has shows from an NYC piano bar. Currently, everyone is performing from their homes but it’s still fun.

        And one of our Scottish musicians from the Games posted some of his work. One of the songs was an old one I remembered from my days of listening to a duet that I used to camp with at Grandfather Mountain. Both deceased now, but so many fond memories of singing into the wee hours and watching the sun come up over camp. I was A LOT younger!!

  7. barb says:

    Damn you people are chatty this morning.
    Sat outside for dinner last night, decided to learn how to host a zoom meeting (it isn’t hard) and had Allan be my guinea pig. There’s a weird echo if you sit next to each other. Then – we added my sister (who needs to learn this for her job – I was doing this partially to help her) and my youngest brother. It was fun – next time we might add my crazy oldest brother – but I’ll need his wife to show him how to do it! hahahaha

    • Steve Brady says:

      The weird echo is because you were within range of each other- audio wise.

      • barb says:

        yep- so he left the porch.

        tonight we ordered from Heirloom Market bbq- getting Allan’s parents dinner too. Not sure if we will hang at a distance with them, or just drop it off. It was pricy, but I added a big tip.

  8. There is a good bit of irony watching a YouTube video about how to stay focused on your job while working from home when you are at home and should be working… 😉

  9. Because I eat breakfast (now) at 6am, it’s my lunchtime!

    Went to make a batch of bread dough that I’ll bake tomorrow. The intent was to make a loaf of whole wheat bread, until I discovered that I had no whole wheat flour. 😕

    • Bonnie says:

      Sorry, this neighbor can’t help you out—you won’t be surprised to hear I don’t generally keep flour of any kind in the house. 😮 Well, except in my hare bag.

    • It’s okay, I just made dough using bread flour again. I’ll add whole wheat flour to my shopping list and perhaps some will be in stock the next time I go grocery shopping, whenever that will be…

  10. Kind of sad that pumping up the tires of my mountain bike winded me… 🙁

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