Let’s get this week started right! Okay, enough of the motivational talk…

Not a bad weekend, all things considered.

On Friday night I joined a virtual hash happy hour on Zoom, and then watched some attempts at comedy on Zoom.

On Saturday I did a walk around Ormewood Park and East Atlanta with Betsy and her dog Bella. Other than cooking a crockpot’s worth of fifteen bean soup with andouille sausage, I didn’t get much else done.

Yesterday I did a bike ride “with” Bonnie, but thanks to Social Distancing it was hard to tell we weren’t just two individuals out riding. Our ride went out to Stone Mountain Village, but not inside the park as I feared it would be crowded and I didn’t want to have to deal with attempting to maintain distances. It was a good ride, and for the first time I wore a bit of face covering – an elastic headband intended to keep one’s ears warm in Winter. I looked dorky, and the mesh may not have been fine enough to do a damn bit of good, but I tried.

Today it’s back to work! I may make an attempt to mow the front lawn later as my neighbors did a good bit of yard work this weekend and I did none. Also, I might attempt to make my own vegetarian meat substitute tonight since one of the ingredients I bought for this project should be cooked by tomorrow.

Hope you had a decent weekend.

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  1. My German text book is not showing up as being delivered today, nor does it have any tracking information. For fuck’s sake, I ordered the damn book on March 24th, and while I understand the world is in a shambles all of my other classmates have managed to receive theirs.

    Gripe over.

  2. Steve says:

    A pretty good weekend, considering. Quality time spent on the tractor. Washed both the tractor and my car!! It was long overdue (oddly, living on a dirt road, I have less motivation to wash it).

    Saturday, I figured this was the best time ever to ride the scooter to the office- like an idiot, I left my Bluetooth headphones last Monday. There were no cars on the interstates… it was scary. A reasonable number of trucks however.

    We looked for a second sushi bar to order take out from and found it too was closed. I sure hope they can start back up.

    A very happy anniversary Barb and Allan!!!


    • Bonnie says:

      Oh, that reminds me, I need to add bike washing to my to-do list. Guess I better do that before it starts raining again. Thanks!

    • Before I put my bike back on the trainer so that I can “ride during the week” I will wipe the pollen and covid-19 off with some disinfecting wipes.

  3. Bonnie says:

    Yeah, social-distance riding is easy when one of you is slow… 😂 It was like hashing, my goal was to just keep him in sight. Hopefully this ride will be the kick-start to my week of *really* getting back to my fitness routine, as much as I can anyway while my gym is closed. PSA: riding with the face covering is hard, perhaps it had too many layers for exercise? And I thought hills sucked before… Whew, it was hard to breathe!

    This weekend was the first time I used Zoom. I know, I’m so out of touch. I couldn’t see a way to make my iPhone show the grid of participants, even after Googling instructions. So my call wasn’t as fun because I didn’t get a lot of what was going on. I don’t have a laptop and my desktop computer doesn’t have a camera/mic. I had to miss a couple other calls on Saturday night because of family obligations. I’ll try again and see if I can perhaps figure it out. I have an old phone but the app says Zoom is still supported. I’d try my iPad but it’s even older… 🙄

    • For those in the know, on the way out to Stone Mountain we did the Avondale Pizza Ride route, which has had some improvements like traffic-calming mini roundabouts on Norman Road. For the route back we rode the Dekalb PATH route until Clarkston.

      The first time I was passed it was by a guy on a tri-bike. At first I thought Bonnie was hammering and trying to pass me. 🙂

      Bonnie, perhaps one day this week we can try a Zoom call to see if we can work out the issues?

      • Bonnie says:

        LOL. Maybe someday! 💪🏻 Ok, that’s nice of you, thanks. ☺️

      • barb says:

        I’ve been told, and I did google- using a phone you can only get 4 people on the screen on zoom. On an iPad you can only get 9.
        I’m guessing on a computer/laptop you can get more than that.
        I do have to say – more than 6 people is too much IMHO.
        I did a few zooms myself all weekend – taught Allan’s parents how with a call over to Spain, that was nice seeing everyone (and Mary was ecstatic about it)

        • Well done, Barb!

          Friday’s hash happy hour Zoom call had roughly nine-twelve on, it was difficult to communicate. IMHO

          And I suppose Happy Anniversary to you too!

          • barb says:

            we got on 2 different hash calls this weekend – the 1 Saturday night had I think 12 – (too many for me) but it was nice to talk to a few folks.
            Sunday nights was just 6, that was much better, and Stan was cooking at the same time – that was interesting.

          • I only knew about calls thanks to my FB mole, aptly named “Glory Mole”. 🙂

            Times were people used to post on the AH4 Forums, that doesn’t seem to happen any longer.

          • barb says:

            some of the Zoom calls are done via email invites – I know Sani likes to do it that way. But – as long as you have the meeting ID & password – you can hop on. I figured out the ones I set up always have the same info – so you just have to figure out what time people are meeting.

  4. barb says:

    we were busy- not busy all weekend.
    We “stole” a car – our friends that live in FL half the year aren’t coming back for any appts like they usually would, so they asked us to drive their car. Its a BMW – so much nicer than our cars. took Allan’s truck to the shop while we have an extra car – but the weather si so nice, he’s riding his motorcycle.
    We also have some Volvo cycling car parked in the backyard (TJ brought it over 1 day)- I told Allan I want to drive it next.

    Did some lumberjacking Sunday morning- 3 smaller dead trees in the front yard – not tall enough to fall on the house, so Allan got out the trusty chainsaw & went to work.

    Cooked a nice scallop dinner for our anniversary dinner last night – Allan is at the firehouse today. Scallops are so easy to mess up, and we didn’t -they were tasty!

  5. Steve says:

    And speaking of car service, when I washed the car yesterday I noticed one of my tires had a sidewall bulge! That not good. Almost took it over last night, but Debbie was still all hitched up to the trailer and didn’t want to unhook.

    I’ll let her explain her superior driving skills and almost removing a trailer window!

  6. One thing I failed to get ready this weekend is some bread dough. I suppose since I *theoretically* will be grocery shopping tomorrow I could buy some bread…

  7. Attempting to make a loaf of bread using the book I bought’s “Turbo No-Knead” method. Used yeast that should not go bad until August, and bread flour I purchased two weeks ago. However, after waiting 90 minutes for dough to proof/prove it looks like complete shit. I might give up on bread baking before my new loaf pans ever arrive!

    • Yep, it’s a lousy, unrisen, piece of crap. ☹️

      • Steve says:

        This strikes me as odd. There is something else going on here, but my vast bread baking experience (watching a little of Great British Bake Off) prevents me from being much help.

      • I’m clearly doing something wrong. I think I need to hold off and try again when I have a block of time to which I can dedicate to bread making. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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