Good morning campers! Oh wait, not camping this weekend. 😢 I will admit that at 41°F currently in Rutledge, GA as I type this I would be hard-pressed to want to leave the warmth of my sleeping bag and get on a bicycle.

Yesterday was okay. As you know I did laundry and also went out on a short, 3.25-mile walk.

Woke early this morning and am in the final stage of baking a beer-cheese quick bread. I’d link to the recipe but can’t find it on the woman’s website; I was introduced to it via her YouTube video.

As it’s currently 45°F in Atlanta I am going to wait for the sun to rise and warm things up a bit before wandering up to Joe’s for coffee around 9:00am.

Not much going on this weekend, of course. Maybe I’ll finally getting around to doing some more yard work? Fun!

See you all in the comments…

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  1. Hmm, I think the bread night be a bit salty. Dangen!

    The recipe did not specify to pour over melted unsalted butter as the final step, it just said “melted butter”. Since there was no salt added to the mix, I didn’t think it’d make that much of a difference so I used melted, salted butter. I appear to be wrong.

    • Just had a heel of the “bread”, which you can imagine is more cake-like since it’s a quick bread. Not too salty! 😅 It is going to pair well with the soup that I plan to eat for lunch.

  2. Steve says:

    My attempts at a fix for what I think are iPhone issues were a wail yesterday. Might have to head to the office this weekend to get the latest VPN code and see if that helps.

    We found out yesterday our “future pasture” will soon be inhabited by… cows! I wondered why the grass had grown so much so quickly and they let us know they had fertilized and were bring cows in a couple weeks. May still buy what we have been using all this time and not the “top” part, but it sure is pretty up there.

    25 road miles yesterday. Moments feeling strong and moments of fatigue. My back wasn’t up to the effort, so lots of rolling stretches.

    About to get on the scooter. The initial plan was to ride to Cloudland Canyon and back, but that may be too much for my butt. And with limited availability of stops, too risky.


    • I’d be more concerned about the lack of stops. Sure, outside of the city more things may be “normal” or so I have heard, but still…

      • Steve says:

        200 miles to Cave Spring and back. A stop for gas north of Carollton and one near home. Windy a lot of the time. And a new rule, check helmet for spiders!

  3. barb says:

    Was planning on a walk last night, but then a Parrothead zoom meeting popped up, thought it would be good to talk to a few of those friends.
    Made a pizza with leftover chicken (& bacon, & pepperoni) and of course lots of cheese. It was very tasty.

    Not sure what’s on the agenda for the weekend – all depends on the weather.
    Stacy may come by and dig up some irises – they are so overgrown, there are millions of bulbs to be given away. Its supposed to rain Friday night/Saturday morning, so that might make is just a little easier if the ground is soft.

    • Stacy says:

      Yay for irises! 🙂 That is still the plan, as long as it’s not too cold or rainy. And if it is, maybe Sunday as back up?

      I’m loving this cool weather this morning: all my windows are open and it feels nice in here. Oh the heat’s on too, mind you. But I don’t pay for that so it’s perfect: cozy with a nice breeze.

      In other news, I made myself a hamburger and French fries for breakfast this morning. Because clearly there are no rules anymore.

      • I have the back door open, no heat needed probably since my inefficient oven was on 350°F for an hour this morning. With my still poorly-functioning A/C I’ll be okay with cool days for awhile.

        I had enchiladas for breakfast the other day, because why not? 🙌🏻

      • barb says:

        Stacy – I’m sure I’m around all weekend – what else do I have to do? We can play it by ear.
        I’ll even give you your own shovel – hahahahaha.

        My house was cold last night/this morning, but that’s what blankets are for! I think it was 65 or so inside. We have the heat (and AC) off.

        I had/have a smoothie for breakfast – that’s traditional – but now that I think about it- I could have had pizza.

      • My heat came on a few times Wednesday night / early Thursday morning, but didn’t last night. I think it’s 64°F in the house now but I feel comfortable since I am wearing a sweatshirt.

  4. Back from Joe’s. Even with them selling via the front door there were too many people lingering about for my comfort. I’d not been wearing my face protection on the walk up because I could keep distance, but when the fifth and sixth people moved in… I got my coffee and didn’t want to spend the time for them to grind the beans I bought, so I took them whole.

    Can’t wait for this to be behind us, whenever that may be.

  5. Considered pizza for dinner but I still have too many leftovers to warrant buying food from somewhere else. Next week, definitely!

  6. One of my German class friends signed up for a second class (a level at which we were at last year). He said last night’s class was great, so I may sign up for the last five weeks of the class in an attempt to get more practice and re-learn the things I’ve forgotten.

  7. Post pandemic if anyone feels the need to get exercise by doing manual labor yard work, let me know. I’ll be glad to set up a bushwhacking and weed-pulling party one weekend. 😁😂

  8. I was right, the “bread” was delicious with my defrosted and reheated sixteen-bean and andouille sausage soup. Today is a meat day!

  9. Just got a little “bonus” exercise by taking the leaf blower to the rear deck. The deck was covered with pollen and little berries that dropped from the branches which hung over it until yesterday. Looks decent out there now, though I know it won’t stay that way for long.

  10. barb says:

    I tried to call in my order for subs to Baldino’s – got no answer, so they were either too busy or not there. Ordered Jersey Mike’s online -that was simple enough – website said 25% off, no idea if I got that deal or not. Oh well – subs were tasty.

    • When I bought my coffee the guy told me that buying a bag of coffee got me a free medium coffee. I said ”Thanks, but I’ll go ahead and pay for the large coffee instead.” I wasn’t trying to be a dick, but one of the reasons I am going there now is to give them business!

  11. barb says:

    Subaru is getting back in my good graces – my car seems to be burning oil since I got the huge engine recall done. they are going to give me a loaner car while they check it out.
    I asked for a Forrester – as I need to test drive one. I know how the Outback drives (Allan’s dad has one). Now is the time to buy a new car……… deals are out there!

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