Overnight one of the IRS agencies to whom I owed money claimed theirs; that’s progress I suppose.

I’m currently Sheltering In Car outside the Waschsalon as my laundry washes. I played around with a makeshift facemask, but have fallen back on the headband as covering because the other solution was too wonky. Yeah, I look dorky but I don’t care today.

I’m feeling a bit lost today, hoping that once I return home with two week’s worth of clean clothing that I’ll feel a bit better.

Hope your week is going okay.

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  1. Clothing in dryers. There is only one other customer currently but I may dump all laundry unfolded into my bags and limit my exposure to others.

    Listening to a “Breakfast with Boz” podcast, recalling that I read yesterday that the Tour de France has now been scheduled for late August through early September.

  2. Bonnie says:

    Big news of the day: I made tea this morning instead of coffee. 😂

    I made this healthy stir fry last night that tasted, uuummm, pretty healthy. I guess that’s why it has like 1,000% less calories than restaurant stir fry. It was fine actually, you just can’t compare it to more fat- and sodium-laden versions. https://www.cookinglight.com/recipes/nutty-fried-rice

    • I just finished folding shirts at home, and am making my first coffee of the day!

      Looks, good, but too healthy. 🙄

      I made this unhealthy Instant Pot pasta dish, Instant Pot Spicy Sausage Pasta Using Beyond Hot Italian sausage. I’m sure I could make it healthier, but what? 🤷🏻‍♂️😂 This may be the third or fourth time I have concocted this dish. I have enough leftovers for at least five more meals. 😮

    • And tomorrow morning I’ll be walking up to Joe’s for a cup and a bag of coffee. Let me know if you want to get out of the house.

      • Stacy Fox says:

        btw, thanks. I still have “enough” coffee but after hearing of your shortages it reminded me that having another bag on hand at home wouldn’t hurt. 😉

        • ITP Lurker says:

          Ya’ll are rookies. When the pandemic looked to be setting in, I ordered 10 bags of coffee. 😉 I’m the special flower that has to have certain coffee ordered in from the roaster.

        • I was going to order from a hasher who owns a roasting company, but then never did.

          • Stacy Fox says:

            Paulie, do you mean Slow Wave Coffee? It’s really good. They were at the Yaarab Temple holiday festival and had smaller packs of the different offerings so I tried a bunch of the flavors. Highly recommend.

            Lurker, ha! 🙂 I guess I’m not all that picky about my coffee. I know what I *don’t* like but I’m perfectly satisfied with the bags (like Dunkin Donuts or Kroger’s Private Selection) I find in the groceries.

          • Yep, that’s who I mean.

  3. barb says:

    Went for a walk on the mountain to river trail (by the Marietta Square) last night. They have the path from Kennesaw Mtn now down just past the Square. We started at the Square – didn’t go all the way to Kennesaw Mtn, but could have if I was ambitious. It is supposed to go all the way to the Chattahoochee some day………

    Found all my receipts for car work- my tire issues (missing lug nuts) did happen at Discount Tire. Now I get to call them back today. what fun.

    • Stacy Fox says:

      I’ve been meaning to do that trail, Barb! I actually had plans to back in January (or Feb maybe) when meeting friends for lunch up there. But it was so dang cold that day I was all: naaaaaaaah. I’ll wait until spring. Now maybe I’ll wait until summer?

      I considered the Wash Salon myself this morning but then realized I’m not at the dire place for it yet. I do want to run over to the Home Depot today to get stuff to plant in the yard (is that considered essential?). It’s next to a Whole Foods so maybe if I hit both it’s acceptable.

      • barb says:

        Its a nice wide path with not very many people out walking. And Stacy- I was trying to figure out which building was your Airbnb when we were at the Session Stand.
        We did run into our friends that run the Marietta Food Tours – they live right by the Session Stand.
        I told Allan we needed to go over there & then pick up some dinner from 1 of the restaurants that are still open at the Square. Not too many are.

        • Stacy Fox says:

          It’s called the Watermelon House, Barb. And it’s right across the street from the Session Stand.
          (https://thewatermelonhouse.com/) 🙂

        • It’s funny, for the past two years I considered renting a place in the woods and getting away from everyone for a week. I figured I could write code, read, ride a bike, do anything that was fun, just for me.

          Now, for obvious reasons, I just don’t feel the need to get away. I do still feel the need to do nothing, or perhaps only fun things, however,

      • Wish you’d shown up too! I *can* go more than two weeks (it’s been two since we saw each other) but I’d rather not. Believe it or not, I had a lot of cycling clothes to wash since I have been on the trainer often.

        • STACY says:

          That would have been a hoot! I almost considered coming anyway, but by then you were already in the dry cycle, so I probably would have missed you. I did go to the Home Depot though and got lots of pretty flowers to plant in my flower boxes out front. I considered going to the Whole Foods but there *was a line to get in* and I’m like, yeah, I don’t need to shop there that badly. I went to the Murder Kroger instead, came back home and have planted all the pretties. 🙂 (on Instagram of course)

          I think Wash Salon might be Saturday.

  4. Steve Brady says:

    The Tour, then the Giro, then the Vuelta? In quick succession?? Not likely. Throw in the former Spring classics?? Don’t hold your breath.

    Debbie spent a record at the grocery yesterday. That’s even considering holidays! And the only alcohol was a case of beer. Wow. But we’re stocked up and won’t be going back for a couple weeks. She reported few face masks and little proper distancing. Idiots.

    Walked the big pasture last night and have a plan to make a “ring” to work on Ceili’s jumping. The grass up there, which I cut 3 weeks ago is already shin high. Clearly the mower wasn’t set low enough. I’ll work on that.

    Planning on a road ride after work, then a scooter ride tomorrow.


    • barb says:

      funny grocery story from a friend- she ordered from Kroger to go pickup – they mixed up her order, she was missing items and got some that she hasn’t ordered. she called & went back, waited an hour in her car while they fixed it – still didn’t get everything, but got some other extra stuff. Best part (for me) is she wanted boneless chicken breasts, not bone in – and she doesn’t want them – so she is gifting to me! I’m like- just cook them! Bones make the chicken taste better. So – maybe they will bring them by & we will cook them & make them eat them at our house.

      • barb says:

        now Annette says she doesn’t have enough room in her freezer – she is delivering us some chicken! gotta love it!

    • I’m almost set on the food front, though I could use bell peppers, garlic, onions, and some baby spinach; these just don’t keep week for more than a week. I might make a Kroger run, or try the Grant Park Market. Hell, I’ll probably add beer to the list too. 😉

  5. Ugh, just received mean email reminding me I have an auto insurance payment coming in May. If it’s not one thing it’s something else…

  6. One other benefit of getting out this morning was driving the M6. I think it’s been about a week since I drove it anywhere.

  7. Oh yeah, found out yesterday that certain shows on HBO Now can be temporarily streamed without creating an account. I hope to watch all of a Silicon Valley again before their generosity dries up.

    I believe other streaming services are doing the same thing, but honestly, I don’t have the free time to watch much more than I already do!

  8. Steve Brady says:

    One of Debbie’s purchases was a fresh pork shoulder, which she slow cooked last night. I just had a sample of the finished product- holy crap, that’s some kind of tasty!! I even had a piece of “gravy bread”- take the pot likker and pour it over a slice of bread!! Oh yeah.

  9. I may or may not have just streamed House of Pain’s “Jump Around”. 😯 Im losing it today… 😂😂😂

  10. barb says:

    I finally get yeast, and then Allan bought pizza dough at Publix -so I don’t have to make the crust now. We are having leftovers pizza. We have chicken, we have bacon, and not sure what else will go on it.

    • Mmmm, piiiizzzzaaaa… 😋

      I just went outside for the first time since this morning and it is gorgeous out there! I sprayed a wasp starting to build a nest in my carport, and then hand washed the items I was wearing this morning. One of the items was a hooded sweatshirt which held a lot of water so I figured out a way to let the sun beat on it for awhile, and in doing so clipped back some overgrown brush on my deck.

      Wish we weren’t supposed to wear face masks because I’d really love to go out for a walk later today.

      Oh yeah, I am supposed to be working…. later.

      • barb says:

        I take a bandana or buff when out walking – I can not wear it all the time. My stuffed up nose & head make it tough for me to breathe with the mask.
        just cover up when I feel like I should.

      • That might be my plan of attack. I think I can find a few wide streets around here that won’t have many people out. Or, I can just go down into the basement and ride my trainer again…

      • ITP Lurker says:

        My understanding of the CDC’s guidance on masks is they’re recommended for situations where you can’t avoid others, like the grocery store, waschsalon, etc. If you’re exercising away from others you don’t need a mask. The virus is mainly spread by person to person contact.

        • Stacy says:

          What Lurker said. I wear mine when I’m out for walks but I take it off when no one else is around.

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