Made it to another Friday!

Yesterday was a wee little bit like Friday for me as I decided to take a mental health day from work and live a guilt-free day. It was nice.

“How does guilt-free Paulie appear?”, you ask? Like this, apparently:
What Face Mask? I’m Not Wearing One! 😉

In the afternoon I decided that I was going to take a chance on the weather and go out for a long walk. While still walking away from the house the skies opened briefly. Fortunately I was near an overhang so I could wait it out, but fear of more rain sent me back toward the ITP Estate.

I received an “Oops, Maybe Not” email yesterday from LA Fitness as they backtrack on their plans to reopen on May 1. Apparently thanks to our careless cavalier Governor, who was quickly stabbed in the back by the President he so adores, many companies are scrambling to figure out whether or not they should be reopening soon — not surprisingly most are not.

Not surprisingly I am using more water and my water bill reflects this.

At 5:15am thing morning I was reminded why I shouldn’t be so lazy. I had been attempting to re-root some wild garlic, by putting them in a Mason jar with water. That experiment failed, and I failed to bring the jar back into the house. This morning I heard the jar get knocked over from the porch railing, either by an animal trying to drink its contents or by one too clumsy to maneuver around it.

Have a great weekend all!

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  1. Steve Brady says:

    My barber- American Haircuts (with locations on 10th St., Ansley Mall, Peachtree Center, and Roswell) is trying to gather sufficient protective gear to try and open. I feel bad for them as they are in high rent locations with no income and staff that will be at risk.

    Rode 45 minutes while watching the ’89 Worlds. (Spoiler alert- Lemond wins!). I hang my iPhone by the outside door in a Ziploc bag. It rained like a MF while I was riding, but the phone was as happy as could be.

    Tomorrow, we are off to Watkinsville to pick up our newly commissioned barn hex. A big round “sign” to keep the evil spirits away. Ask Debbie.

    Enjoy the movies and bowling this weekend!! Not.


    • While out on my walk I saw the woman who cuts my hair drive by. I know she lives about a mile from me, and she’s easy to identify — six feet tall, red hair, drives a Smart car.

  2. Hoping the sun re-emerges as predicted, not because I want the house to warm up, but rather to dry the “load” of clothes that I just hand washed. Look at me, baking and hand washing, is this 2020 or 1920? 😂

  3. barb says:

    Got a 2nd email from our mgr in Chicago, saying since the GA governor has lifted some restrictions – everyone should come back to the office on Monday. She said they will be supplying us with masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, etc. I’m like – really? When is that all showing up?
    Of course at least 1 person who is working from home (with a kid) doesn’t want to come back, as what do you do with a 13 year old? Leave her at home? You know she won’t do her schoolwork if she is home alone. We don’t have wifi here at the office, so can’t really drag her in here.
    The other 2 that are at home aren’t chiming in.
    I’m worried about our common places, the bathroom & the kitchen area. I don’t know where those others have been, or who they live with, etc.
    Our supervisor who has been out on sick leave from back surgery is rumored to be coming in on Monday.
    this is gonna get interesting.

    • That seems problematic to me.

      Not sure when “XYZ Corp” will be returning to the office, we received an email this week saying that they are not paying for our parking privileges (makes sense since we are not using them) until we return.

    • Steve says:

      As long as you CAN do the work remotely, why would they force you into the office. I have wanted to go in on several occasions, but have been told to stay home. Some things require my hands, and the list is growing.

      If she has to bring the kid, have her work off the hotspot on her phone.

  4. Steve says:

    AND!!!! I was just on NextDoor (which I do very rarely) and someone not too far away is having a new AT&T service installed- a fixed wireless (much like we used to have from Verizon). She stated 250G a month for $50!! That would be 5 times the data at more than half the cost we currently pay. I’m so in….

  5. Funny thing about putting clothes outside, if the sun never shines brightly they do not dry. ☹️

  6. barb says:

    need more wind?
    btw- did you make your own mask?

    • Yes and yes.

      I am considering moving the clothes indoors under a ceiling fan. Although, the sun is supposed to shine soon?

      I made the mask from a large microfiber cloth I had, folding it using a procedure I saw on YouTube. It was held on my face with rubber bands, and I had a wide “twist tie” (the type that keeps a coffee bag closed) that contoured around my nose. It worked well, my glasses only fogged occasionally.

      • barb says:

        very nice!
        I think I want ties – not bands or elastic.
        I have a friend making me some – her “job” is an image consultant – so she wanted me to pick a fabric – I told her no, I wanted her to decide what was me (& Allan). We will see what she sends me.

      • The rubber bands were not uncomfortable for me. I may have lucked out because I don’t have many rubber bands in the house currently, three to be exact. However, I have some on the way from Amazon juuuust in case this situation lasts longer than some people predict.

        I also repurposed a few safety pins that were still attached to race numbers in the basement! 😂

  7. barb says:

    My lunch outing today was to Rick’s Farmers Market in East Cobb for tomatoes.
    I also go corn on the cob, some green beans & some onions.
    I got Allan’s parents some tomatoes & corn, and decided Sal would love 2 tomatoes, so she gets a surprise on her doorstep.
    Then I ran into Aldi – for lemonade – and of course found other things to buy (like romaine lettuce).
    but -they did have plenty of toilet paper today – but I don’t need any – but that aisle was all stocked up.

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