I hope every one had a happy Earth Day. I tried to celebrate the Earth’s closest star, the sun, by hand washing some of my workout clothes and using it to dry them.
The Things You Rediscover...
This worked great until the sun had the audacity to allow the clouds to obscure it. Next time I might take the extra effort to string up a clothesline, as if I were camping, and drying clothes that way. My backyard is still a jungle of trees so I could get away with washing and hanging dry an entire load of underwear if I wanted to do so!

I’m taking the morning off work to run at least one errand. This morning I’m going to drive (remember doing that?) up to Target to pick up the online order I placed a couple of days ago. I am also considering going to Kroger today as well, but am not sure that I want to go through the effort since I still have enough food in the house to last me at least six days, perhaps ten or more if I get creative. A quick glance at my blog posts shows that it has somehow been two weeks since I last went to a grocery store? Crazy. In keeping with my own personal caution, today I will be testing my latest homemade crafting, a face mask folded from a microfiber cloth. If I’m feeling particularly cheeky I might take a selfie and post it tomorrow.

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  1. Batteries are a funny thing, or at least how their capacity is reported is. Last night I went to use my laptop and it said it had 90%. When I opened it this morning it said 57%, then it quickly dropped to 39%, and when I rebooted it, it reported 32%? The only real thing I knew about my battery was that it needed to be connected to power asap.

  2. Day 11 of the “100 Days of Swift” is done! I am proud that I continue to work through this. Soon the SwiftUI version will be diverting and I will be learning two things!

  3. Steve says:

    Mask. Get cheeky- I see what you did there.

    Currently, the skies have opened up- I guess I didn’t realize it was going to rain today, so I’m a bit surprised.

    Nothing much yesterday. Fought to stay online most of the afternoon. Have a MiFi coming from the office to see if that helps. I swear the iPhone just give up after 5-6 hours of being connected.

    Moving through “Outlander” on Netflix. In the middle of season 3, so I think broadcast is season 5. Still enjoyable.


    • Probably just Apple deeming that no one should be online for that long… 😏 As a shareholder I apologize.

      I knew the rain was coming, and am hoping some people decide to not go out because of it.

    • Stacy says:

      Outlander is even more enjoyable if you watch with closed captioning on. I’m all: ohhhhhhhh so that’s what they’re saying! 🙂 I love the series. I read all the books back in high school and re-read them again years later. I have Starz so I’m all caught up: episodes come out Sundays and it’s part of my Sunday morning couch & coffee routine.

  4. Steve says:

    As an Apple shareholder, you should!

    The rain doesn’t seem to be affecting my connectivity, though the lightning might!

  5. barb says:

    I knew it was supposed o rain, but didn’t think this hard. But now that I think about it – Allan thought it would -he said he wasn’t spreading the fertilizer or weed & feed or whatever because it was going to rain hard today.

    I went & got some Mexican food & margaritas last night – I asked the “owner” if he was opening next week, he said he had to talk to the city about all the rules, which booths could be open for seating, getting enough face masks, etc. IN other words -he didn’t know what he will be doing yet.

  6. Ninety minutes to do two chores! It’s mostly because I am slow…

    Target pick up was a breeze. I waited in the car and a person brought out my purchases in a plastic bag.

    Kroger was a bit more nightmarish. Still many people not wearing any short of face protection. I imagine these are the same people out protesting the lockdown? I spent $125 on food, first aid, and beer. I limited myself to one six-pack of beer, probably should have bought more. I was proud that I passed on toilet paper since I don’t need any. Also, I have forgotten how to plan for grocery shopping and how many bags I would need. Sorry Planet Earth for my acceptance of so much plastic today…

    I am still amazed at the lack of frozen vegetables, as well as the scant number of frozen vegetarian fake meats.

    • barb says:

      Only one 6 pack of beer? who are you???
      We need some bananas, and probably some other produce.
      But- besides that – we are pretty well set.
      Allan’s mom & dad keep doing the online ordering, and somehow they get more or less of what they think they ordered. I’m guessing it is operator error.
      (and then Allan still needs to pick up something for them occasionally)

    • It’s like all the exercising I am doing is making me drink less beer! I will say that I now have enough coffee filters to last me through the next wave of COVID-19, however. 🙄 And I only use them for making coffee! 😂

      With my current stock of food, I think I could survive through May! The only hitch might be the need for perishable items.

      • Bonnie says:

        Make sure you are eating enough vegetables, leafy greens, etc. 🙂 That’s the main reason I feel the need to go grocery shopping. #yesmom

      • Yeah, I probably don’t eat enough vegetables. I have been adding spinach to recipes, and today I bought three bell peppers along with onions, garlic, and more spinach. Oddly, I haven’t been buying bagged salad like I was pre-lockdown.

  7. My journey also exercised the M6 a bit, the first time in a week for it. While driving to Target I saw a Shell station selling gas for $1.25/gallon. Turns out that was an anomaly, but my first thought was “Holy shit, if that’s the current cost for gas it must be free in South Carolina!”

  8. Oops, I just ate an absurd amount of vegetarian chili that I made the other night, with some poorly-made rice that I made last night. I will have to spend time on the trainer working some of that off.

  9. Weird, I just realized that I screwed up and didn’t get anything sweet for snack/dessert while at Kroger. Oh well, probably better for me that I didn’t…

  10. barb says:

    Well- in case you were wondering (my guess is you weren’t) 2 lug nuts & a stud installed is $86. Discount Tire somehow made mine go missing, they sent me to this place, and they tried to make me pay. I said – look at that piece of paper I gave you, I’m not paying. They were like – Ooops. sorry. Here’s your key, have a nice day.
    So- my wheel issue is fixed, now to just driver 1200 miles so they can check my engine again. I may try to set up a test drive of a CRV, and maybe a Toyota something, and maybe a Mazda, though Paulie’s fun with his Mazda makes we wary. (but most people that I know that have Mazda’s haven’t had any issues)

    • Steve says:

      260k in my Mazda. I think Paulie’s problem is unique!!!

      I don’t even know how the tire shop screwed up your lugs. Don’t think I’d go back there.

      • barb says:

        they were “missing” as was the 1 stud.
        But- its all covered by warranty or whatever – just cost me a little time. I’ll get over it – but if it happens again….???
        my guess is 1 slacker guy – everyone at Discount Tire has been so nice & never had any issues with them.

    • And don’t forget my “unique luck” having to replace a Honda transmission after 120k while in Colorado!


  11. barb says:

    Allan went to Sam’s – I can’t let him go there unsupervised.
    He bought a pork butt.
    we need people to eat a pork butt. way too many leftovers otherwise.
    So SUNDAY – if you want to have a drive by dinner (or come by & eat far apart) let me know.

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