Excluding Sunday, this week is not going to win any “Best of” awards. Fortunately, it is only Wednesday so there is hope that things can get better.

My lingering Spring Cold made yesterday a washout. I never felt like doing much, so my attempt to study a German failed mightily which led me to skip the Zoom call class entirely.

I am typing this feeling slightly better, drinking coffee, and lapping up the cool morning air that appears to be ending soon.

Keeping my fingers crossed that Hump Day is the day my week turns around, including closing my exercise rings for the first time in three days.

Hope your week has been, and continues to get, better.

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  1. Bonnie says:

    Fingers crossed! 🙂 I haven’t experienced allergies like this since before I started my allergy shots. Perhaps a call into my ENT will be in order soon to see if/when I should be retested…

    • It’s been a weird Spring, even without considering COVID-19. It seems as it has been cooler and drier than I recall for years, which is wonderful for those of us with poorly-functioning air conditioners. Of course it would be great if I felt comfortable and was able to spend more time on my bicycle when the weather is like this. 😕

  2. Steve Brady says:

    Sorry you’ve been feeling puny.

    I thought about exercise after work yesterday, but decided to wait until after the visit with the cardiologist later today. I did get out on the scooter and enjoyed the beautiful day. Such scenic destinations as Rocky Mount, Gay, Hollenville, Haralson and Blackjack were on the itinerary.

    We did learn sad news yesterday. The Huddle House will not be reopening after all the madness is done. Apparently, they had already planned on closing in the Fall, but they moved the plan forward. Debbie is very sad and now we have to come up with a way to contact our favorite waitress’s. And then figure out where we will go for Sunday breakfast some day.


    • Thanks. Good luck at the cardiologist today.

      Bummer about Huddle House, reminded me about RiRa.

      A few things are starting to tentatively reopen around a East Atlanta — Homegrown, Midway, and Elder Tree — all have some sort of to-go plans in the works.

    • barb says:

      keep us posted on the cardiologist.
      I noticed the Waffle House I drive by every day had a sign saying Dine In open. I’m guessing that means every other booth?

      I saw a list of a few places in Marietta that are opening for dine-in – I hope it all works out. I know how many people hate Kemp & want him to be wrong, but at the same time hope he was right & it is ok to have places start opening back up.

    • I am on record not being a fan of Kemp, and most of the Republican Party these days. I’d love to return to “normal” though I don’t know what that means for me any longer.

      I received an email from Lucky’s Burgers saying that their Marietta and Roswell locations are going to allow people to eat on their patios. I suppose that will be okay, unless something goes wrong…

  3. barb says:

    We went out on the road bikes from East Cobb then down by the river – gorgeous night to be outside. There were so many people on the boardwalk/Riverwalk – I really wish they’d just re-open the parking lots. Everyone is parking all over the sides of the road, and sometimes in the bike lane.

    Ran into some hooligans out rambling – nice to say hi to them.

  4. Done with 45 minutes of suffering on the trainer, and just popped out of the shower. Time for a quick lunch compromised of leftovers before returning to work.

  5. Trying to deal with adulting is hard enough, doing it at distance during these times is outright distressing.

  6. HamWithCam says:

    A question for the Hive Mind:
    So, most of us have been isolating in place for, what….3-4 weeks now?

    The medical f0lks (and numerous politicians) contend a 14-day quarantine is sufficient to monitor for any symptoms. Yet, Georgia C19 cases continue to increase, albeit at a significantly reduced rate.

    A significantly reduced rate.

    So, my question is….from where are these new C19 cases coming?

    Is it the 20% of the population unable (or unwilling) to isolate?
    (For example: medical professionals, service folks, police/fire, Walmart. Target, etc. workers?)

    If that is so, then continued isolation (from this 20%) makes sense. Our risk of being infected is greatly reduced if we do not expose ourselves to those continuing to circulate, right?

    However, if the 20% continuing to circulate is not contributing to new cases then, logically, if we break isolation then we put ourselves at no greater risk than these 20%, right?

    At some point, we will emerge and “get back to normal”.
    Workers will return to offices, restaurants swill open for dining, retail will reopen, etc.
    Logically, if you believe the “experts” our risk will never be….zero.


    73 de JG/HamWithCam

    • barb says:

      you are correct John – we have no idea what is happening, and how people are being infected. So many conflicting stories, theories, etc.
      My feeling are, be as careful as you can be for yourself, but after that – what can you do?
      I’m tired of being afraid to do anything (and really, others being afraid to do anything) but to each their own. You have to do what’s best for you. And realize your actions do have an effect on others. I worry about my parents, but at the same time, if my Dad really wants to go to the grocery store (that’s his thing) then get him a mask & let him. He’s 90. That’s the only place he’s mad about not being able to go out to. Other than that – he’s just fine staying at home.

    • ITP Lurker says:

      Clint Eastwood used to say, “You’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?” 😉

  7. My thoughts are obviously not focused. For dinner tonight I am making a Crock Pot Chili-Orange “Beef”. I’ve made this before, and it was good. To make it vegetarian I substituted Quorn fake steak strips for the beef. However, I wasn’t thinking straight tonight (related to my “adulting” mentioned above) and pressed a block of tofu to use instead. I’ll find out how much failure I encounter around 6:30pm tonight.

    • barb says:

      pressing tofu – what does that mean?

    • Most tofu comes packed in water, so before I use it I press out the water that it has absorbed. I use a fancy-pants tofu press that I received as a gift. Once it’s pressed I like cooking it immediately, though I suppose I could have just put it back in water and saved it for another day.

      • Bonnie says:

        Or you could have frozen it. Once it’s frozen and then re-thawed it is supposed to have a more meat-like texture. I’ve done it and I think it is somewhat true.

      • What’s funny is that I have tofu in the freezer for the specific purpose of trying to make a fried “chicken” dish some day. I am just not thinking straight today.

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