It’s 6:30am as I sit drinking coffee and typing this blog post. I had a fun, if not fairly responsible, weekend. I do have to admit that I may be addicted to doing laundry by hand while I have the time and weather to allow them to hang dry all day. I think I’ve done laundry three consecutive days.

My yard work has been a little less addictive because I could only muster an hour’s worth of doing more on Saturday and none yesterday. The silver lining to this is that the path to the air conditioner compressor is now ready for Wednesday’s service call. This is an excellent thing since it appears real heat will be returning at week’s end.

On Saturday I also did a walk with Betsy and her dog Bella. We strolled around East Atlanta, and then after my hour of yard work, I stayed indoors attempting to do coding and German, neither of them very successfully.

Yesterday I did a wonderful, 6.3 mile walk with Bonnie; we retraced a lot of my “Wee Is Risen #1” trail from 2018. Oh the old days of hashing… After our journey we sat in my carport and drank some beer before ordering some delicious takeout food from Flat Iron. My weekend of activities took their toll and I was well asleep on the futon by 9:00pm last night.

Today? Work, and some form of exercise. Hell, it’s supposed to be sunny and dry, maybe I will do a load of laundry first?

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  1. And I did.
    And it was good.
    And there was much rejoicing.

    Ok, maybe not. Today “load” was defined as two pair of jeans, which are hard to hand wash and will probably take the entire day to get “dry”.

  2. barb says:

    I saw a post that hashing should start up again in 2 weeks – but lots of rules, and they don’t want too many people. Circles after trail won’t really resume. and A-A, and BYOE.

  3. Steve Brady says:

    A pretty good weekend. Rode the scooter and got a picture of the Tyrannosaurus wearing mask and gloves. Was stopped there, having remounted and was getting ready to take off again when a car stopped to check on me. I love living in the country!

    Sunday, made blueberry pancakes for Debbie on Mothers Day. Since she is having withdrawal from the Huddle closing, this was as close as I could get. Took a almost 30 mile ride and except for not quite being ready to ride 30, felt pretty good. I was conscientiously trying to breathe deeply, as I think my meds were preventing the natural reflex. No bouts of fainting!

    Repaired an extension cord that “bit” Debbie when she went to plug in the fence charger. I think the bare wire had been there for some time and she just happened to grab the wrong spot. The repair looks like hell, but works. And the fence is now hot- maybe Minnie Pearl will stay on her side.


  4. Though I am admittedly addicted to hand washing I do need to make a Waschsalon visit soon, perhaps this week. I have a haircut appointment scheduled for this Friday but I am not sure that my place will be open then. Regardless Friday may be a “chore day”.

    I also have a physical scheduled for next Tuesday (5/19) at Piedmont Hospital. I’m going to contact them this week to find out if it is still scheduled, and what precautions they are taking to ensure that this visit doesn’t expose me to COVID-19.

  5. Funny, after showering I put on a pair of jeans today that I have not worn in months (for obvious reasons, perhaps) and had forgotten that they had a hole in the crotch. I was just walking through the house wondering why I was feeling a bit of a chill down there, until I looked. 🙂

  6. I think that I need to stop paying attention to the news. I thought that this situation would bind us as a country but now realize that it has just provided another weapon for Republicans to hate Democrats and vice versa… 🙁

  7. Steve Brady says:

    Your physical is at the hospital? When I went for my cardiologist appt. (at Piedmont Newnan) they checked me at the door, took my temp, asked who I was going to see and directed me. Not too involved.

    My physical was supposed to be last month, but the office is teleworking so a bit hard for a physical. I’ve been thinking it may be time to find a GP down here instead of going all the way to Decatur. But they have taken pretty good care of me for 20+ years.

  8. barb says:

    we had a good weekend.
    Friday night chilled out with a big batch of spaghetti – made enough sauce to make lasagna for a later date – gave a tray to Mary & TJ (sort of a Mothers Day gift)

    Saturday went mtn biking up at Talking Rock Nature Preserve near Jasper with Sharon (they are in Ellijay for a while, instead of hanging in FL with the old people).
    Nice like trail system- I think it said 9-10 total miles, but some parts didn’t have any signs, so we aren’t really sure if we rode all the trails. We did ride 1 section twice – on purpose – as it was a fun flowy trail.
    Went to a BBQ place up there that allowed patio seating, they had a good set up, but they had no space for tips when you checked out, they were only doing take-out officially. I told the girl that was wrong.

    Sunday we did a Zoom Mothers Day with the Groves at 1130am- Zoom I guess took away the 40 minute limit, we were well past & hour & decided we needed to end it. Katrina was full of Spain quarantine stories, and we also had her mom (in CA) with her stories. Did a 20 mile bike ride – then talked Mary & TJ into joining us on the deck for some dinner. Did a quick zoom with my family – but my Dad said he was ready for dessert & we needed to get “off the phone” so they could have their cupcakes. Gotta love the 90 year old’s priorities.


  9. I’m going to eat lunch outside on the deck. Many of you might not remember that the ITP Estate has that feature. 🙄

  10. Since this has turned into another great day on which to dry clothes I upped my hand washing game today. I think I can put off a visit to the Waschsalon for at least another week!

  11. In an ironic turn, just a few weeks after the Atlanta City Council approved a variance for Sabbath Brewing so that it can open within 300 feet of a tattoo parlor, the tattoo parlor that was the sticking point (pun intended) has gone out of business. On Saturday a “For Rent” sign was plastered to its front door.

    • Steve Brady says:

      You can’t put a brewery within 300′ of a tattoo parlor? Someone will have to explain that one to me.

    • That was a Kasim Reed deal. During his administration a tattoo parlor wanted to serve liquor inside it, Reed was against this but there was no law to stop them. Upon finding out that there was no law against this, Reed’s administration made one, declaring that alcohol could not be sold within 300 feet of a tattoo parlor. Of course existing bars were grandfathered in and given an exemption, but new establishments like Sabbath Brewing couldn’t open.

  12. barb says:

    we were “daring” but not really today.
    Ate lunch AT El Ranchero.
    I hope they can stay in business – you just never know how hard the last 2 months have been. they have every other booth X’d out – and their whole place is booths – so you aren’t really near another table.
    I forgot to ask if they will keep serving to go margaritas – has anyone head if that deal is stopped yet by our gov’t?

  13. I think one indicator of our state “reopening” is the return of traffic jams on The Connector. 🙁

    I’ve noticed recently that the blissful constant green of Google Maps has started returning to orange and red again.

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