Not much to talk about today, other than my first meat meal of the month. I decided to buy the last disposable face mask in stock at Flat Iron and in the process procured a fried chicken sandwich for dinner.

Tonight I assume will be another virtual Top Chef night with Betsy, though we’ve not confirmed.

The biggest thing on my mind today is the scheduled appearance of an HVAC maintenance person, who is due to arrive “between 8:00am-11:00am”. I am hoping to not incur a large bill attempting to get the air conditioner ready for the imminent heat.

Have a good Wednesday. Attempt to stay healthy, friends.

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  1. In additional to receiving emails about businesses that are reopening again, I have also noticed that a handful of daily YouTube videos that I have become accustomed to watching have ceased their daily output. There will be things about this pandemic that I miss dearly…

  2. I may have to buy some new jeans this summer. No, not because I am getting slimmer, but rather because I am coming to realize just how worn out my current wardrobe is.

    • barb says:

      I saw a story about how you aren’t supposed to wash jeans very often at all.
      I think it was some history thing about Levi’s – it was very interesting.
      I saw HoB (Debra) was at Marshall’s yesterday – you can go shopping again! I wonder how they are working the dressing rooms – or if you can even try on anything.

    • I have heard that too. Rarely do I wash my jeans after each wearing, I do so only if they get dirty.

      I saw Debra’s post about Marshall’s as well. As with restaurants and bars, I’m in no rush to commingle.

  3. Steve Brady says:

    Probably your jeans are wearing out because of all that hand washing on the rock by the creek!!

    Schnitzel was pretty good last night and leftovers mean a sandwich for lunch!!

    Games Zoom call last night- still on track, but talked about holding all fees in escrow for eventual cancellation. We may be ready, and our vendors and everyone else, but if the rules say no large gatherings, we’re sunk. I’m betting less than a 50-50 chance of it happening, but who knows.


    • Ha! I doubt I do more wear and tear than commercial machines! The fact that I can’t tell you when I bought any jeans is a good indicator of just how old they are.

      Captain Optimist has clothes drying on the line today. Yeah, might not happen except that most of what I washed this morning was lightweight or made of technical quick-dry material.

  4. barb says:

    boring evening at home –
    Went for a walk, but wasn’t motivated at all – so didn’t go as far as I should have.
    My knee is got a slight ache, so that didn’t help.

    I watched a TV show called All Rise (lawyer/judge show) – they threw together a show taking place in current times – all the characters were stuck at home, communicating via phone/computer – they even did an online trial. I was pretty impressed they got it all done & on TV so quick.

    • I wanted to go out for a walk last night but was talked into sitting through German class instead. I got “some” exercise yesterday, but not nearly enough.

  5. barb says:

    Oh yeah – I see they are going to have another flyover Thursday night – this time C-130s and going North from Dobbins. I find it funny – these planes fly quite often, (I live close enough to hear them) as they have to keep them moving, but now they advertise it. Might have to leave my yard so we can see them – too many trees to watch from my deck.

    • That’s interesting. I know that these jets fly constantly but the cynic in me continues to believe it’s a look over here at this shiny object” move by the Government. (for the record: for as much as I hate our current Administration, I believe that all sitting presidents would be doing the flyovers to distract us)

  6. Just heard from HVAC guy, ETA is 10:30am.

  7. Day 31 of “100 Days of Swift” and “100 Days of SwiftUI” complete. I know none of you really care, I’m just patting myself on the back.

  8. Steve Brady says:

    HVAC man says???

    • Was going to leave you all in suspense until tomorrow…

      Actually, to my surprise my unit is from 2008, where does the time go? He could not find anything wrong. Said that the coolant pressure was fine, that he was not seeing a leak. He said the compressor’s capacitor could be replaced soon as it’s showing its age. He scheduled a return visit mid-June to see how the system functions when it is hot outside; it was still only 65°F outside when he was here.

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