Once again I don’t have much to say. Yesterday’s HVAC visit was fine, though I am suspect that when the days turn completely warm starting soon that the AC won’t be able to provide the necessary amount of cooling I desire — and I don’t even want the house to be cold.

The rest of my day was spent doing work, chores, getting in a workout on the trainer, and whipping up an Instant Pot chili and some toaster over Jiffy cornbread to eat while watching an old “Top Chef” with Betsy. Since she doesn’t have Bravo and can’t stream the current season, we are watching a series from 2011.

I am typing this in my home office trying to draw as much of this morning’s comfortable air through the house before the temperature rises. I will be spending my day doing work, as well as German homework to prepare for tonight’s second German class for which I enrolled.

Hope things are going well in you world. Attempt to stay healthy, friends.

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  1. Steve says:

    HAHAHAHAHA…. 5/20? I know you like to push the envelope, but please. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

    A good drive in this morning!! Yes, after about 6 weeks I’m in the orifice. Had to make some patches and maybe install a server if I have everything I need. That really isn’t my area, but we haven’t had real operations folks in a long time, so it falls to me.
    Hopefully this won’t be a full day.

    A good trainer workout last night and a quiet evening watching the TV.


    • For everyone other than Steve, I accidentally entitled today’s post with “2020-05-20”
      Fixed. I really do need to fire my proofreader! 😀 Weirdly I looked at the date multiple times before I started today’s post.

  2. Perhaps I was thinking about 5/20 as that will be the day after I make my second foray into places I have not gone in months…

  3. Bonnie says:

    After a hike at Cochran Mill Park, I made English muffin pizzas for dinner. I guess if I’m not in Italy right now as planned, I figured the next best thing in my current situation was to whip up this version of pizza and drink boxed wine. 🙄 A couple episodes of Derry Girls was to follow. #staycation

    • Seems like a suitable substitute to me… hey, at least you didn’t drink Italian beer! 🙂

    • Steve says:

      Italy “says” they will be open for tourists this summer. I think I’d wait.

      • Bonnie says:

        The issue is, the husband’s only 2 weeks of vacation for the year is happening now and sadly it couldn’t be changed (he has to bid on vacation a year in advance). So there probably isn’t much chance we can do any lengthy vacations until next year. Well, unless he gets furloughed I guess! 😂🙄 I have no desire to go to a foreign country anytime soon anyway.

        • Bonnie says:

          It’s not so much about the flying, but do I want to come down with COVID in some random small town in Europe? And with no health insurance (though I’m sure there are policies you can purchase for non-US travel).

    • I saw a photo of a United flight the other day and was gobsmacked by how many people were packed into the plane. I have detested flying conditions in our better times, but being so close to so many people currently seems inane to me. I guess if you “must” fly… 🤷🏻‍♂️

      • barb says:

        here’s my 2 cents on the packed planes – they have cut all their flights down to almost zero, so if you only have 1 flight, its gonna be full. sucks for the people that have to fly.

      • I get that too, but. I guess that the recycled air inside a plane is going to be either “safe” or “unsafe” whether you have 150 passengers or 50 passengers, it depends on the health of those aboard. I’m glad that I am not having to travel during this period.

  4. I find it curious that I have had a fan sucking air from one side of the house and out the other this morning and yet the thermostat says that the temperature has only dropped one degree inside from 69°F to 68°F. My house is not that big! This arrangement should have completely circulated the interior air by now and it’s still only 61°F outside. What gives? Heat trapped in the attic? Shouldn’t that be going up and deterred by my (insufficient) insulation. No, the heat isn’t turned on. 😉 If only the previous owners hadn’t painted all but one of the windows shut…

  5. barb says:

    Bonnie- I tried to watch Derry Girls – the accents were just to much for me, I don’t like to concentrate that hard when watching TV. I heard it hilarious though.

    On the TV note – Sal came by for garage TV watching of the finale of Survivor.
    they couldn’t do the final like they usually do, with the audience, etc. They had Jeff & the 3 finalists on a zoom type of screen to announce the winner.

    • I think I have seen a couple of episodes of a Derry Girls, it wasn’t my “thing”.

      That’s interesting about Survivor. This was the time of year a new season on The Amazing Race would normal come out. I am not actively looking for it, so I wonder if it did and I missed it. Given how long it takes to record the series it is not hard to imagine that they had completed the race prior to the beginning of everything locking down.

      • barb says:

        I have not heard when Amazing Race is coming back on, now I need to do some googling. I enjoy that show. Survivor is just a silly waste of time, but Sal & I like to watch it together, so we can laugh & try to predict what will happen next.

        • barb says:

          it was supposed to premiere May 20th, but they are delaying that. I think CBS is saving it for the Fall season at this point.

          It is estimated that The Amazing Race 32 filmed between November 10 and December 3, 2018. You read that right! Season 32 has been sitting on a shelf at CBS for more than a year!

        • Wow, that’s nuts. I assumed I misread the dates.

          I really like the show, but still don’t think I finished watching the last season that aired. Note to self: when on the trainer…

    • Bonnie says:

      I hear you, I have subtitles on for sure!

  6. barb says:

    tonight is the C130 flyover – leaving Dobbins at 6pm. You know people are bored when they want to go out to watch 5 seconds of a plane flying over.
    so- Deposit, oops, Davey & us, not sure who else are meeting at the old Kmart parking lot across from the Big Chicken at 5;45 for a beer & to watch.
    Then probably dinner & more socializing on my deck.

  7. This was supposed to be LEAF weekend, which meant I was supposed to take tomorrow off from work and drive to Black Mountain, NC. Instead, I will do one of those and take the day off from work. I have a haircut appointment 😬 at 12:45 and them am going to be as irresponsible as can be, perhaps getting some exercise and drinking beer, afterward.

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