Depending on when you read this, if you are one of the early ones, I am out of the house again! Yes, for the first time in months I had to wake early, shower, and hit the road for my doctor appointment for a physical. This time I am bedecked in a mask for my hospital visit.

My dinner last night was a failure on multiple levels. I tried to make fried (chicken) tofu using a block of tofu that I froze and defrosted a few time to “improve its texture”. I set up a dredging arrangement as you would for fried chicken but I’ve never fried chicken before, and my failure proved this. I made a mess, including dropping an egg on the floor, and my frying technique was abysmal. I wound up smothering the poorly-fried mess in Frank’s Hot Wing sauce and eating the entire concoction. So, if my sodium levels are off the scale today I know exactly why…

Tuesday Take of the Tape: 209.2 pounds (+0.8 from last week’s weigh-in); rats, I thought I might have lost weight again this week, but I did not.

Hope you are staying healthy, friends.

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  1. Steve Brady says:

    I hope the doctors don’t find anything more than what we already know is wrong with you!! hahahaha

    A pretty quiet day. Put out a few fires, updated some technical drawings. After work Debbie and I went over to Bear Creek. When she was riding over the weekend, she lost (Ceili lost) a boot, which got sucked off in the mud. As Ceili is barefoot, these take the place of her shoes, which is a cost savings. We donned our “waterproof” boots and went for a little hike in the swamp. After about 10 minutes, Debbie spotted the errant boot. Yippee- one boot does no good. and I seem to recall they are almost $300 a pair!

    While at BC, we stopped into the kennels and visited the 4 week old PUPPIES! If they could only stay that sweet and soft and quiet…


  2. Back already. New hospital procedures are weird, but as you can imagine necessary. I had to call upon arrival, be told when I was allowed to enter, get a temperature check and answer questions before entering, and wear a mask for all parts except when my mouth/throat were checked.

    Because my records show I went to emergency care in February, remember I was sick briefly then, they are going to do a COVID anti-body test using some of the blood drawn today. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Also, drive home on surface streets to see how midtown is has changed in two months – mostly the same, some construction I was not imagining.

    • barb says:

      hey – you are getting tested without having to go out of your way – that’s a good thing.
      A friend went to one of the drive up ones – just to do it- she hasn’t been sick or anything. She had read that they weren’t busy- and it didn’t cost her anything, you just needed to sign up online somewhere to get a drive up appt.

    • Bonnie says:

      Glad it seemingly went OK. Ooooohhhh the antibody test! Interesting… I was sick and went to minor med just after COVID was starting to emerge, so perhaps if I ever get myself a GP, followed by a physical, they might suggest the same.

    • Definitely not complaining about it! It’ll be interesting to see if I have the anti-bodies.

    • And the preliminary results as reported by the doctor were good. Sure, I still habe my skin problems that I will attempt to rectify with the dermatologist again in the future. Bloodwork results should be back in a couple of days.

  3. Oh yeah, my Bundesliga team returned to action yesterday. For som reason Fox Sports has issues showing it so I gave up trying to watch. It’s probably just as well that I did since they lost 4:1.

  4. Steve Brady says:

    All good news (except the Bundesliga!). I’m still not sure if the antibody test is even useful- OK, you have some antibodies, but I don’t think it’s proven you can’t get it again.

    • Bonnie says:

      Agree 100%, but I still think it’s interesting to see if you’ve had it, particularly if you may not have even known that you did, or at least didn’t have all the “telltale symptoms.”

  5. barb says:

    I decided last night to start watching the Michael Jordan documentary (on ESPN, so watching in on demand). I always found him to be an interesting person, and I lived in Chicago for a year & a half in the late 80s, so I heard plenty about the Chicago Bulls. Its pretty interesting so far, watched 2 of the 10 episodes.

    Tonight we are hoping to get a road ride in, since it may be the only night this week that it isn’t raining.

    • Speaking of the weather, I was not expecting such a nice day so I just quickly did a load of hand-washed clothes and hung them outside.

      I have German class tonight, if I call in…

  6. Debbie Brady says:

    Hola everyone!

    Paulie, we’re really late to the Top Chef party, but definitely hooked now. How does Last Chance Kitchen work? How many chefs will come back and when?

    Since Steve is using Fed data to work and “work”, we are enjoying more play data from the satellite. May have to stream previous seasons. I hate to leave any data on the table at the end of the month!

    • I’ve not started the current season so I’m not sure about Last Chance Kitchen this time.

      When it was first introduced it was a head-to-head cook off between the person most recently ousted and the current winner of LCK. The last person standing from LCK rejoined the show at the end.

      I think in one season the LCK winner went directly into the finale.

  7. Big swing and miss for the Postal Service today as all of the mail in my box was for my neighbor. 😞

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