It’s 5:30am as I type this, and I have been awake for about 30 minutes already.

Yesterday would have been much better if not for all of my obligations. Sure, it was nice sneaking in a load of laundry, but there was time spent or for my physical, work wasn’t fun, I ate leftovers, and then spent the beautiful night indoors struggling with German on a Zoom call. I couldn’t even make time t to exercise yesterday.

When riding with Bonnie on Sunday I saw a broken, abandoned scooter. It was the first time since March that I have seen or even thought about the once wildly-popular transportation devices. I wonder how these companies are weathering the pandemic.

For some of reason the other evening some people thought it would be a good idea to pedal peddle (okay, I have to admit that this wasn’t a typo, it was an error of ignorance) discounted medication plans door-to-door, at nearly 8pm. Yes, as if now is a good time to stand a food foot apart from strangers discussing business opportunities at your front door. They were wearing masks, though the man who started the pitch had pulled his down. Fortunately I don’t answer the front door so my curt “conversation/dismissal” was handled at a distance of three feet in my driveway. Unbelievable.

Yet another event that I considered doing this year has been canceled. This time it was the Jackson Brevet ride in late June. Rats. As with all of the other cancellations I believe this was the correct decision, but the event cancellations are mounting depressingly high.

Another busy day ahead as I try to figure out how to get my work done, and my lower back to stop hurting. Of course it was wasn’t hurting yesterday at during my physical…

Stay healthy friends.

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  1. You would not be wrong guessing that I have used this unseasonably-cool morning to my advantage by baking pumpkin bread.

  2. First blood test result back, no one should be too surprised that my COVID-19 anti-body test came back “negative”. I really didn’t believe that the day of sickness, and the lingering cough thereafter, that I suffered in February was Coronavirus.

  3. Bonnie says:

    If Jenka still commented, she’s have several typos on which to comment today. 😉

    • Not surprised. I typed while in bed on an iPad and tried using the split keyboard (apparently not well). I didn’t proofread since toward the end I got inspired to make pumpkin bread.

      Going back to fix things now… Oh bother…

    • And c’mon, I figured you’d be regaling us with stories from your ride to Stone Mountain yesterday! *fist pump*

  4. Bonnie says:

    Did you mention your back to the doctor?

    Yesterday I was going to repeat me and Paulie’s weekend ride by riding my MTB along the Beltline’s Southside and Westside Trails, but I wanted to ride my “road bike” (hybrid) just because I felt like it and also wanted to test out the tube I recently changed. I decided to ride to Stone Mountain instead, even though I’m not confident about the route if I’m not following a leader. 😁 Even considering my wrong turns, etc. the ride still was longer in both mileage (43 miles) and riding time (and total time!) than I planned. I missed a good chunk of a HOA Zoom meeting as well as got dinner on the table late. The ride had it’s frustrating moments but the net effect was I burned calories (and climbed 2,600 feet!), which was the impetus of the ride anyway. Note: the patio at the German brewpub is OPEN 11a-8p. Just sayin’. 😁

    • Bonnie says:

      Whoops apparently I can’t proofread either. 🤣

    • Again, *fist bump*! I knew you’d be able to manage the route on your own.

      Sounds like the tube/tire is fine. Hooray!

      I received an email from the German restaurant mentioning this. I will return, when the time is right. 😀

    • barb says:

      Bonnie – Good job on that bike ride!
      I wanted to ride last night, but Allan decided I needed to new tires on the road bike, so he was messing with my bike. We went for a little walk around the neighborhood instead.

      Tonight a couple of the ‘hooligans are coming by for a Tasty China take-out dinner on the deck. Tony had a good mtn bike crash & has been nursing broken ribs, so I jokingly said some Chinese food might help the healing process. And – now we are having dinner.

  5. Steve Brady says:

    A fairly quiet day. Felt much better on my ride last night than Sunday. 22 miles and was drilling it most of the time. My legs feel it today.

    Going to take a look at the forecast for next week and might take the week off. Want to go see the launch of the manned mission to the ISS on Wednesday afternoon. If I think the weather will cooperate, we’ll head to the beach to watch. And find a hotel that’s open…

    Daisy was bred yesterday and just for luck, they’ll try again today. Won’t know for a few weeks if it took or not, so maybe baby.


  6. Well this is annoying… I had a great ride on my trainer today but now it appears that on the front of my legs I am having some sort of allergic, poison ivy like reaction where the elastic of my bike shorts would be. I’ve worn these bike shorts at least one hundred times and have never had an issue like this before. And, I took a shower immediately after my workout so I should have washed away anything that would have cause this.

    WTF, I am so goddamn baffled by this. I hope it goes away quickly without me having to see a doctor.

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