6:45am? Wow, did I sleep “late” today!

Other than the mysterious skin irritations that appeared on my quads yesterday after my hour-long trainer ride, yesterday was pretty “normal”.

Maybe I was irritated by the skin irritations, but I did not feel like cooking last night. I used my need to walk to the post office and return them a mis-delivered piece of mail as an excuse to get some takeout food to bring home for virtual Top Chef night.

After the post office I put on my mask and got in a short line to buy beer at Argosy. I have yet to support them during this pandemic, and there beer selection is first rate, so I figured this was a wise choice. However there was no indication that their ordering process was working efficiently, and I still had food to pick up, so I left without purchasing anything.

I was also now being irritated by my glasses continually fogging each time I breathed while wearing my mask. I realize this all comes down to a lack of a nose wire, but this mask is not outfitted with one, so fogging occurred and could not be stopped.

My food order was placed with SoBa, who nearly lost my order because I was irritated that could never verify my new account on their online ordering system; I called my order in instead, so I headed that way. Fortunately my order was ready when I arrived, and I subsequently dropped $5 more for yet another mask. Why not, right? Dinner was delicious, and to support my neighborhood I bought two meals! Okay, I bought two meals because I wanted two different dishes. At least my indecisiveness has provided me with another meal today!

Hope your life is encountering fewer irritations…. 🙂

Attempt to remain healthy, friends. I will try to do the same.

Paulie [eatl/ga]
(it is “Throwback Thursday” after all, at least I think it’s Thursday)

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  1. Bonnie says:

    Don’t have much to report. I made tempeh “bacon” yesterday, yum! While it doesn’t taste like real bacon, it kind of has “that essence” and works well with eggs or a tofu scramble.

    Weather today looks better than forecasted, so I may need to eschew some more chores and do something outside. 😁🙄

  2. Steve Brady says:

    We pulled the trigger for a trip to Florida next week. I’ve always wanted to see a launch and this one is slightly historic, so why not. Renting a car and will leave Tuesday and come back late Thursday. Launch is Wednesday afternoon- hopefully.

    Debbie went into baking mode yesterday and made banana bread with chocolate chips! Oh. Hell. Yeah.

    We went and picked up Daisy after her second round of “Baby Maybe”. I think the vet stops by in a couple weeks to check if it took.


    • Interesting. I guess Florida and Georgia have banded together in the “Why Not?” wagon… Now if Florida would only reopen bingo halls so my 90-year-old mother could have something to do! 😀

      • Steve Brady says:

        Somehow, the thought of old folks gathering for bingo is just a bit scary.

        • No scarier than people congregating on beaches in my opinion. Hell, for many they still sat in a room together and smoked like “the olden days”; that seemed problematic to me before COVID. Besides, for her it’s the only entertainment she has.

      • barb says:

        I posted on FB that my mom needs some new jigsaw puzzles, I know of at least 2 that are sending her some. I need to collect a couple more from a friend, and mail them off.

        I think my brother is taking mom (& dad) flower shopping, she needs to work on her front planter. They have masks, I told tom, what the hell, just take them.

    • barb says:

      A coworker booked a place at St George Island for the 1st week of June. She vacation rentals are back open.
      We can only have 30 days of vacation on the books, once there, you stop accruing, so she has to take some days. As does our supervisor who has been out of sick leave for way too much of the last year (guess what, vacation keeps accruing). I have 16 right now – so I’m safe. I’m good at taking vacation.

  3. I can’t believe I am saying this on May 21, but it’s 65ºF in my house currently and I am pleasantly chilly!

  4. Speaking of “Why Not?”, hashing resumes this weekend.

    One of the things to bring on Monday is a “wad o’ cash”. LOL, I haven’t paid cash for ANYTHING in over two months. It almost seems like a completely foreign concept now.

  5. Barb, did you get Tasty China last night? How was it?

    • barb says:

      yes – yes we did. and it was TASTY!
      it had been a while.
      They have a new online ordering website – but I couldn’t find everything we wanted (did I try hard enough, probably not) so I called it in.
      Only 5% off for cash now.

    • I guess that’s fair since their business has probably been down.

  6. Steve Brady says:

    I looked at a couple AirB&B’s but for just 2 nights, they still wanted essentially one nights fee for cleaning. I know that’s not unreasonable for a week’s stay, but still…

    You can be socially distanced on the beach. At least we’re not in a closed room playing bingo.

  7. Stacy Fox says:

    So here’s some fun EAV news… The Elder Tree has been sold! And to a group of hashers as co-owners no less. And although I know BAMA and Donut Holer by hashing (and even roadtripped to a campout with BAMA) I can’t for the life of me remember their real names…. but here’s one you’ll definitely recognize: Dave Blaney, aka Yoron Weed. So that’ll be some place I’ll need to frequent more often now!

    • barb says:

      seriously? they bought it?
      I thought BAMA was moving to NJ – not that he still couldnt’ be a owner.
      Donut Holer- not sure his real name either.
      Yuron –
      what an interesting 3some – are they the only owners?

      • Stacy Fox says:

        Seriously! That’s all I know so far… I’m guessing Gloria may be a part of it too (Donut’s partner). Yoron was the one who mentioned BAMA when Donut posted about it today; so maybe he’s still being a part of it even with moving out of state? I’m actually quite surprised we haven’t had a hasher-owned bar around here already. 🙂 I’m going to guess there will be a lot more action in events and starts and ends and stuff there now.

        • I always thought hashers should never own bars since they’d drink the profit. 😉

          Obviously this being in my hood I want them to do well, and may mean I watch some sports there.

    • I had heard rumor of this a week ago, but didn’t believe it would happen. 😂

  8. I did another long ride on the trainer this morning, this time wearing loose-fitting shorts to avoid irritating my irritations. I forgot this fact as I dismounted. Clipped into the left pedal I swung my right leg over the seat to dismount, and the shorts caught the front of my seat. I came veeeeeeery close to having a bicycle wreck on a stationary trainer. 😳

  9. Oooooh, I should not have gone outside to check for mail as it is amazing out there today and I do not want to spend another glorious day indoors looking at a computer screen.

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