Well, my day is off to a bit of an annoying start as I felt compelled to throw out the three leftover portions of the dinner I made last night because I absentmindedly forgot to put them into the refrigerator and they we out on the counter all night long. 🤬 They were probably still safe and edible, but I’m not about to risk it. 🤬🤬 This really sucks since my Asian fusion of Instant Pot Thai Coconut “Beef” was delicious.

You’ve got to be shitting me, either my iPad deleted, or WordPress just lost, the last 2/3rds of my post.

Now that’s completely annoying and I don’t have the time and desire to recreate it.

Can I go back to sleep and try again tomorrow? No? Fuck.

[Edit Start: ten minutes later]

Okay, I now have a bowl of oatmeal with peaches and a couple of minutes, so let’s try this again.

As I once said…

Yesterday was another busy day and today is shaping up to be yet another.

Some how, yesterday it required nearly three hours to complete two chores — driving to Wild Heaven Brewing in Avondale Estates to pick up a beer order and some of their “homemade” hand sanitizer, and then grocery shopping at Kroger where I spent $132 (some of which I just tossed into the trash can).

As an aside: I read an article the other day that say food costs rose 5% in April, so my feeling that things have been costing more lately is not completely unfounded.

Today is going to be re-type this blog post, work, workout?, German homework, cleaning and disinfecting, German class, pass out in bed.

I am reaching a breaking point at which I will need to stop doing things, and relax.

Attempt to stay healthy, friends.

[Edit End: the best I could do to replicate what I had, but I am certain that I’ve missed something.]

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14 Responses to 2020-05-28

  1. Stacy Fox says:

    I’ve almost literally broken down in tears before when I’ve forgotten to put my leftovers up properly. It especially sucks when you wake up smiling, thinking: mmmm I have a delicious lunch waiting for me today! — and then go to the kitchen for your coffee and see it sitting there. DOH.

    I’m hoping for an email today that says our company is going to push out coming back to the office again (we’re scheduled to starting on Monday). The hoops to jump through to come back are CRAZY. A form to fill out *every day*. A temperature check *every day*. PPEs to pick up once a week for the entire week in a totally separate part of the building. Ugh! Don’t get me wrong: love the safety measures. But it just seems a lot easier and time effective to continue to work from home instead.

    I’ll do whatever though. Yesterday we had a big team meeting emergency call and learned that about 300 people total lost their jobs, including 4 on my team. 🙁 We were told that this should be it for our team and the rest of us are safe (phew! phew?) but that other groups will still be learning of their cuts today and tomorrow. It’s scary and tense. I’ve made it through job losses before, but I can’t imagine in this environment. Gotta keep counting my blessings!

    • Eek, glad you are still employed!

      We have an All Team meeting this afternoon (tune in to see if I’m still employed tomorrow). One of the things to discuss is the document sent out yesterday outlining the procedures, some as elaborate and crazy as yours, that will be followed when our office reopens on Monday. However, for us it’s a voluntary return next week. There will be a day when that becomes mandatory I am sure.

  2. Stacy Fox says:

    As for better things…. HA! My social media memory keeper just told me this was the day that you, Aron and I were at Corner Tavern watching the National Spelling Bee (on mute) and making up our own commentary.

    It also gave me this little tidbit (which I didn’t remember) but now makes me smile:

    “Had random conversations (like how Paulie HATES acapella music, for example) and some good brews and then played trivia. Where we won. Boom! With the funniest part being that Paulie came up with the answer to a question that Aron and I were stumped on. You guessed it: it was “acapella.”

    • HAHAHAHA, I had forgotten about that. 😀 And yes, I still am not a fan of acapella music.

      Another great memory from those days was when we discussed how unusual it was for the host to play two songs from the same artist, this time being Franz Ferdinand (if memory serves). Then, a “bonus” question was posed — “Tonight I played two songs from the same band, name the band.” 😀

      • Stacy Fox says:

        Omg you’re right!! I’d forgotten about THAT too! Bonus points for the win. Hahaha no wonder we came in 1st place (not that that was too strange an occurrence for us). 😉

  3. Steve says:

    On the road again, almost. You already know there was no launch- no sneaking it past you folks. Yesterday evening was lovely, but a bit breezy. We have no idea why the launch window was so small. We can only assume it was because of the docking with ISS.

    Heading home via a niece in Kings Bay and a stop to see the run aground car hauler ship.


  4. barb says:

    busy as hell here at work – the economy is starting to pick up, and its end of the month, so all the people that haven’t been shipping – they are shipping!

  5. Bonnie says:

    *Ghost hug* Paulie! (My iPad just autocorrected your name to Pauline–ha!)

    Yesterday my Facebook Memories showed me the Pinelake Fort Yargo campout from 2 years ago. *Sigh* I’ve got to figure out how to plan some camping! It’s a “low risk activity” after all, according to NPR. 😁

    I made a few more homemade face coverings out of T-shirts and pillowcases yesterday, with another pattern or two to try today. I know you can more easily find masks and bandanas out in the wild but there’s something satisfying about re-using materials and not spending money. They are ugly and more cumbersome than ready-made but they work for running errands, etc. I’ll save my more “fashionable” ones for social outings. 😁

    • Thanks, mine autocorrected it that way for years. I once tried to add that spelling to the dictionary but failed. 🙂

      I think we should start discussing a camping trip too. That means two years ago the M6 got its first windshield crack because we were on our way to Fort Yargo when it happened.

      I hear you about the joy of reuse instead of spending money. Return to this space tomorrow to read more about it. 😉

  6. I did not see the rain in the forecast earlier and hung laundry to dry. Luckily I saw the first few drops come down and was able to bring it all back inside. Sometimes the optimist loses… It supposed to be sunny this afternoon, maybe all is not lost yet?

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