Friday, yes, Friday…

Once again I am up before the sun. Normally I am quick to turn on some music or launch a podcast, but today I have decided to start my day in relative silence. Relative, because I have my window and deck door open and I can hear the wildlife outside even over the din of the box fans I turned on in an attempt to exchange some of the slightly-cooler air outside for the air that currently occupies my house.

Yesterday Bonnie mentioned the joy of repurposing items. Today (or perhaps tomorrow) I will become Captain Plant-It! Well, not really, but I do intend to put some pants and seeds into soil, and that soil will reside in old half-gallon milk cartons and styrofoam egg cartons that have been cluttering my house for months due to the COVID closure of CHaRM. The items I intend to plant are some rosemary sprigs, seeds from a red bell pepper and a jalapeño pepper (both of which I cut up the other night), and the pit/stone from a peach. The peach pit planting will really be to (hopefully) experience the wonder of growth from something that looks as if it could never give life.

My weekend plans are mostly unset. This afternoon, 6pm EDT, I will be watching/listening to another live stream concert performed by Dropkick Murphys. You may recall the last time I did this was March 17th, at the beginning of our pandemic shut-in, which seems so long ago to me now.

The weather forecast for Saturday and Sunday looks great. Hell, I will probably hash one one of the weekend days. I should probably find time to do some yard work as well.

Hope you are successfully staying healthy friends. Have a great weekend.

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14 Responses to 2020-05-29

  1. Bonnie says:

    While I had planned to watch the DKM rock Fenway Park, alas I will not be home. 😥 Instead I’ll be out supporting the restaurant industry with the stimulus check that arrived in the mail this week, personally issued by Donald Trump. 🙄🤢 Hopefully DKM will make the show available afterward like last time, or someone will post a decent enough version to YouTube.

    I’ve been wearing my Garmin watch to bed the past few nights to track my sleep patterns. I understand it very likely isn’t correct data, especially in that my watch is a low-end model, but it’s still interesting to analyze. I usually power off my watch overnight (as I do with all my devices) so I do have some qualms about using the battery 24 hours a day. 😂🙄🤓 My last GP initially recommended a sleep study, but then she decided I didn’t need one. Besides a super stressful job, she also thought my issues were partly related to my cats–she may not be wrong…

  2. Steve says:

    While we were gone, our check from the Orange one also arrived. To pay a bill – so much for stimulating the economy.

    Yesterday, apparently an Amazon driver tried to connect two roads that are mere horse trails, complete with water crossings. I haven’t checked this morning,, but I expect he might still be there. Sometimes you have to be smarter than Google Maps.

    Rental car returned, my head is spinning and Debbie has a UTI. Swell.


  3. Oooh, I thought I was being too optimistic today by washing and hanging clothes. But, I see sunshine (currently)! Yippee!

    Sometimes the little things that matter most.

    • Sunshine is gone. 🙁

    • Now there is some rain outside. Perhaps today is the day I have my first losing battle against the weather with my laundry.

      • Stacy Fox says:

        Just got back from the Wash Salon myself; holy cowsers I had a lot of laundry. I should hopefully be set again for a while.

        If today doesn’t work, I heard Chesley McNeil on 11Alive say Saturday & Sunday should both be rain free! Going to try to get a couple of walks in. Pinelake tomorrow is Orpheus Brewing but I’m not confident that will be spacious enough (not only for hashers but for the entire city, based on what the park looks like every weekend). So Davey and I will go find a secluded trail somewhere instead.

      • I haven’t been to the Waschsalon in awhile; so far, so good. I’ll return when I start wearing jeans again when I also return to the office. 🙂

  4. barb says:

    busy week – DSG (Dicks Sporting Goods) has kicked back into shipping as some or most of their stores have been reopened. And – its end of the month, so everyone that hasn’t been shipping has to ship NOW!.;

    Heading to Thomson, GA tomorrow for a few days if mini BRAG – based out of Steve Dwyer’s house. He has put together some routes for each day. I can’t keep up with the speedy ones, so we will ride what we feel like and then head back to his house. I guess he has a big enough yard for a few campers, as well as some tents. Sal & Mende insist it isn’t BRAG unless they sleep in their tents. Trying to get food together, etc. Its been a while since we’ve done anything like this.

    • Guess I’m the only one getting screwed out of a stimulus check? Fuck it, I just may stop spending money for a few weeks out of spite!

      Enjoy your weekend, sounds like it will be a good time.

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