Typing this morning on a blissfully cool morning from my back deck, the same deck that will soon be hosting wet clothes that are drying.

Not much newsworthy going on in my world. Yesterday was a busy day, capped nicely with a walk and socially-distance dinner cooked by Bonnie, and beer. I was home by the mandatory curfew time of 9pm. I find it ironic that we “finally” are “allowed” to “go out” again and people have managed to turn the country upside-down in a different way forcing us to be told to stay indoors.

Today’s activities include breakfast (done!), clothes washing (up next), followed by work and my final German Tuesday night class of the quarter. This may also be my final class with the group, with whom I have taken classes for over three years, as I am not certain that I belong at their level.

Hope you are all managing well, and are remaining healthy.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 206.4 pounds (-0.5 from last week’s weigh-in). Still moving in my desired direction, not bad.

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  1. A few more things…
    1. I once again forgot that I was going to mow the lawn… 🙄
    2. My pest control is still working, I found a dead roach in my office this morning. 😖
    3. Drying clothes on a clothesline has reintroduced me to the concept of the sun’s gradual, but ever-changing path across the sky. 🤔
    4. Today is Day 51 of my “100 Days of Swift” and “100 Days of SwiftUI” training. 🎉

  2. Steve Brady says:

    A slow day at work. Offices around the system were even shutting down their cash operations so no employees would be at risk of any civil unrest into the office. Not good.

    Debbie and I did some trail maintenance last night. She on the tractor and me on foot with a maddox. Fun, but hot in long pants in the sun. Need some chainsaw action in one spot.

    As NBCSN needs to fill the airtime, they reran last years Worlds road race… all 7 and a half hours. Holy crap. In the rain… lovely. I don’t think there were 40 finishers out of 200+ starters.


    • Stacy says:

      Steve, are you going into the office here in Midtown? Let’s social-distance lunch sometime if so!

      • Steve Brady says:

        At the moment, we’re still WFH. Currently, the plan is to return to the office around Aug 1, but I expect that to slide out farther. i have yet to hear any “long term” plans for our status- that is if they will keep more of us in WFH, or rotate in, or just what. Another friend who works in Midtown in a law firm said they have split into thirds and will be in the office one week and WFH for 2.

        • Stacy Fox says:

          Our office is planning to do the thirds thing too when we go back. We’ll see how that works!

          As much as I’d love to see you, glad you’re WFH. 🙂

  3. Bonnie says:

    *Fist bump* Paulie! I wish I could report yesterday’s weight of 123, but it’s 125 today. I’ll take it. I thought I would have the day to myself, but the husband is coming home from work at 10am instead of 6pm. On that note, I’ve got several chores I need to quickly finish up. 😁 Peace out!

    • Steve Brady says:

      This “husband” person is certainly getting in the way of your social life!!

    • Poop! Good luck with your chores.

      Seeing the projected temperature path today I decided to get in 45 minutes on the trainer early to beat the rising temps. I’ve finished and just showered, and am about to return to the office.

  4. Barb says:

    Heading home from Thomson.
    Today’s ride was just 19, Travis noticed a little while in his tire, we fixed it with a dollar bill, but instead of risking it, we headed back to the house. I wasn’t feeling it, so cutting the ride short did not upset me. Bob found a wheel that would work in Travis’s bike at the house, so they headed out for 12 more miles, Travis needed to get 100 miles in. I didn’t care, we had 89.
    Got the camper packed up & out onto the street before everyone got back in, much easier without the peanut gallery’s help!

    • Nice. Saw some photos on Sal’s Instagram, looks like you all are/were having a good time.

      • Barb says:

        The usual times, sit around after riding telling stories & drinking beer. Had to leave before we decided we needed to start drinking.

        Travis was starting to get in on the conversations, we will all find out later how much Laura hates us. Haha.
        30 plus miles a day was good for him, so much calmer the rest of the day.

  5. Barb says:

    Passing the Rutledge exit, here’s to hoping STU in the fall will happen!!!!
    I may have to get riding, no training is not the way to do it.

  6. Barb says:

    Home sweet home, 2 hour drive, the GSP is all over Atlanta, not sure if they are planning to close interstate exits if there is protesting??
    Traffic is getting closer to normal again as well, not horrible again yet, but not the open roads it was for a while.

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