Good morning from the edge of my WiFi range. Why here? Because it is cooler outside than it is inside I am sitting in the shade, soaking up the morning breeze sans coffee, as I am trying to cut back. 😲

The driveway is a somewhat illogical place to sit, but I am watching the birds and squirrels and keeping an eye out for raccoons. Raccoons? Yes. As I was getting ready to bike with Bonnie on Saturday I heard an awful racket in the front yard. “I’ve never heard a bird make a noise like that I thought” and as I turned around I discovered an adolescent raccoon wandering on my lawn, trying to get back up into the tree. Welcome to the East Atlanta Wildlife Center! 🤦🏻‍♂️ I tried contacting some of the wildlife rescue centers but apparently all are full, can’t take in any more animals, and are being stretched thanks to COVID. So, we went on our bike ride and neither child nor mother have been heard or seen since. I just looked up into a different tree and saw one of the largest squirrel nests I have every seen…

I did a very strenuous hash yesterday which included being reprimanded by property owners for being on their private property; I didn’t blame them for their disdain, but what else could we do since turning around meant more trespassing too. The trail was about five miles and littered literally and figuratively with trash and thick shiggy. Because only five of us showed up for trail I thought it was going to be easy to social distance at the end, but the “pack” size doubled with the arrival of more people who were there to drink and socialize, many times not so distantly. ☹️

Another busy day lies ahead. I’ve done two of my morning chores already and am about to crack on with work.

Hope you are all staying healthy.

May Summary

05/01 – ?, V, walking (1.12 mi, 23:36) 😕
05/02 – ?, V, walking (4.35 mi, 79:11) 🙂
05/03 – ?, V, walking (5.18 mi, 106:40) 🙂
05/04 – ?, V, trainer (70:00) 😀
05/05 – 208.6, V, walking (2.36 mi, 40:23) 😕
05/06 – ?, V, cycling (18.21 mi, 79:20) 😃
05/07 – ?, V, walking (3.16 mi, 55:51) 😕
05/08 – ?, V, yard work (90:00) 😅, walking (1.87 mi, 35:58) 😕
05/09 – ?, V, walking (2.28 mi, 72:33) 😕, yard work (60:00) 😕
05/10 – ?, V, walking (6.31 mi, 127.48) 😀
05/11 – ?, V, trainer (50:00) 😅
05/12 – 208.4, M, nothing 😢
05/13 – ?, V, trainer (50:00) 🙂
05/14 – ?, V, trainer (50:00) 😅
05/15 – ?, V, waking (6 mi, ??:??) 🙂
05/16 – ?, V, walking (~2 mi, ??:??) 😕
05/17 – ?, V, cycling (~19 mi, ??:??) 🙂
05/18 – ?, V, trainer (50:00) 😅
05/19 – 209.2, V, nothing 😢
05/20 – ?, V, trainer (70:00) 😅 (rash on legs?)
05/21 – ?, V, trainer (70:00) 😅
05/22 – ?, V, walking (3.11 mi, 56:02) 😅
05/23 – ?, V, walking (4.04 mi, 136:23) 😕, (16.24 mi, 113:26) 😁
05/24 – ?, V, hashing (6.16 mi, 158:30) 🙂
05/25 – ?, V, walking (4.70 mi, 99:00) 🙂
05/26 – 206.9, V, nothing 😢 (hurt knee)
05/27 – ?, V, nothing 😢 (one more day for knee)
05/28 – ?, V, trainer (50:00) 🙂
05/29 – ?, V, trainer (50:00) 😅
05/30 – ?, V, walking (5.08 mi, 147:16) 🙁, cycling (16.92 mi, 110:00) 😀
05/31 – ?, V, hashing (5.08 mi, 73:00) 😅

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12 Responses to 2020-06-01

  1. Steve Brady says:

    A pretty good weekend.

    Saturday, a bike ride of 20 with some difficulty- it had been almost 5 days since my last ride and it was warm. A haircut (!!) with Debbie’s cutter in Senioa. Sunday, a scooter ride, including some dirt and a sort of water crossing- the road went from paved to unpaved (expected) and was downhill for a long ways, then a “Stop Sign Ahead” followed by “Road may flood”!! It wasn’t flooded, but I did have to wash the bike from the mud puddle when I got home.

    Back at WFH!! Yippee.


    • Saturday’s bike ride took us through a section of unfinished Beltline on the west side that caked our bikes in mud. One of Saturday morning’s chores was to wash and lubricate the bike.

  2. Parking in the sun and heat yesterday caused the windshield crack to run some more. Perhaps one of June’s chores will be to get the windshield replaced.

  3. Steve Brady says:

    I have 2 cracks on the scooter windscreen (plastic of course). I took a marker and put a small dot on each end of the crack to watch if it’s growing or not. So far, stable.

    On Saturdays ride, I came back past where the Amazon van got stuck. You really had to be an idiot to follow the Google map blindly that far. He really only stopped because of the creek crossing, I’m sure. I’ll take a chain saw and make it a bit more obvious at a convenient place to still turn around.

  4. Steve Brady says:

    Don’t know where my previous comment went…

    I have cracks on the scooter screen and took a marker and noted the ends. I’ll watch and see if it’s growing.

    Saturdays ride went past the spot where the Amazon truck got stuck. Really only stopping at the creek crossing. How he got that far is amazing. I’ll take my chain saw and make a couple more substantial “end of the road” markings.

  5. I guess my interrupted night of sleep caused me to forget that I was going to bake a pumpkin bread, and mow the front lawn this morning. I just remembered, so I obviously did neither. 🙄

  6. Barb says:

    Greeting from Thomson, GA.
    Day 2 of rouge Brag riding is in the books.
    Rode 35 yesterday, 34 today. Doing very little training makes it harder than it should be, but I made it. Travis is killing it, though he does say he’s tired now. He’s sitting slightly still. The big boys (& girls) rode 54 yesterday, 50 today.
    We are heading to Jop’s pool in a few, that will be nice.

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