Just a short one today since at 7:25am I am already well behind schedule. Because of this I will probably have to put off yard work yet again. I think this is the behavior that allowed my yard to become a jungle in the first place. I’d take the day off from work, but I did that yesterday in order to knock out a few chores and have a little fun:

  • I went to Aldi and somehow managed to spend $126… at Aldi!
  • I went to Lowe’s to get some needed supplies from the hardware store. If I had a better plan for the yard I’d have purchased much more there.
  • I get the M6’s emissions check done. That took more tome than I expected since I wad to wait in line.
  • I spent a few hours on Bonnie’s porch where we watched Bayern Munich (her team) secure the Bundesliga Championship, and in the process all but secure relegation for Werder Bremen (my team) in the process.

Upon returning home I used the Instant Pot to make an insanely delicious mushroom risotto.

And shortly thereafter I passed out on the futon, where I spent the rest of the evening.

There may be no virtual Top Chef viewing tonight because I believe Betsy is still having internet (hardware) problems. If we don’t watch and text I will attempt to catch up on the many chores I have to accomplish.

Hope you are staying well.

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14 Responses to 2020-06-17

  1. Steve Brady says:

    A funny moment yesterday as one of my national engineers who is working on a project for us discovered some things he would have to deal with in the project were not to his liking, typed in the chat session with me, “this is bullshit”. As he is a very good engineer, and not subject to such outbursts, I just laughed.

    23 miles on the road last night. If you didn’t get outside yesterday and enjoy the cool weather, there may be no hope for you. I hope more is in store today.

    Physical at 11, which means nothing to eat or drink until then. I may be cranky shortly.

    Open to lunch suggestions in the Decatur area.


    • Good on ya!

      I should have spent more time outdoors last night, but alas my body must have required more rest instead.

      In a pre-covid world I would have many suggestions for you. I don’t know anyone’s opening hours these days. I’ll throw out Brick Store and Thinking Man in the Decatur(ish) area. HamWithCam (aka “John”) is your go-to guy for this, assuming he checks in pre-lunch.

  2. Bonnie says:

    I am trying to route a bike ride right now, so I can retain good graces with Steve. 😉

    I can’t believe I haven’t thought about bringing a TV onto the porch (or patio) before! We were thinking about going to Brewhouse in L5P to try to watch the game on the patio, but well, I kind of got excited about trying this TV-on-the-porch idea. 🤓 And, since I had to move all the furniture around for social distancing, I ended up reorganizing it all whilst putting it back so I feel like I have a new front porch!

  3. Steve Brady says:

    For those who remember JEFDSDR, I always wanted to have a TV (at least temporarily) out on the pool deck and have dive in movies! The was a cable connection by the dominoes table. Pipe the sound through the stereo out there and it would have been awesome!

    • barb says:

      U-Verse has this great thing called a wireless DVR. We take our little kitchen TV outside on the deck often. (of course you have to have cable, but, we pay the big bucks still). We have hooked it up to a bigger TV at times too.

    • Bob says:

      No cable needed these days, I have a “retired” Roku player I use in the garage. With that or an Amazon Fire stick all you need is WiFi and you can stream away anywhere! I even use it for our back yard movie nights.

    • LOL. This twenty-year veteran of the satellite TV industry, and still mobile app developer on iOS, is now a luddite in the television world. 😀

  4. HamWithCam says:

    Decatur lunch ideas, given current restrictions:
    – Taqueria del Sol (telephone or counter order), takeout only, but you can enjoy their covered patio. This week’s taco special is Nutty Shrimp.
    – Farm Burger, telephone or counter, takeout only. Limited outdoor seating.
    – The Marley, pretty sure it’s takeout only. Outdoor seating. Much beer.
    – Chick-fil-A drive-through
    – Pastries A-Go Go (telephone and counter, semi-covered outdoor seating.) Soups, sandwiches and breakfast all day.
    – Mellow Mushroom (right on Ponce): same drill, covered patio….I think they will allow you to sit there. Beer.
    – PO ‘Boy Shop (telephone and tent ordering, takeout only). The “bar” (entrance around back) is fully open and has the same food.
    – Community ‘Q (BBQ): same drill, no seating, far as I know.
    – Po ‘Boy and Community ‘Q are in the same little strip center, just slightly North of the intersection of Clairemont and North Decatur Road.

    Recommendation: Taqueria del Sol: consistently good food, cheap and they have beer, margaritas, et al. C-f-A drive-through if you’re in a hurry.

    Good luck es 73 de JG/HamWithCam
    (I already have plans or I’d plan to join you…)

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