It’s Juneteenth, a day about which I had never heard as recently as two years ago. As of late yesterday I have the day off from work, so Happy Juneteenth!

Yesterday I managed to get in 45 minutes on the trainer, and a small bit of yard work.

With my laundry task done I’m taking in some pumpkin bread in preparation for a bike ride this morning. My bike ride will be the foundation on which I lean when I stuff my face with beer and Tasty China tonight at Barb’s when I pick up my mountain bike.

This weekend I hope to get more yard work done, have some fun tomorrow night, and go to Black Sheep on Sunday.

Hope you all have a fun weekend and stay healthy.

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3 Responses to 2020-06-19

  1. Steve Brady says:

    The Bank made mention of Juneteenth, but did not give us the day off. Next year, very likely, I think.

    Debbie’s mom arrived on schedule yesterday and promptly began watching her Starz Western channel and napping. She sleeps with a white noise generator, which sits just outside our bedroom and is very sleep inducing. I can hear it now as I sit in my recliner and could easily doze off…

    I decided to ride last night and for some reason thought hill repeats would be a fun idea. Had I picked a hill with a steady effort, it would have been more fun, but my choice had a sting in the tail (a steep ending) so I paid the price- 3 times! It got my HR up, so that was the plan.

    We are recording/watching old Great British Baking shows and enjoying it very much. We haven’t a clue what some of the items are and have to attempt to translate from British to American English, but it’s fun.

    Tell TC I said hello and I miss them!!


    • Bonnie says:

      Good for you Steve! I really should try some hill repeats, both on foot and on bike. But never because they’re “fun.” Maybe. Someday. 😁

  2. Ride to Stone Mountain and back with Bonnie done! It’s been awhile.

    Will do, Steve. 😁

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