Hope you all had a good weekend; mine was nice and long, and filled with fun.

With the day off from work on Friday I joined Bonnie on a bike ride to Stone Mountain and back. We rewarded ourselves later with a trip to a new-to-us package store, My Friends’ Bottle Shop, and journey to the Garage Mahal for fun times and Tasty China consumption. I buckled and ate meat for the first time in June.

Saturday saw me catch up with Betsy during a morning walk, and then tool around on bikes with Bonnie. We finished early at my house and spent some time in the shade of my carport drinking beer and cooking up fake chicken patties.

Yesterday I attended Black Sheep, which started and ended no more than two miles from the ITP Estate! Woot! Trail was decent, not without some questionable decisions, but was a good time overall. Naturally Glory Mole and I were virtually DFLs.

Today is the Super Bowl of Apple Nerddom, WWDC Day! Normally today’s keynote event is jam-packed with journalists and conference attendees, obviously this year things will be a little different.

With some of my morning chores done it’s time for me to tackle others.

Hope you are staying healthy.

Cheers, all!

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  1. Bonnie says:

    For some of you in-town folks, United Avenue will be closed at the BeltLine beginning today for 4-6 weeks. The bridge has structural issues and must be immediately replaced. They’re trying to figure out if they are going to put in the fancy new bridge that can incorporate light rail that was planned for the time of when they paved the BeltLine (years from now), or put in an interim bridge. The BeltLine will be open except when the bridge is being replaced.

    • Well that sucks. For one, I kinda like that old wooden trestle, and also, that’s another literal roadblock on out south side journeys.

      • Bonnie says:

        Yup, the first thing I thought of was another roadblock. But at least this one should be safer to navigate around vs. Pryor/University.

  2. ITP Lurker says:

    I darkened the door of the Glenwood Kroger only for access to the tag renewal kiosk, which as usually required me to try 5 times to get my credit card to read, but I finally prevailed. Another part of the annual tradition is the machine not recognizing the bar code on the government document, but at least you can look up your tags with your driver’s license.

    While in Kroger I stocked up on some beer and bottled sparkling water, which is easier to do in isolation than with an otherwise full cart. I thought my shopping cart was particularly janky, with the cart making a loud clanking noise as I rolled along, but most Kroger carts do that. After I paid and was walking through the lobby all four wheels on the cart unceremoniously seized up. I had a minute or so of WTF until a security guard sauntered over and asked to see my receipt. She then unlocked the wheels and I left feeling like I badly needed to take a shower. Apparently one is guilty until proven innocent at Kroger.

    Going forward I’ll still suffer the miseries of the kiosk, but Kroger isn’t getting any of my money otherwise.

    Separately, congrats Bonnie and Paulie on the Stone Mountain ride. I made that ride for the first time a couple of weeks ago after years of wanting to, and I’ll definitely ride it again. I went the PATH route, which worked great for me. I rode the South River Trail yesterday until it ran out at Gresham Park, and then I could not figure out where I needed to go next to follow the trail. That is one thing I definitely hate about bike routes in Atlanta. How much trouble would it be to add a little directional sign in places where there’s gaps? Or have a mobile-friendly map or written directions, neither of which I could find while on the road. I made my way back to EAV and then rode the Beltline for a 26 mile ride.

    • Good on you Lurker!

      I wish I could use that kiosk, but alas I am Dekalb county… I’ll be doing an online renewal this week.

      That tripped me up the first time as well. As you have probably figured out, you go the Clifton Church road, cross over, ride to the right, and then past the school you will find the trail again on your left.

      • ITP Lurker says:

        Ah, thanks for the tip. I rode to the left for a bit and felt like I was going the wrong way, so I just retreated to the path that I knew and tacked on a Beltline ride to get the mileage that I wanted. I do like the South River Trail a lot, and I’ll ride it again and go to the right next time.

      • But you are absolutely right, signage is necessary.

        • ITP Lurker says:

          I looked on Google Maps on my computer (versus my phone) and I see how it works now. I tried searching on my phone yesterday but got frustrated and gave up. It’s OK, I still had a good ride yesterday, and much of the SRT remains unexplored as of yet for me.

    • Bonnie says:

      *Fist bump* Lurker! According to my bike GPS, following the PATH to Stone Mountain has more elevation gain (2,600 ft.) vs. using a couple other routes I’ve tried that are more “road.” I’m trying to figure out my “optimal route” with a combination of PATH and road.

      • ITP Lurker says:

        Bonnie, I didn’t find the hills to be that onerous on the PATH trail, but I’ve also been doing a lot of hill training lately. I liked the protected nature of the PATH trail. The only downside to the Stone Mountain ride for was being fatigued at the end such that I hit a curb in Freedom Park hard enough to pop both tires.

      • I always wind up taking a power nap after doing a Sone Mountain ride.

        Bummer about the tubes.

        • ITP Lurker says:

          Thanks. I tend to pop a tire once a year on Atlanta streets, so hopefully I’m good for the next few months now. 🙂

  3. Steve Brady says:

    So, will you watch WWDC? In other words, will you earn your official nerd status or just let us assume it is so?

    Saturday, I rode 25 in the heat of the late morning/early afternoon. My choice of routes was poor, with no shade for the first 8 miles. This lead to a change of route into shade(!) by turning due north. I even stopped at the end of the shady section before returning to the sunny leg home. Later in the afternoon, I removed a dead tree from the paddock in front of the barn. I laid him out perfectly and was slicing up the trunk into manageable pieces when I hit a nail! That pretty much took care of that chain. I switched to the smaller saw to take care of the rest.

    Sunday was a scooter day in the afternoon. Warm but not miserable. Debbie made pork medallions with Dijon mustard for Fathers Day dinner!! Oh. So. Good.


  4. For as much of an online nerd that I profess to be, I have to admit that I’d rather perform financial work in person. I am always scared that I am going to provide the wrong information or choose the wrong options and cause myself grief.

  5. City of Atlanta took my lawn bags this week, that’s a good start.

  6. barb says:

    How long was the Black Sheep trail?
    Allan had a long night at work Saturday night, and neither of us were feeling energetic enough to go do trail.

    I decided to pay the extra $1 & just do my tag online – $22. It showed up in the mail, in less than a week.

  7. Well that’s bizarre. Three men just showed up in a moving truck and said they were here to do a move. I asked the address, which was mine, but didn’t think to ask for the name for some reason. I’m at a loss for words.

    • Bonnie says:

      Is the universe trying to tell you something??? 🤣

    • Seriously! It does concern me slightly since they had my address. I assumed that they were perhaps suppose to show up on Milton Av (not far away) which is why I asked about the address first.

    • Bonnie says:

      Don’t want to raise your stress level, but could they have been criminals? I heard about this a lot in Memphis. If you hadn’t been home they may have robbed you and no one would really notice because people just think you’re moving, etc. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  8. Steve Brady says:

    Where are you moving??? hahahaha.

    Was it a legit moving truck, with a logo and all?

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