Late June.


Of course in some respects time has no consequence other when the sun rises and sets.

Well that sucks. I have just found out that with this latest “update” of WordPress I can no longer write my blog post using my iPhone because once the text goes under the virtual keyboard I cannot see it, nor can I scroll to the bottom. If the iPhone were some obscure device I’d understand why things aren’t tested on it, but IT’S THE FUCKING IPHONE!!! certainly someone developing WordPress has access to one.

Speaking of things not working well, my AT&T internet service continues to fail me this morning. I’ve considered switching to AT&T fiber, assuming it’s available on my street, but haven’t yet. Looks like I am going to have to put off downloading the 9.75 GB package for Xcode again.

You may recall that I was going to be working in the ARD his morning. I decided to put his chore off until afternoon due to the amount of rain we received overnight, combined with a fitful night of sleeping.

One thing that has appeared to gone well was the gutter cleaning yesterday. The rain that occurred shortly after the first rainfall proved that my gutters can do their job, they were just clogged, or in some places covered with tree debris. This was the first time I have been home when the company cleaned my gutters (it’s been some time since I called on them). I found it amazing how quickly they could get the job done with a leaf blower and a hose (I believe they used a hose). Were I not afraid of heights I’d do the job myself.

Hope you all are staying well.

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20 Responses to 2020-06-25

  1. Steve Brady says:

    I have noticed that your site does not always play well on an iPhone and I thought it was just operator error.

    Yesterday’s “highlight” was a All Hands call for the technical departments to meet the new CIO. It took a while to find a replacement for the one who left and this guy seems OK. We also heard some of the plan of returning to the office. Basically, no rush, as we seem to be accomplishing everything we need to. Some of my tasks are again, piling up, but there will be a point I’ll have to go back in to accomplish those. No rush.

    A nice half hour on the trainer last night waiting on the rain. It finally came in reasonable quantity and the grass is happy. I need to check on pastures to see if they need mowing.

    Happy Friday on a Thursday.


    • I put in time on the trainer too.

      No update for our office. We have an All Hands next Tuesday, I am assuming a statement will be made then.

      I was going to try to mow my mess today, but it appears that it’s going to be cloudy all day, why did I wash clothes today?, so I will put that off until tomorrow. It’s not like I have a shortage of chores on which I can work today.

    • Bob says:

      We are WFH mandated until mid September at least. They will re-assess then to see what our options are. Like you Steve, we are getting work done so it’s all good. Although we just got a HUGE budget cut and layoffs have started. I survived the first round, hope to make it through the second. Then again, if I do get laid off I will get like 40 weeks of severance pay so it may not be too horrible.

      • Steve Brady says:

        I’m able to stay pretty busy and have projects I’m supporting, so I don’t think a layoff will affect me. We haven’t done any I’m aware of. One friend in another department is a little worried, but more because he’s a PITA, not that he doesn’t have work to do!

        Speaking from experience, sometimes a layoff is a good thing. That’s how I landed at the Fed.

  2. 🤬🤬🤬
    With 6 GB downloaded I received a “network connection lost” error! My attempt to restart the download resulted in it starting again at the beginning. #fail

    • Bob says:

      I hate it when that happens!

    • ITP Lurker says:

      This is a problem would go away with a fiber connection. I used to have the same experience, and the fiber technician said the network you’re on (that I was on) is severely overloaded. It has to be even worse now with all of the WFH (or as I saw someone write on Twitter, “live at work”. Regardless, I think life’s too short to put up with a shitty Internet connection.

      • Bob says:

        I wish I had that option, best I can get is 50MBs. In my hood the main box is at the entry so the lines to my house can’t handle any more. I have been waiting for fiber to come through.

        • Steve Brady says:

          Bob, keep looking for 5G up your way. It would seem to me that would be a good place to start installing it.

      • I think 50 MB is the best AT&T has on my street now. I should make a phone call to find out.

  3. STACY M FOX says:

    Not only JUST “late June” but it’s exactly 6 months ’til Christmas! 🙂

    (if that’s not an excuse to start shopping I don’t know what is)

  4. Bonnie says:

    Just finished up a bike ride to Stone Mountain with Tammy (In My Behind). It was her first time so we rode the PATH route (from my house). I was a bit nervous about the weather but it turned out great. The humidity was rough at times but at least it wasn’t 90°. Fun time! We made it a “clean ride”—no beer!

  5. Bonnie says:

    Also, I can confirm that the construction to realign the Moreland / Glenwood intersection has begun. 1 year to go! Should be fun combined with the Bill Kennedy Way interim Beltline construction between Glenwood and 1-20 but that seems to not have kicked into gear yet (was supposed to start the 15th)?

    • One year, that boggles my mind!

      I will have to keep that all in consideration whenever I return to office life, or, need to go to your house or Kroger in my car.

    • ITP Traffic-phobe says:

      Thanks for the heads up. I usually get to EAV by way of Berne/Ormewood and then Moreland, so I’ll be sure to avoid Glenwood like I do COVID-19.

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