Good Friday morning. In my world it’s currently 05:30.

My original plan for the day, washing and hanging clothes before dawn, has already been scrapped due to the overcast forecast I have seen for today. On my To Do list is to see if my dryer still works after so many years of not being used. Yes, I know that I need to clean the tube that goes from dryer to outdoors, and to check the lint screen before turning it on.

Yesterday’s yard work was interrupted by whatever inset managed to get up the inside of my jeans and bite/sting me a few times. Stupid bugs. I will attempt to get back outside again today, working other parts of the yard, to keep making progress.

Today wraps up this year’s WWDC, and my last day of watching videos as part of my job. I really need to put my head down and start coding again soon.

With nothing on my agenda this afternoon I may make a trip to Goodwill to get some stuff out of my house, and then follow that up with a stop at Home Depot (look at me continuing to play home owner with another stop at a hardware store!).

No solid plans for the weekend yet, though I intend to find fun on both days.

Have yourself a fun and healthy weekend.

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16 Responses to 2020-06-26

  1. Bonnie says:

    I was just bragging to my friend Robert (who is getting over a horrific case of poison ivy) that I’m so lucky to have little reaction to it, especially being a hasher. Jinx! I appear to have poison-something all over my right arm and a couple spots elsewhere, surely picked up from Sunday’s Black Sheep. It’s mostly tiny little dots, and one splotchy patch. New flash: it itches! I have a two-year-old tube of topical steroid that I’m putting on it, hopefully there’s at least a little effectiveness left. I’m wearing a sun sleeve so as not to get any residue on the furniture. 🤓

    Tonight a group of hashers are doing Critical Mass but I already have plans with my friend Wendy (Fab Whore).

  2. Steve says:

    An early morning for me since I’m not working. Already dressed to ride and gobbling down a muffin before I leave. More later.


  3. barb says:

    No Slip posted something about some soap she uses for PI – her son is really allergic. I ordered some (88 cents a bar) on Amazon, just in case. Allan thinks it smells – still in the wrapper – so we will see if someday it works.

    Work has been hell – so freakin busy – the Railroads aren’t cooperating, so we don’t have empties to load, can’t get gate reservations when we do get empties, etc. So much rescheduling – my head just hurts.
    And – now today -we aren’t getting any outside the company emails.

    • ITP Lurker says:

      Hey Barb, what’s the brand name of that soap? I’d like to have a bar of it around just in case. I can’t find any PI soap for 88 cents on Amazon.

  4. Bonnie, I thought about you and Robert this morning as I trampled around the deep woods of the ITP Estate’s Back Forty. I did over two hours of manual labor this morning, and my Apple Watch just pinged me and said “Check your exercise ring, usually you are further along by this time.” Fuck you Apple Watch. Fuck. You.

    And now I am exhausted and have a headache. ☹️

  5. Oh yeah, I ignored the weather forecast and did a “load” of laundry. It’s been pretty sunny all morning, I’m glad that I did.

  6. Steve says:

    31 in the books. Steamy, but not terrible. A total of 6 cars passed me until I was on 54 back into Luthersville in the last 5 miles. A pretty good day.

    We got sucked into ridiculous network TV last night and I’m not proud of it. Something called “Holey Miley” and “Don’t”. I can’t tell if these were made and never shown, or whether this was done on purpose for Summer. It’s certainly Summer fill. Goofy fun, but we watched only because we couldn’t look away.

  7. According to the USPS informed delivery service I was supposed to get my tag renewal sticker yesterday, but I received no mail. I really hope that it is delivered today.

  8. ITP Lurker says:

    Next year you can use the Glenwood Kroger:

    “Can I use a kiosk in another county than the one I live in?

    Yes. If you reside in a county that is participating in the kiosk program, you can use a kiosk located in another participating county. See participating counties.

    For example: If you reside in Fayette county (no kiosk location but is a participating county), you can use any MVD self-service kiosk located in the state. If you reside in Fulton county (kiosk locations available), you can use any MVD self-service kiosk located in the state.”


  9. I was wrong, sticker was delivered today!

    Also, there is a big yellow moving truck down the street. I wonder if that house was where the guys were supposed go earlier this week, or perhaps that house is being burgled.

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