One more work day for me this week……

Yesterday was another of the mundane days that occur around the ITP Estate these days. I managed to put in 45 minutes on the trainer yesterday afternoon, and cooked up a tasty and intriguing pot of “BBQ Lentils” in my Instant Pot. I essentially followed a recipe (for which I have no link?) and made some substitutions and additions as I deemed fit. I cooked up some vegetarian hot dogs and had fancy-pants “Franks and Beans” for dinner.

Betsy and I did a long-distance Virtual Top Chef last night. Yesterday I upgraded my Disney+ subscription to include Hulu and ESPN+, so I was able to watch along with Betsy and experience the commercial breaks she has; I was previously watching commercial-free downloads of iTunes purchases.

I need to figure out how stream ESPN+ because I understand that they will be showing Bundesliga games starting next season. Speaking of Bundesliga, my beloved Werder Bremen has a chance to stave off relegation; they play the first of two Relegation Playoff games today. Unfortunately I can’t watch the game because Fox has already discontinued their soccer service.

There may be four days of hashing starting today. I’ll have to see how my body holds up as I’m battling some nagging injuries and spots of poison ivy.

I was hoping to pull some English ivy this morning, but it is huuuumid out there today and that is no bueno.

It’s now 7:00am, my morning chores have been completed so I suppose I should commute to my home office and start my work day.

Stay healthy friends. Yes Dear Reader, I expect that there will be a blog post tomorrow.

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  1. ITP Lurker says:

    Meant to post this yesterday: https://whatnowatlanta.com/sabbath-brewery-sets-september-opening-in-east-atlanta-village/

    This is the week that I get serious about riding my bike. Just got back from 13.3 miles, for a total of 82.79 miles this week. I have a rough plan of logging 100 miles a week.

    • Oh, I hadn’t seen that. Thanks!

      I need to start riding. Good on you for actually doing so! 🙌🏻

      • ITP Lurker says:

        As I noted to Bonnie, for me it’s either ride first thing when I get up, or not at all. I have been setting a goal of just riding the Beltline to 10th street and back, and depending upon how I feel, I then add on another few miles. Yesterday I rode to the square in Decatur after the Beltline. Stone Mountain is in my sights again this weekend.

      • Years ago I was on the road before daylight in June, July, and August. I miss having that ambition. These days I have been washing clothes during that time instead.

    • Bonnie says:

      Woot! 🍻

  2. Steve Brady says:

    Apparently, unlike the rest of the universe, tomorrow is just another day at the Fed. We get the 4th as a floater, so it’s bidness as usual.

    Nice going Lurker. A 100 mile week is great work. Sadly, I don’t think I’ve had one in a while.

    After a hard day at the home office yesterday (not) and the overtime session that began at 5PM, I did manage to get on the trainer and sweat. Everything was going along fine- watching my youtube workout via the MiFi, which was 3 feet away when it all just locked up. I waited and waited, but it wasn’t coming back so I completed my last 2 intervals and called it a day.

    Any sign of Bonnie lately??


    • Bonnie says:

      Here! I’m mad at myself because I got up at 7:00 and thought, hey it’s a good day to bike Stone Mountain or Dirty Sheets, and here I am 2 hours later sitting on the porch perusing camping gear online. Well I guess there’s always tomorrow… I haven’t been on a bike since Saturday. 🙁 Or I suppose I could just hop on now…

      My poison ivy is so itchy! And I look like a leper. I don’t understand it, I’ve never really been allergic before. I was exposed almost 2 weeks ago and it’s still “spreading.” I don’t get it. I’ve been been washing and rewashing and/or wiping down everything I can think of. Now I have two “invisible viruses” I feel are lurking around every corner—Coronavirus and poison ivy oil. Since it’s never been a concern before I didn’t realize the oil can hang around basically forever. Ugh.

      • Sorry to welcome you into my world regarding poison ivy. ☹️

      • ITP Lurker says:

        Ouch, Bonnie! I seem to be trending the other way, I had some nasty, full-body bouts of poison ivy in my childhood, including one that made my face swell up so much I couldn’t open my eyes. So believe me when I say I feel your pain. I seem to be aging out of poison ivy. Any time I’ve gotten it in recent years it’s been really minor. But maybe I’m just also super careful due to past experiences.

        On bike riding, what’s working for me is to get up and get out the door. If I don’t ride first, I don’t ride.

        I’d try an epsom salt bath, that should give you some relief and the salt should reduce some of the inflammation. Publix has that Naptha-Fels soap that Barb mentioned, so Kroger might have it too.

    • I must have pushed a “wrong” button on my stereo receiver in the Man Cave because some AppleTV apps have no audio. Netflix is one, so I had to seek entertainment from YouTube yesterday.

      Bonnie is around. She swung by my house with some stuff from Aldi for me yesterday before stabbing me through the heart by posting a beer check-in from Fellini’s pizza last night. 🙂

      Oh look, while I was typing she replied! 👆🏼

      • Bonnie says:

        Haha. It was actually a lunch beer. Annual lunch outing to celebrate “the taxes are done”. And, this is the first year in a looooong time we didn’t have to pay anything (well except H&R Block). The tax preparer even knew about hashing! 😁

        • Please tell me you asked if the tax preparer had a hash name and it was “Blockhead”. 😂

          • Bonnie says:

            I doubt it, she didn’t sound like she was a hasher, just knew of it. Sounds like she met the hash at George’s (she’s a runner, and hiker). She said most hashers she knows are 20-30 years older than me 😁. She noticed my poison ivy and the conversation turned to hiking, etc. (Yes, I was trying to limit conversation but I guess I had to talk some…)

    • ITP Lurker says:

      Thanks, Steve. My weight has been creeping up during the pandemic, and so this is my gambit to try to burn it off. At least until I run a cross a gypsy that will touch my nose and say “Thinner…”

  3. Steve Brady says:

    Sadly, my weight hasn’t gone down, like a certain blog writer we all know. At least it hasn’t crept up much. With Debbie’s mom on site, we are trying to cook a little more so she has something appealing to eat.

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