I really don’t have much today. I am blasting this out at 6:15am and then preparing to go outside to do a couple of hours of yard work before starting work.

Yesterday I managed 45 minutes on the trainer before eating dinner, and then returned to the basement where I started cleaning out and organizing my utility room, a space that has been doing little more than receiving items for the better part of twenty years. I espied a bunch of old paint, all of which is probably useless now, that I guess I‘ll be schlepping to CHaRM next week. For a second I thought about saving the cans in order to match the color, but seriously, if I ever do any painting again I’ll just use a new color instead.

While I was on the trainer I was also finishing the drying of yesterday’s laundry the “modern” way, in an electric dryer! I’m pleased to say that, at least for the moment, my clothes dryer still works. I kinda wish that when I had opened it up I found a shirt for which I’ve been unsuccessfully seeking for fifteen years. 😂

Not much more than routine chores and work today…

Hope you all are staying healthy.

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  1. Bonnie says:

    I made another friend of ours aware of the blog, we shall see if they ever join the fun?

    Can we start deciding on riding this weekend? I’m trying to plan my riding / exercise schedule over the next few days. 😄

    Steve, I’m down for riding Friday if you’d like a partner, just know I won’t really be your partner, unless partner means riding a couple miles back. 🙂 I could do road (on my hybrid) or gravel (on my MTB).
    My top average speeds are:
    Road 13 MPH
    Dirty Sheets 9.6 MPH

    Saturday or Sunday? Sunday is Hog Mountain hared by Double Suck, but I don’t know yet if the location is amenable. And I would skip it to ride with you fine folks if Sunday works out better. Saturday my schedule is clear. I will also invite the above mentioned possible future ITP Reader. 🙂 Steve, you mentioned some time constraints, what time could you go without having to take off work? It’s going to be a hot one, just sayin’.

    • I keep forgetting to mention that HamWithCam (aka John) Alerted me that our friend’s brewery, IronShield, is opening in Lawrenceville on Saturday. Woot! If we do a mornin ride, which we should, on Saturday then I can still go,out for a beverage later in the day. 😁

  2. Bonnie says:

    Paulie, you may already know this, but at CHaRM the first 25 pounds of paint are free, each additional (can or pound?) is $0.25. I usually just spread out my drop-offs. 🙂

  3. Steve Brady says:

    I believe our start time both days is 0800. If we decide which day, I may be able to talk my partner Sam into covering. Bonnie, I don’t know the dirty sheets route but would be interested in riding on Friday.

    The forestry mulcher guy might start today!! We heard from him yesterday and he was getting his machine back from service. Debbie heard from him this morning already and he’s on his way, we think (bad cell service). Since the dog kennel sections were still in the “pasture”, I had to move them out yesterday. I’m amazed I haven’t gotten poison ivy as it was all over the area. As the perimeter has to be down so I can move them out of the pasture, Debbie came out and ran interference from horse escape. I also had her bring out some rubbing alcohol and I cleaned up from the PI.

    Thunder last night, but not much rain that I know of.


    • Bonnie says:

      Steve, I have the Dirty Sheets route in my devices, and I have a written cue sheet. Do you use Strava? Ride With GPS? Garmin? Wahoo? I could send you the route from any of these devices/apps, or you can just Google it. When I went, Cochran Mill Park was closed due to COVID, so I parked at New Hope United Church on Atlanta-Newnan Road (no parking fee) and rode it clockwise from there. 20 miles, 1,450 elevation gain.

  4. A little more than two hours in the yard. Not great progress, but progress nonetheless. The only reason I stopped was because I need to be at work today. It is Wednesday after all.

  5. Oops, I just ate a cookie; that’s not what people trying to lose weight do…

    These cookies will be with me (I did not make them, I received them as a gift) when we meet to ride. If you are so inclined to eat a cookie you will be able to do so. 🙂

  6. So I just thought of a question: Where do all of the statues being taken down go? Do they get melted down, or wind up in some billionaire’s collection?

  7. Steve Brady says:

    I use Endomondo, which just tracks me- I don’t think it’s capable of onboaring a map. Let me use the Google… I’d be game for Friday. Is 0900 too early?

  8. Steve Brady says:

    Mulching man dropped his equipment off and will start first thing in the morning! We are excited to have a little more cleared land. And the loggers will stop in tomorrow to take a look at the timber in the front.

  9. Steve Brady says:

    I am now off on Saturday, so pick a location and a start time.

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