In the CoA? Mask Up! Motherfu **record scratch**
Sorry, I got carried away.

As of last night the City has mandated wearing masks inside public places, and is discouraging group meetups of more than ten. Fortunately this will not impact Saturday morning’s bike ride, which won’t be in city limits anyway.

Yesterday was yet another fairly mundane day. I did some more work in the back yard, some parts of which are improving, and one I will mention in a bit will have to remain as is for the time being. Even though my AppleWatch doesn’t deem my manual labor as “real exercise”, I do, so I didn’t get on the trainer, or walk, or whatever last night.

While I was working in the den watching nature do the crazy and sometimes worrying shit that it does, I noticed my overgrown Japanese maple tree branches shaking a lot. Turns out, it was a squirrel jumping into it and, sometimes miraculously by hanging by its hind claws, chewing off small branches and leaves to build a nest (or “drey” if you are into crossword puzzles). By the quickness of its return trips I knew the drey wasn’t very far from the source of its construction materials. This morning I noticed that this new drey was constructed in Phase 2 of my backyard renovations. I’m not really happy about this new addition to my back yard, but I guess I won’t be a complete dick and take down that tree for a little while.

Last night I did a virtual Top Chef texting session with Betsy. Last week in “upgraded” my Disney+ subscription, which includes Hulu and ESPN+, so I was watching Top Chef on Hulu to experience the ads Betsy does. Hulu’s ads are frequent and long; they are insufferable! It’s like watching TV in the olden days. 😒 I know that I can pay more money to not have ads served to me, but I choose not to at the moment.

This morning I thought I would be one of the first customers inside Lowe’s, but then I talked myself out of making that journey today, and did a load of laundry instead. I have to return to German class tonight, now on Thursdays, so I’ll have to find a time to make it to the store sometime in the near future.

Hope you are staying healthy.

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12 Responses to 2020-07-09

  1. Bonnie says:

    Ugh, shootings in the ‘hood last night around 9:30. Paulie, you were probably already asleep. 😉 It could be heard on my block. https://www.ajc.com/news/crime–law/breaking-people-including-year-old-shot-east-atlanta/QWxpqdwLdd9HTcVnI2aTkL/

  2. Steve Brady says:

    So did you take a step back in German skule?

    Mulching man is already hard at it. On site about 7. We wlaked what Debbie and I had marked, or at least described the marks and gave him a starting point. I barely can hear the machine running and will go out shortly to see his progress. He says he takes down trees as big as 6″, so I think it should be noticeable.

    Debbie’s brother, niece and 4 of her kids stopped in for a visit and spent time grooming horses and donkeys. Minnie Pearl has a new fan club.

    A half hour on the trainer before Debbie served Chicken and capers in white wine. Quite tasty.

    For those on flex schedules, tomorrow is a 0900 start from Cochran Mill. Come join us on the gravel.


    • Sure did. Went back a level because I wasn’t putting the time in to actually learn. News Flash: I still need to work on this skill.

      Wish I could join, but am saving some of my “unlimited” vacation. I’ll be there on Saturday for the smooth pavement.

  3. Squirrel is back at it again today!

  4. Steve Brady says:

    Mulching machine is cool! Think front end loader with a big grinding attachment. He just lifts it up, pushes against the trunk of the tree and move down. Little chunks of tree go flying out. Depending on the size of the trunk, it just takes a few seconds. Debbie wants one!

  5. Rain popped up and started getting the two items I hung on the line this morning wet. Doh! And this about thirty minutes after I went outside and marveled at how blue the sky was. Double Doh!

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