I’ve awoken this morning with a very sore and stiff right knee. I think my body is telling me that today should be a “rest day”, and when you read about my weekend escapades you may agree.

Friday was a working day! However, I managed to put in 45 minutes on the trainer and hang out with Bonnie on my carport for awhile. We didn’t hang out too late because for the second week in a row we had an early morning planned for Saturday.

Saturday morning I picked up Bonnie and we drove down to Cochran Mill park to meet Steve, and Tammy, to ride Silk Sheets. Steve and I rode ten miles together before he had to peel off and return to the park so that he could be responsible. I on the other hand, was bound and determined to get in at least forty miles. For me it turned out to be 43 miles in three hours in the saddle, never feeling perfectly comfortable. After the ladies came in the three of us hung in the park for a little while before departing. My day was far from over.

After unpacking the car I hopped into the shower to clean off. I picked up Bonnie at 4:30pm and we masked up to drive to Lawrenceville to drink one beer! Well, the occasion made the effort worth is as it was the Grand Opening of an old friend’s brewery, Ironshield Brewing. Upon arrival you’d think Prohibition had just been lifted in Lawrenceville, the place was packed. I knew I’d see John (aka HamWithCam) there, and was pleasantly surprised to also see that Barb and her friends also made an appearance. The brewery is nice, we got a tour and a free beer from Dave, before heading back ITP.

One of the things COVID has made harder for me is making unplanned stops to eat or drink. As we snaked back toward East Atlanta Bonnie and I kept looking for places that were open and at which we’d feel comfortable stopping. That never happened, so dinner was a delicious white pizza from Grant Central East and a few more beers once again sitting in my carport.

Yesterday I was up at 5am. I wanted to tackle laundry before tackling the yard. I spent another 2+ hours “cleaning up” the yard. In two weeks I have amassed twelve yard waste bags stuffed with English ivy and other debris, and dragged many more branches and small trees to the far back corner of my lot. Someday I hope to get the yard in a shape that pleases me. After cleaning up from yard work the plan was to hike Indian Seats, but a look at what appeared to be a wicked storm system changed our minds. Bonnie and I scrambled to find a southern replacement and settled on visiting High Falls State Park. There Bonnie and I hiked about 4.5 miles. The plan was to then use our Hop Passports in Hampton, GA by visiting Jailhouse Brewing; that plan was killed when getting directions to the brewery I discovered that it had shuttered its doors just recently. As one brewery opens an old timer closes…

Undaunted, Bonnie and I set out to visit a place that has quickly become a favorite of mine — Red’s Beer Garden. Red’s offers a great selection of beer, and vegetarian hot dogs (yeah, they have meat ones too). Bonnie and I sat at a picnic table under an umbrella with a fan pointed at our table and enjoyed a meal with beers. I even was treated to seeing Bonnie do one of her favorite things, crushing cans with a beer crusher. 😁

I put many more miles on the M6 in two days than I have in the previous four months. This week I will have to do that thing we used to call “filling the tank”. 😮

And that was my weekend. I hope yours was as rewarding, and that you are remaining healthy.

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  1. ITP Lurker says:

    Red’s is my new favorite too. I rode 50 miles on Saturday, coming within 3 miles of the Arabia Mountain Nature Center. I figured out the gap between Georgia State Panthersville and MLK High School where the trail picks up again in the back corner of the school where the busses park. I got home at 49.5 miles, so I rode around Grant Park a little to pick up the last half mile. I like the Arabia Mountain Path trail a lot and will be riding all the way to Arabia Mountain soon.

    • Bonnie says:

      Whoa! *Fist bump* What was your “gap route” and did you feel safe enough? Also, did you notice if the school parking lot was unlocked? The last time I drove and tried to park there I couldn’t. But people on the Internet say you can normally park there? I guess I could also park on the neighboring streets? The next parking area (Panola Shoals) is always full so people park illegally and it’s a cluster to get in and out of.

      • ITP Lurker says:

        I took two different routes. The longer route (8 miles) had me go on River Road and was mostly 2 lane roads except as stretch on Panthersville. On the way back I took a different route (6 miles) suggested by Google that had me go mostly neighborhoods, but I was on 155 for a mile or so. I felt safe, and the way back that involved 155 was definitely the better route.

        As for parking, there’s two entrances to the school, one on Dogwood Farm Road and the other on Snapfinger. I don’t think there’s any room to park on Dogwood Farm. There were cars parked at the Snapfinger entrance and room for more. I missed the South River Trail entrance the first time and rode down 155 to pick it up at Panola. I followed the trail back to the school on the way back. Yes, the Panola Shoals area looked nuts, at one point someone was honking loudly at someone else. There are a couple of neighborhood streets off of Dogwood Farm Road that you could easily park on.

    • Good on ya!

      My knee pain this morning has me reconsidering how hard I should be working out for awhile, which may mean not-so-long bike rides in my near future. I hate to say it, but I am in a lot of discomfort at the moment. This is the second time recently that I’ve awoken with pain in this knee that I was not experiencing upon going to sleep. ☹️

  2. Bonnie says:

    Well, I guess there’s no need for me to comment today. 😂

    • What, you could express how you felt this weekend. 🙂 You could’ve called me out for riding the wrong way on the southern extension loop on Saturday… 😂

  3. Oh yeah, Bonnie and I correctly read the “tea leaves” about the Hog Mountain hash and avoided an 8+ mile trail in the heat.

  4. Steve Brady says:

    So nice to see you both, no matter how briefly on Saturday. I have had bad days and this was certainly one. After we parted, I continued on, but was feeling less and less energetic. I even managed a short cut on the 30, which turned it into a 22.

    Saturday evening, we attended a dinner party (pizza in the barn aisle) for the former Bear Creek huntsman and his assistant/S.O. They now work at a hunt in Virginia (founded in 1877!).

    Sunday it was a call at 8 for a little Fed network change while Debbie went riding. In the afternoon, I dusted off the scooter towards Silk Sheets. On Saturday’s ride, I was looking for the little cemetery on Ga70 and never saw it- figuring it was on the part I short cut. Yesterday, I wasn’t looking for it and saw it- and apparently rode right past on the bicycle. Maybe it moves? As I was getting off the bike, I heard thunder and a quick look at the radar told me the stop at the cemetery better be quick as well.

    Managed to make it home about 20 minutes before the rain. All good.

    Shame about Jailhouse- are they dead dead, or just not open for tours? And I messaged Ironshield yesterday and they said they should be in stores statewide shortly!!


    • Bummer about cutting your ride short. I know the cemetery you are referencing, Bonnie and I talked about it yesterday.

      I thought about shortcutting but was stubborn. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons I am suffering knee pain today.

      From what I read Jailhouse has given up.

      Dave (Ironshield CEO) said that they are awaiting approval from the State for distribution, and then they will be available in bars and stores.

  5. Steve Brady says:

    Jailhouse had some really tasty stuff. It was a little hard to find, but whenever I’d see it on the menu, I’d order it.

    You haven’t done anything to your cycling shoes lately, have you? New cleat? Or adjusted saddle height?

    • I liked their beer. I’d visited the brewery once, many moons ago.

      No new equipment nor alterations made for awhile. I looked at the last time this happened, Memorial Day, and the pattern of a lot of exercise on the weekend was similar. What confuses me is why I feel fine until I wake up.

  6. Well fuck, my power just went out.

  7. HamWithCam says:

    Fun to see a few of your guys Saturday at IronShield grand opening!
    Fingers crossed Dave makes it.

    In other news:
    We have reason to believe our house (brick, concrete foundation) needs to be treated for termites.
    We bought our current house out of foreclosure and have no termite bond or knowledge of any prior treatment.

    We’re starting from Square One and would appreciate any advice.

    – “Bait” (Sentricon) or “Liquid” (Termidor, et al)?
    – Termite company you may have used to treat?
    – Do you have a termite bond? Annual contract?
    – Was your decision based on something that came with your home or was required to purchase/close?

    I’d appreciate any advice….
    73 de JG/HamWithCam

    • I have no advice, but am just as interested.

    • ITP Lurker says:

      I paid for a termite bond for a few years that came with the house until one day this old codger of a pest control guy told me that my 100+ year old house had been treated with some now banned chemical that made it unlikely that I’d be affected by termites. It felt pointless to keep paying the bond at that point. You can really run up some costs when you start paying for the baits/liquids, and all that. I know that doesn’t help you directly, but that’s my limited experience. The bond meant they did an inspection once a year.

  8. Goddammit, the estimate to replace my windshield went up $30 since the last time I got a quote, and with taxes comes in $15 less than my deductible. 😡😡😡

    • Bonnie says:

      Raise your deductible to $1,000 like me, then that will make you feel better. 😂🙄

    • Steve Brady says:

      Shop around? Find out who your insurance company recommends?

      • I have shopped around, all quotes were similarly priced. My insurance company recommended the same place. I have also inquired about if they cover it and they said they’ll cover amounts over my deductible. It makes paying them a lot of money every year, for seemingly nothing, even more frustrating at times.

        • Bonnie says:

          Hence, why I pay them as little as possible but have large deductibles. Same with homeowners ($10 or $15k I think). I won’t file a claim anyway unless it’s something major, since I fear as soon as I do I could get dropped or at the very least my rates hiked up. That may not be the case, but I’ve heard lots of stories and I’d rather not risk it.

  9. Still waiting for the City to pick up my yard waste. This is supposed to be a weekly activity but they didn’t take my (nor neighbors’) bags last week so I was hoping they would today.

    And I continue to add to the pile that isn’t scheduled to be taken until July 28th.

    • Just received a robocall from the City blaming Covid on no yard waste having been collected since Friday. I have no idea how long my yard waste will live on my curb now.

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