As I type this I have just finished eating a breakfast of pancakes topped with blackberries, just as I did yesterday. I type this now to cement this into my brain for tomorrow morning when I am once again concerned by the darkness of my “early morning constitutional”. 🙄

Currently I am also trying to convince myself that I really do want to go out into the back yard to do some more manual labor, but I really do not want to today. I think the rain we had very late in the evening may be my ”out”, or perhaps I am tired (I am) and want to be a lazy ass today. I think I will successfully talk myself out of yard work and in exchange knock out a couple of other indoor chores today, like prepping all of my road by gear for tomorrow’s outing. There is no shortage of chores on which I can work, oh and of course there is that pesky thing called ”work” that I must do as well.

Just looked outside. Yep, it’s very wet. Awwww, guess I shouldn’t work outside now…

My return to German class was unceremonious. Having slacked off for a month I could tell that I was ill-prepared for the evening. This virtual class is large by Goethe standards, with ten students currently registered. One new participant is clearly slumming with us and will be the class ringer, a distinction I was hoping to hold but am not capable of due to my lazy ways.

Other than tomorrow’s ride I have no hardened plans for the weekend. I am going to try to make it to Lawrenceville for the opening of my friend Dave’s brewery, Ironshield Brewing. Who knows, maybe I can stop into another brewery or two on the return home…

Enjoy your weekend friends. Stay healthy.

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5 Responses to 2020-07-10

  1. Went outside for about ten minutes to re-pot a basil plant I bought recently. Man oh man there is no shortage of mosquitoes out there! Within minutes the bastards were swarming me. 😡

    Since there isn’t much rain in the near forecast, sometime today or this weekend I’ll hook up that bug-killing yard spray to the hose and give it a shot.

  2. Steve says:

    Ready to ride. Will report in later.


  3. Steve says:

    Don’t let Bonnie tell you she is slow. Several times today I looked back on a climb to see how far back she was and she was on my wheel! A fun course which would make a great wheelhopper. A bit steamy, but in the shade it was not too uncomfortable.

    Mulching man has been busy. Should be done this afternoon. It looks pretty amazing. I took “before” pics. I’ll put them up on FB,

    Can’t decide if I should ride my fast bike or my slow bike tomorrow. Decisions…

    • My fast bike is also my slow bike, because of its engine. 😂

    • Bonnie says:

      Thanks Steve for being a good sport :). I’ll try to keep working on not pumping my brakes so much… and perhaps I should replace these 23-year-old ones. Fun ride. I’m glad the “new” bike I’m brining tomorrow is a bit lighter than my old-school MTB.

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