Well it’s certainly a good thing that I wasn’t planning to do yard work this morning because last night’s heavy rains put a literal dampener on everything.

Because of my lack of sleep on Tuesday night I really dragged yesterday. I did manage to struggle through 45 minutes on the trainer, however.

Pressed for time, my meals were mostly compromised of leftovers, with the notable exception being half of a bagged salad as a side for my dinner. More of the same today!

Since I was once again awake before 5am (how I miss the ability to watch Australian rugby!) this morning, my breakfast was a return to something I’ve to made recently, but with a few twists. As you know, I haven’t wanted to heat the house so I’ve avoided making my beloved breakfasts of tater to casseroles and pumpkin breads in the oven; that changed this morning when I made the former. A few other things changed as well — I didn’t have the meat crumbles I normally use so I used a different variation, I had to use sweetened almond milk instead of regular cow’s milk because that is all I had in the refrigerator, and in accordance to my weight loss efforts I cut the casserole into six portions instead of four. [Note to self: buy some unsweetened milk for cooking.]

When you read this I may be at, or have already been to, CHaRm to dump off a bunch of crap to be recycled. Other than that chore I need to kick some ass at work, and with German class tonight.

Hope you are staying well.

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14 Responses to 2020-07-16

  1. Bonnie says:

    I was planning on riding to Stone Mountain this morning while the husband takes the car to the shop. Yeah, I’m thinking that’s not going to happen. I’m just not motivated. I’m kind of on a roll working on getting my camping needs figured out as the BYOB(oat) hash campout will be here before I know it! In the next couple days I plan to set up my new tent in my bedroom as well as inflate my new sleeping pad.

  2. Steve Brady says:

    Debbie’s mom is struggling with some swallowing issues. The nurse came by yesterday and suggested some things. Some of the gang came over for a visit last night just before the storm hit.

    I was all ready to change the oil in my scooter (or so I thought) when I checked the book and determined I had Bought the wrong viscosity oil. If it was a car, I would have just gone with it, but since this is an oil/air cooled machine, I thought I better play it by the book. Back to the store later.

    Some sort of exercise today…


  3. Back from CHaRM. It cost me $36 to save the planet by recycling four smoke detectors, a boatload of old paint and chemicals, as well as a couple of gas containers. You’re welcome.

  4. Steve Brady says:

    Do you know if they take old oil and diesel? I found my auto parts place will take up to 5 gallons a day of oil, but I don’t think they will take the bad diesel. And I also have a flat screen monitor no one seems to want.

  5. Well, our Atlanta United seems to be out of it. I didn’t get to watch this morning’s game but from what I see in the stats they didn’t play well, losing to Cincinnati 1-0. This is their second loss, which probably means that they will not be making it to the next round.

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