Happy Friday all, and it’s a special Friday to someone who is now older than I am for the next five days. 🤣

Not much is going on in my world.

You all know about my trip to CHaRM yesterday. The rest of my day was spent doing boring chores, and working of course. Last night’s German class was good, but highlighted how much I am forgetting due to lack of use.

Of course I have been up for an hour or so already I have eaten breakfast and am planning my day. After I post this post I am heading out to the back yard to continue my Sisyphusian task of English ivy removal.

Currently my weekend is fairly unplanned. I hope to do more yard work tomorrow, including being out in the yard late enough to run my small chain saw to chop up some downed large branches. Of course it’s a Black Sheep weekend so I will probably go to the hash, even though my DFL Partner is unable to attend. With whom will I be matchy-matchy?

I just read that August’s SLUT hash has been canceled. Thanks, Covid. 😒 There goes my excuse for skipping my German class that night…

That is all I have.

Hope you all have a great weekend and are remaining healthy.

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14 Responses to 2020-07-17

  1. Bonnie says:

    Happy birthday Barb! I hope your day at work doesn’t suck. As much. 😄

    🤣. How dare the husband have his birthday on a Black Sheep Sunday. I mean, what a dick…

    Meeting Wendy this morning at 8:00 for a walk as she is dropping off her car for an oil change in EAV. We may even go see Big Lou the Emu if Wendy is up for that long of a walk. Speaking of, gotta go!

  2. Steve Brady says:

    A very happy birthday Barb!!

    We had expected a nurse visit yesterday, but there was a scheduling issue and one will be here this morning. I know Debbie is worried. We had a visit from her brother, 3 nieces and 2 grand-nieces yesterday. I was sort of working at the time, but it was difficult.

    Managed almost 20 miles in the heat yesterday- in the shade, it seemed fine, but there wasn’t a whole lot of shade on the way back. Almost stopped for a break 2 miles from home, but hung in. I’m convinced one of my meds is having an effect on my riding. One of the side effects is “shortness of breath” and I’m pretty sure they don’t really expect someone taking it to do a lot of serious aerobic activity. Next appointment with the cardio, we will talk options.


  3. Perhaps not my most productive 2.5 hours of yard work, but at least I did some sweating out there.

    Oh, and I also discovered that some dog walker has been conveniently using my yard waste bags for dog shit bag disposal. 🤬

  4. And I forgot to mention that the M6 is getting its new windshield this afternoon. I hope all goes well.

    • Windshield replaced. I feel that I should go put a bow on it since it’s my “birthday gift” to myself. 😢

      • Steve Brady says:

        Adulting is hard sometimes.

      • I still wish I could find out how the crack happened since I was traveling at such a slow speed in that gravel parking lot.

        • Steve Brady says:

          Was it particularly bumpy? When we were driving around in the clear cut when Minnie Pearl was lost, we managed to make the dash squeak and it still does it on bumpy roads. Frame flex is real…

        • It was a gravel parking lot. However the windshield was cracked with a loud thud which left behind a deep star and a foot long crack. I was driving to the start of a hash. I still have to believe that hashers were fucking around throwing rocks and I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  5. Oh it’s Barb’s birthday? I was referring to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. 😂😂😂

  6. barb says:

    way, way, way too busy at work.
    Not a happy birthday at all yet.

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