Most likely when you are reading this I’m headed back ITP. It was a fun “birthday” weekend with the Raleigh Royalty.

Because the weather on Friday wasn’t great we hung at home and watched the movie Masterminds; it was a funny flick. On Friday evening we went to a “drive in” movie held at a local church. The movie being shown was “The Princess Bride”. The setup wasn’t the greatest, but we made do.

Saturday saw us do some family things like walk dogs, take and pick up kids from swimming, and then we headed to Jordan Lake where for the first time in my life I did stand up paddle boarding. I was quite shaky at first and went ass over teakettle the first time I tried to land the paddle board, but after a little while I was able to navigate somewhat. We celebrated our day with a stop for snacks at a restaurant patio, before returning back to the house where we vegged for the rest of the day and had pizza for dinner.

Much to the boys’ chagrin we loaded up the car on Sunday morning and drove down to Raven Rock State Park where we did a four-mile hike. Upon the hike’s end we stopped into Viscous Fishes brewery where we consumed a few beers before returning to the house. Last night we ordered in some Indian food while we watched the movie Irresistible. I also enjoyed “Irresistible”, which it seems has ties to Georgia including being filmed in part in Rockmart, and having a cameo appearance by Tom Key, now former artistic director of Theatrical Outfit.

By the time I make it back ITP, unload the car, and put everything where it needs to be, I will be ready to relax for the remainder of the evening.

Hope you all had a fun weekend and are staying healthy.

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  1. Barb says:

    SUPing is hard, good job!
    Sounds like a good weekend.
    We got back Saturday, got the camper all cleaned up, and tons of laundry done.

    Wheelhopper was fun yesterday, good sized crowd, it was hot, but we had a covered (shaded) ending.

    I decided to take today off too, since the original plan was to have roadtripped home from Iowa. I really don’t want to go back to work.

  2. Steve Brady says:

    I don’t know where the weekend went… Saturday we were up early and drove to Atlanta Motor Speedway (I think they still call it that) in Hampton for the Pike County HS graduation of our niece Tristan. The stands face southwest, so by 09:30 we were in the sun. We were outta there once she “walked” and headed to Meansville for the post graduation luncheon. It poured at the house later in the afternoon, which meant my ride was “indoors”- still hot, but doable.

    Sunday was an early ride of 23 on CX. After the rain the night before, some of the roads were sloppy wet, and I changed plans mid-course as part of the planned route was likely under water. 3 turtle rescues were a sign of how much rain we got.

    Dusted off the scooter and found a parking lot for a little slow speed practice. Something I need to do more of- any idiot can go fast. Much more skill involved to go slow.

    Safe trip home.


  3. Bonnie says:

    Sounds like a fun weekend!

    Fun fact: Bella (short version 😁) from the Rome hash was an extra in “Irresistible”. I saw many screenshots on Facebook.

    While I was pretty anti-social for most of the weekend (for various reasons), I did my first Wheelhopper yesterday! Thanks to Barb for herding two first-timers (In My Behind too). It is quite hard to look for marks while trying to navigate a mountain biking trail! Turkey tail was 7 miles, but included a good stretch of road. I’m glad I went as it was fun and a boost to get back out there and practice MTB trails more. I almost went to Southside Park this morning but the adult in me took hold as I need to finish a bunch of chores this morning before the husband comes home mid-day 😂. I want to go back and ride Allatoona Creek more, but the route driving there is annoying… Weather pending I may stay at Busted’s campout through Monday and ride Monday. Hmmmm…

    Paulie, we need to talk about Black Sheep this week. Lyons Run will have an interesting feature, you could perhaps also call it Lyons Float… 😁

  4. Bonnie says:

    I hear EAV is getting a(nother) new brewery. Hippin’ Hops will be a “craft brewery and artisanal oyster bar.”

  5. Hello from somewhere on I20 in SC!

  6. Glad I got home when I did, I see that I-20 W now has a major slowdown.

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