Oh, hello. I got started right away this morning and I temporarily forgot that today is Monday and that I needed to write a blog post; I interrupted my laundry chore for you. 😉

Another summer weekend is in the books. While things obviously are far from returning to “normal”, the activities I did this weekend helped hide that fact for a little while.

On Friday I joined Bonnie in celebrating a birthday of one of our friends by doing a mini-pubcrawl at Lee+White; we had beers at Monday Night Garage, Wild Heaven Brewery, and Best End Brewing.

Saturday was a early morning trying to get to Florence Road to meet Steve for a Silver Comet ride. Bonnie, Steve, and I rode a little more than 42 miles, sometimes pushing ourselves harder than we probably should. 🙂 The ride was harder than I expected it would be and by the end I was completely spent. Perhaps my dreams of riding to the Alabama border are a thing of the past? After recovering a bit Bonnie and I had an early dinner at Red’s Beer Garden. Nothing says “You deserve this because you worked out today!” like a vegan hot dog smothered in squeeze cheese with an order of fries. Oh, and beer. 😀 To say that I fell asleep early that night is an under-statement; when I was awaked by the sound of fireworks (not gunshots), wondered who the hell was doing this in the middle of the night, then looked at the clock to see that it was 9:30pm, even I was surprised.

Yesterday was a Black Sheep Hash day. This trail, the annual Lyon’s Day Run, followed the for of those from year’s past. However, we were rewarded with a mile float down the South River to end the trail. If the river had more water in it the float would have been completely enjoyable and I wouldn’t have hit so many rocks along the way. Thanks to Bonnie I was able to use one of her boogie boards for the float, which was a great way to get down the river.

July 2020 Summary

A completely vegetarian month? During my birthday month? Who am I?

07/01 – ?, V, trainer (50:00) 🙂
07/02 – ?, V, walking (2.50 mi, 58:46) 😕
07/03 – ?, V, yard work (~180:00) 🥵, hashing 🙂
07/04 – ?, V, jogging/walking (9.64 mi, ~177:35) 😀
07/05 – ?, V, hashing 🥵
07/06 – ?, V, trainer (50:00) 🙂
07/07 – 195.2, V, trainer (50:00) 🙂
07/08 – ?, V, yard work (~120:00) 🥵
07/09 – ?, V, trainer (50:00) 😅
07/10 – ?, V, trainer (50:00) 😅
07/11 – ?, V, cycling (43:26 mi, 181:00) 😅😁
07/12 – ?, V, yard work (~150:00), hiking (4.50 mi, 103:00) 😁
07/13 – ?, V, nothing 😢 (hurt knee)
07/14 – 195.4, V, nothing 😢 (one more day for knee)
07/15 – ?, V, trainer (50:00) 😕
07/16 – ?, V, trainer (50:00) 🙂
07/17 – ?, V, yard work (~120:00) 🥵, trainer (30:00) 😕
07/18 – ?, V, yard work (~240:00) 😮🥵
07/19 – ?, V, hashing 🙂
07/20 – ?, V, trainer (50:00) 😐
07/21 – 193.2, V, yard work (~60:00) 🙂
07/22 – ?, V, trainer (50:00) 😀
07/23 – ?, V, trainer (50:00) 😀
07/24 – ?, V, walking 🙂
07/25 – ?, V, walking 😐, SUP 🤔
07/26 – ?, V, walking, hiking 🙂
07/27 – ?, V, nothing 🙁 (travel day)
07/28 – 196.8, V, trainer (50:00) 😀
07/29 – ?, V, trainer (50:00) 😀
07/30 – ?, V, walking (4.10 mi, 74:29) 🙂
07/31 – ?, V, trainer (50:00) 😀

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7 Responses to 2020-08-03

  1. Steve says:

    I’m still not 100% sure what was going on Saturday. I haven’t looked at my Endomondo numbers for the first half of the ride, but we might have gone out a little fast. I know I was still dehydrated from clearing trail on Friday afternoon which didn’t help. And maybe just out of practice for longer rides. Shame.

    After returning home and collapsing, we enjoyed a nice dinner with slow service at the fish place in Pine Mountain. Fried goodness!

    After my Sunday morning conference call which went on an extra hour due to an error (not mine!) I joined Debbie and the horsey set at Bear Creek. I rode the 4 miles and that was just enough for me! We learned the sale of Bear Creek may have fallen through… we actually spent most of our dinner conversation planning our takeover plans and how we would use the property- the one minor hitch was it required winning the lottery Saturday evening. Sadly, that did not occur.

    Did I hear a rumor that tonight’s hash celebrates Sani’s birthday?


    • Perhaps we did go out too fast, spurred on by the “youth” that kept passing us. LOL

      Huh, I don’t run in the circles that participate in large land deals, so I never understand how something like that would fall through.

      It may, but after yesterday’s Black Sheep I’m not sure that she’s keen to do much celebrating today.

  2. Oh yeah, I also filled three yard bags with English ivy yesterday morning, then proceeded to wash the mud off my road bike.

  3. Steve says:

    The earnest money was $150k, so the seller thinks it a good day!! He also thinks he can raise the price because the market is hot. We were thinking the market for properties at that price point ($8M) is about the same as always.

    I just looked at Endomondo and he has us averaging 16 at the turn around. I think about 12 on my return, considering the stops which I didn’t stop the clock.

    • Whoa

      You know we were pedaling that hard just to try and stay in front of Bonnie.

      • Steve says:


      • Bonnie says:

        LOL. I tried to pedal hard so you guys wouldn’t drink all the beer. 😉 I averaged 15 on the way out and 14.8 on the way back. I’m certain those are both PRs for me. But I can’t hold that on regular roads… usually if I can average 13 that’s about the best I can do.

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