Well, that certainly wasn’t the weekend for which I was hoping. Even though there was a very low percentage of rain predicted, it rained heavily each day. On Friday and Saturday the rain started at 7pm, because of this regularity I felt I had until around then to pack up yesterday when it became apparent that unpredicted rain was going to happen again. However, the rain came down in buckets as we were just about finishing the cooking of dinner at 5pm. Because my camp stove was still hot I didn’t think that I should put it into my tent or in my car, so I put it under a camp table hoping to keep it dry; that didn’t work. Unfortunately, the rain seemed to damage my camp stove as after the rain it refused to light, I’m guessing it’s the electric igniter that isn’t working. I have put the stove in a place to try dry out completely before I give another shot. This was the second item to get damaged this weekend, the first being a string of lights whose wires I snapped when I forgot I had tied the battery pack to my cooler’s handle.

The rain yesterday also cemented the fact that all of my camping gear would be dirty and wet upon arriving home. I had planned to hang the tent to dry upon arriving home, but of course it started raining as soon as I pulled into my driveway as well.

The ITP Estate currently looks as if an a tornado has passed through, with all of my camping gear strewn about inside. Unfortunately I can spend the day cleaning, reorganizing, and repacking since it is a workday after all.

Like I said, it certainly wasn’t the weekend for which I was hoping.

Bonnie had the luxury of staying one more night. Bonnie, if you are reading this, I hope that your evening was dry, you can get out for a nice hike today, and that all your fancy new gear is dry when you pack out.

Hope yours was a better experience, and that you are remaining healthy.

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  1. Steve says:

    Hopefully there were good times besides just watching it rain.

    Saturday was a riding day, with a nice 25 miles early. Felt really slow, but did what I set out to do. Sunday was a scooter day, with a little ride to get breakfast, then a stop at a little cemetery I pass on the way to Silk Sheets. We also made a path for the loggers to get from the front to the back of the property. Debbie made a lemon orzo chicken dish which was very nice.

    This morning it was round up the horses and get them in the barn before the loggers start. It’s almost 9 and they haven’t showed yet, but the horses were ready at 7.


  2. Bonnie says:

    Greetings from Lake Allatoona. I just fully ran my first 10k, 6.5 miles, all running and no walking / hiking. Time to start correcting the past couple weeks of not working out much and of course this weekend of debauchery. I suppose I will get going and break down camp soon so I don’t get Busted in trouble for staying past checkout time. Knight Stalker and I are the last two men standing. Well, he’s not standing, he’s still asleep in his tent. My stuff is still all pretty wet so I will be joining in Paulie’s fun when I return home, except I have no idea where / how I will dry out all my gear. I hope to purchase a GA State Parks annual parking pass on the way out, which has proved difficult to do in recent times. *Fingers crossed.*

    • Whoa, good on ya! 🙌🏻 I guess I’ll be losing my DFL Partner. 😉

      Good luck with the pass, and you are welcome to hang stuff here as my gear is currently drying.

  3. Steve says:

    Equipment finally moving about 10:30. They did bring another machine, so that took time this morning. The dogs are ignoring the noise, pretty much. Interesting to see what they do when the work is visible from the windows.

  4. Just noticed that the blue sky has turned gray. I quickly pulled my camping gear indoors — I do not want to start this packing process over again tomorrow!

    • Steve says:

      Listening to the thunder for a half hour or so. Just starting to rain a bit.

      Machine broke a cooling hose (for the cab) so operator off to get it repaired/replaced. Fortunately, this is not Freon, just water (swamp cooler).

  5. Bob, Wheelhopper has a campout on the books for the same weekend as the rescheduled STU. Do you know where you will be having it? Do you know if it will occur given COVID?

  6. Pissing down rain in East Atlanta…

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