Ack! Once again I have awakened early on a Tuesday morning and consumed breakfast before remembering that I need to do a weigh in.

Yesterday was a mishmash of doing work while trying to chip away at regathering my camping gear so that I can take it all back down to the basement. I kept an eye on the weather and was extremely happy to know that I had already pulled in my drying tent components and had put the tent up in the basement prior to the deluge that arrived around 3pm. My goal today is to finish putting all of my camping gear back in its long-storage space.

Even with the tent assembled in the basement there is enough space to keep the trainer set up. With it in place I was able to put in a good 45 minutes on the trainer yesterday.

I had two other “wins” last night. After letting it dry completely I took the camp stove outside and was delighted to see it function again. I was also able to get my tent string lights working again after reattaching the wires that I accidentally snapped (long story) on Saturday.

I am pecking this post out at 5:40am. At this time I am trying to determine if I am going to do some yard work before starting my work routine. The longer I sit here the less likely this chore is going to occur today. If I don’t get out in the yard I will attempt to restart my minimizing and organizing of the house.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 193.2 pounds (-2.0 from last week’s weigh-in); weight loss after a hash campout? Inconceivable!

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  1. Bob says:

    Camping gear is pretty hardy, I’ll bet you can dunk your stove in a river and it would still work after drying out.

    As for your weigh ins how much do you eat? I don’t think weighing yourself after eating breakfast would have that drastic of a weight swing. Unless of course you are eating 3 pounds of food 🙂

    • Today’s breakfast was three small pancakes with blueberries, and a glass of almond milk. I like to weigh in before I eat to give myself all the advantages that I can. 😂

      • Bonnie says:

        *Fist bump!* I also lost 2 pounds. Hey, perhaps bringing mostly low-cal IPAs paid off! But, our portion sizes were quite reasonable and we didn’t really eat anything crazy. I think I ate a bit “worse” than you (read: pilfering Oreos).

      • *fist bump* back at you

        Oh I had my fare share of “bad”, as I finished off the bag of Chex Mix that I ate myself. 🙄

  2. Yard work lost out to extra sleep this morning. Oh well.

  3. Steve says:

    Congrats on the weigh in. And as for the stove, did you try a lighter beyond the built in? Our grill lost its built in years ago, but still works fine with a match.

    The big machine never ran again yesterday and still sits idle this morning. He’s on another machine, building a road in, I believe.

    Several bouts of rain yesterday had me on the trainer for a bit last night. My left hip was out of whack to the point I let Debbie use “the stick” on me. Feels better today.

    Lots of meetings today. yippee.


    • I didn’t have to try using a match. I let it dry completely and then wiped it down and made sure there were no obstructings (in a panic I left it on the ground under the table, allowing dirt and debris to get splashed onto it).

  4. barb says:

    how many people were at the campout?
    I wanted to make an appearance, but just never got around to the drive up there.

    did you see/hear about the crazy storms in the Midwest yesterday?
    Cedar Rapids – the WHOLE CITY – has no power.
    It was like a hurricane came thru.
    New storm term I’d never heard of – a derecho storm.
    Mom & Dad have a bunch of trees down, but no power. Nothing serious landed on the house, so that’s was great to hear. Can’t call them either, phone lines are down, but Tom sent me a text.

    • Yikes! No, I had not heard about that storm. I blame a certain person who I can’t wait to see the end of, who also dominates the news, for my current events ignorance these past three-plus years. I did notice an oddly large patch of severe weather in the Midwest while checking about out storms yesterday afternoon.

      I hope that your parents can have their power restored soon.

      • Wow, I just scanned a story about the storm. Holy shit that was massive, and the photos are shocking.

        • barb says:

          it was crazy, I actually was watching the weather channel last night to see what all happened. (I hate the weather channel)
          Trying to contact people – its impossible. So -we have no idea what’s happening.

          • Bob says:

            Was Jim Cantore there? When he shows up you know shit just got bad 🙂

            Kidding aside, I hope your family is safe and damage is minimal.

  5. There is a man doing some form of surveying on my street. These are the things you never know happen when you go into an office daily.

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