You know how sometimes you are convinced you are doing the right thing, and then Life tells you otherwise? Such was the case last night. Feeling unprepared and overwhelmed I decided to skip German class. Instead, I was going to write code to help better my skills. Seemed plausible. When I got my laptop I saw there was an update available for macOS Catalina, so I kicked off the update process as I do every other time — mistake 1. With about a half hour or so to spare, given the update required a 2GB download, I decided to wash my dirty dishes — mistake 2. While washing the dishes a butter knife slipped out of my hand and broke one of my Monday Night beer glasses.

Not My Preferred Way To Achieve Minimalism


I returned to find the download complete and watched the Mac reboot itself. It was taking a scarily long time for the normal update process to show on the screen, so I touched a key and the Mac kernel panicked (no need to explain if you don’t understand, just know that this isn’t good). The Mac then rebooted again and showed an update screen I’ve never witnessed before, and after about thirty minutes seemed to be updated successfully. The only reason I didn’t completely shit my pants while all this was happening was because I knew (at least I hoped) that the full backup I performed yesterday morning would (should) save my ass. Back up your data, friends!

It’s funny how quickly I can change my plans. I awoke this morning at 4:45am and decided that this morning I’d be the first one at Lowe’s at 6:00am to buy some stuff for the house. My goal was to do a crossword in bed and then scarf down two hard boiled eggs before hitting the road. As I finished the eggs I rescheduled my day, deciding to stay at home instead so that I could start work early and get in 45 minutes on the trainer at lunch. Lowe’s will happen either tomorrow, or more likely Sunday, morning.

Now when am I going to do yard work again?

Hope you are remaining healthy and have a wonderful weekend.

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14 Responses to 2020-08-14

  1. Bonnie says:

    Rats. 😢 On the bright side at least you didn’t cut yourself…

  2. Bonnie says:

    For those that care about the Beltline progress, PATH, etc. here is an update that includes some things I didn’t know were going on.

    Across Atlanta Beltline and PATH Trail Progress Continues Despite Pandemic

  3. Bob says:

    We moved to Office 365 so all my stuff is in the cloud (I know, the cloud is just somebody else’s computer). I only keep current stuff I’m working on the desktop. I can throw my laptop in the river and only be out a day’s work. It’s great peace of mind and I don’t have to remember to back it up, only have to move to my other file system.
    I totally agree with you though, if you have stuff stored on your computer it is not if, it is when will your hard drive fail.

  4. Steve says:

    We replaced our old computer, but I need to back it all up and at least see if I can move it over to the new machine. It has all my Sufferfest videos!! I might need them some day.

    My cell phone was dead and the battery on the CX bike’s computer needs replacing, so I rode without electronics last night. I guess I rode about 18, knowing where and how long I rode.

    No real plans this weekend. Debbie did hound exercise Wednesday and Ceili was a star. Maybe I can convince her to do that tomorrow and I can ride it.

    I think I just heard the termite start his machine.

    Happy Weekend all!!


    • Bonnie says:

      Rode without technology! Then it didn’t really happen! 😮😂

    • Did you ride a bike with shifters on the down tube, and eschew wearing a helmet too? 😂

      • Steve says:

        It was kinda fun!! Ride what you feel like. I recommend it.

        • Bob says:

          100% agree, smiles over miles! Who cares about pace or distance, just go out and have fun. I only use Strava because it earns me points on my work health program and nets me over $100 a month off my health insurance.

          • Steve says:

            The Bank increased the allowance for “Health Benefits” from $600 to $1000. Thinking about some sort of electronic trainer- Zwift, Wahoo, etc.
            That might not cover it all, but would be a nice chunk.

          • Bob says:

            Go all in Steve, get a Peloton! I have used one and they are quite nice.

  5. Oh, I just remembered that the adventure race that GE and Dumbfuck did is now available to stream on Amazon Prime.

  6. Barb says:

    Heading to Ocoee, TN for the weekend.
    Hopefully rafting will be covid safe.
    The rest of the weekend should be ok.

  7. Bob says:

    I don’t know if you saw this in the news but Trump just said McKesson (company I work for) will distribute Covid vaccination across the country when it comes out.

    Good news for my company but it feels like we made a deal with the devil…….

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