It seems that there are just not enough waking hours in my day. Sure, my afternoon nap doesn’t help matters, but I assume it’s vital most days.

You’d think by waking no later than 5:45am as I did this morning would give me time to do everything on my list of chores, but you’d be wrong. This morning I once again relegated yard work to a lesser priority in order to wash a load of laundry (which due to today’s iffy weather forecast will require the use of the dryer later), make and eat breakfast (dirty dishes are still in the sink), and peck out this blog post. I am going to try to wedge in a trainer ride at lunch, and, hopefully will have enough time to study some German (which I should be doing daily in order to actually learn) before tonight’s class at 6:15pm. Oh, and I can’t forget that I also have a job.

See what I mean?

My one free pass yesterday was watching an old Top Chef “with” Betsy. We have not started the latest Top Chef All Stars season yet because we were amped to do so when it was going to start in mid-March, and well, I don’t have to explain what interrupted that plan. We’d put watching the latest season on hold “until this blows over”. Remember when the mental genius in the White House said this would all be gone by April?


Look at me! I’m a mental genius too! 😏

As I was pre-COVID Days, I am attempting to clean out my refrigerator, freezer, and pantry by eating as much from them before returning to the supermarket. Of course things in the world, and with my body, have changed since the beginning of March, so this chore is a little more difficult for me now.

Hope you all are well and staying so. Barb, continued good wishes to your family, hope things getting resolved soon.

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12 Responses to 2020-08-13

  1. Steve says:

    A pretty quiet day yesterday. A couple meetings to prepare for work this weekend in the branches. The big yellow termite is still working- a late start yesterday, but I hear him already at it as I type this. Trying to get a good time lapse of him working.

    Sadly, we found the last front porch kitty, and not in a good way. I spent time after work yesterday cleaning up the front porch of all it’s cat products and vacuuming the carpet out there. It’s almost presentable.

    Minnie Pearl went on a bit of walkabout yesterday evening. She didn’t come to dinner and Debbie was in a bit of a panic. I hopped on my CX bike and rode to the back pasture- in use by the neighbor with cows. There she was, in a far back corner. How she gets around 5 strand barbed wire fence, we still don’t know.

    Happy Thursday!


    • 😢 for the kitties

      Is Minnie Pearl the new Brownie? How is the Brownster these days? (always a dangerous question to pose…)

      I really need to get cracking on my August Chores list, the month is almost half over!

      In other news, I (once again?) requested a wood chips drop off. I took a screen shot of the “confirmation” this time for Future Paulie. Let’s see what becomes of this. I also need to get a few quotes about tree work I want done at the ITP Estate. The fun, and expenses, never end…

  2. Steve says:

    The Brown man is showing his age, I’m afraid. Not a lot of outdoor time, though he does walk to the mailbox with me. He’s not doing well in the heat. He gets up with me and goes out every morning, then generally lays next to my chair as I work. We watched the other week as he moved a dog bed on the floor of the living room. He only moved it, didn’t get on it- we figured he was adjusting the feng shui.

  3. Does anyone think Franklin will hold “Spring” Tune Up this Fall as is currently scheduled? I’m considering making a $10 gamble and reserving a pioneer campsite for that weekend just in case.

  4. Bob says:

    Hey Paulie, I changed my mind on the Wheelhopper campout. I decided to do it at Twin Lakes near Clemson. It won’t be a group camp but everybody will have to reserve their own sites. We will still have the post ride lake float. I’ll put more details on the Wheelhopper page.

  5. barb says:

    Still no power at the parents house in Iowa – I read they were getting Collins Aerospace (formerly Rockwell Collins) some power -can’t have the largest employer not have power. And KGAN TV station is only a block or so from their house, so I was hopefully, but so far – no luck getting them power.
    I need to quit looking at the pictures & watching the videos – my hometown is a serious mess.

    • Steve says:

      They just need power, right? No damage to the house? I was thinking if the house was damaged, you could take the camper up.

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