Damn the mosquitoes! After work last night I shed the boot and put on “exercise clothes”, which in this case were clothes I could get dirty while unloading bags of dirt and compost that I had left In the M6. In the fifteen minutes it took to unload and clean out the trunk I was bitten by at least a mosquito per minute. WTF, Nature? 🤷🏻‍♂️

While unloading the trunk I noticed that my radishes and beets are looking a bit wiry. I’m fearing that I may have not planted the seeds deeply enough. Since radishes are fast growing, and since I still have ample radish seeds, I tried sowing a few more in some makeshift containers that I constructed by pairing quart milk containers. As a “new” gardener I have been very disappointed at the quality of some of the “container vegetable” soil that I have purchased at Lowe’s, it contains far too many pieces of wood/sticks. What I’d really like is smooth, loose, rich soil in which rooting vegetables will no have difficulty growing.

It’s my Summer of Experimentation, y’all! I have so much yard work and vegetable planting work to do this month.

Yesterday I did something I have not done in some time, register a new domain name. I am attempting to spend some of my recovery “free time” writing some Swift and SwiftUI code (apps) that I intend to put forth as a portfolio the next time I need to find work. While there is nothing there yet, I am now the owner of www.tenfingerapps.com. 🙌🏼 You rightly assume I’ve not gone crazy and also set up a LLC under the same name.

With an abundance of sunshine predicted for today I have already washed and hung a load of laundry this morning.

Mid week has arrived! Hope you are remaining well.

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7 Responses to 2020-09-02

  1. Bonnie says:

    I never have mosquitoes on my front porch and yesterday I was swarmed by them. Swarmed. Almost like being at your house! 😄😘

    As I’m sure you’ve seen, there are lots of varieties of garden soil, potting soil, etc. While I don’t know all the differences, it sounds like what you want is on the pricier end? I can’t believe how much soil costs–only one small part of why I’m glad my planting days are over. Not that I don’t have quite a bit of garden to maintain mind you, but I’m not planting anything new or any potted plants.

    Hoping I can get the husband out for a hike today. I’d prefer earlier vs. later but he’s still asleep so…

    • Huh. Maybe because of all of the rain we had last week? Did the hurricane blow them all to us? 🤷🏻‍♂️

      Yeah, I know there are different types of soil. I *assumed* the ones marketed for vegetables would be finer. We’ll see, it may no make a difference…

      Hope you can get him out. It will be hot and humid, but I’d love to be able to get out and exercise today. 😕

  2. Steve says:

    When you’re ready for a truckload of compost, please let me know. Reminds me I need to turn the pile…

    A busy day with pending projects yesterday. A short ride on the CX bike (no more crank noise and shifting well, thanks Barb and Allan) which I planned on being longer, but the dark clouds were moving in. It never rained at the house, but it was nearby.

    This has been the most “summer like” weather in many years. Nicer in the morning, afternoon showers, then not bad in the evening. As for mosquitos, we don’t have too many- must be a city thing.


  3. Just returned from checking the seeds I planted a few weeks ago and was witness to another Nature attack – ants attacking some sort of worm/caterpillar.

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