It’s Monday, Labor Day in the United States, which means a day off from the 9-5. Woot! I’ve been up since 4:00am. Dangen!

For me it was a low-key weekend, mostly due to my caution to not rush back to exercising as my leg works its way back toward 100%. The only activity I did this weekend was on Saturday when I ventured out to the annual Shiggy Pits birthday Pine Lake Hash. I (wrongly) assumed that there would be a walker trail, but when Shiggy told me that the Turkey trail was only three miles, I opted to give it a go. Mistake. Less than a mile into trial it was clear that “Turkey” wasn’t going to mean “easy” so I bailed on following trail. The plan was to walk down the railroad tracks for a mile, find a place to cut through the woods back toward the road, and then walk the road back. The very long train that came to a stop on one of the tracks turned Bonnie and I around, planning to return to the start by going “no no”. But, as we walked along the tracks looking for the end of the parked train, we found a different part of trail! While walking that trail we ran into more hashers going the wrong way. Odd, but hey that’s hashing. I’m not sure if they knew how far Bonnie and I were going to have to walk to get to the start, because of they did that would have been nice to know. After a couple of miles, some of which was on the Silver Comet, Bonnie made a comment about how long we’d been walking, all on trail mind you. We stopped and realized that we were walking away from the start! A quick consultation of Google Maps got us short cutting back, where we were pronounced DFLs. All in all I think we walked about 4.5 miles.

All my “exercise” on Saturday made me a lump of crap Sunday as I watched the tour and puttered around the house rather than going out to Suwannee to hang with the hash (no trail for me again).

While cleaning out a drawer yesterday I came across some snapshots I took of the not-yet-then-ITP Estate, prior to buying it in 1999. It was flabbergasting to see so little of the overgrown vegetation that has become the norm thanks to my neglect over the past twenty years.

Though I am feeling tired, today I am going to attempt to get outside in the yard since the temperature this morning is amazing. I just need to wait about an hour for some daylight. I won’t push myself too hard, but I have a ton of work to do to prep my back yard for the changes that I intend to make. While I may never get it back to 1999, I do want it to be a functional yard again by this winter. Confession, in July I was hoping to have it whipped into shape by today, hoping to have a bit of a barbecue. Of course because it’s not ready, and COVID still lingers, that won’t be happening.

Hope your weekend was happy and healthy, and if you are lucky to not to be working today as well you have a relaxing day.

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11 Responses to 2020-09-07

  1. And don’t tell me that prices during this year haven’t risen, Fels Naptha has gone up 9 cents, from 88 to 97, since I bought it earlier this year! 🙄

  2. Bonnie says:

    I have no idea what my Labor Day holds. The husband is still asleep. All the pool reservations are spoken for today but there will probably be way too many kids there anyway. I really want to go to the Hash Olympics tonight but I’d say there’s about a 1% chance of talking the husband into spending his Labor Day evening with the hash. 🤣

  3. Three hours of yard work. I am whooped, but I made some great progress this morning.

  4. Steve says:

    Just back from the Labor Day first day of cubbing and BBQ lunch. Maybe 25 or 30 riders. They were on a coyote for 45 minutes, so a good day.

    Yesterday I managed 27 on CX, followed by the tour and watching “Edward Sissorhands” which I’d never seen. Tim Burton is a special blend of odd and odder.

    Saturday was a blur, except for a couple hours on the scooter. Also more picking through the wood piles trying to save the good firewood.

    Friday was date night with a nice dinner of local Italian.

    Now for some quality nappage after the BBQ.


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