Wednesday? It’s been almost six months since I started working from home due to COVID, and I must admit that I am really enjoying this change in lifestyle and want to figure out how to make it my new normal.

For last night’s dinner of Indian-spiced rice with fake chicken I prepared a cashew cream for the first time. The cream consists essentially of raw cashews (soaked in water for two hours), unsweetened plain almond milk, garlic, and salt, all blitzed together into a smooth cream. In my case it was a semi-smooth cream because I forgot that I was halving the recipe and added twice as much milk as required. In order to thicken the cream I added more raw, unsoaked cashews, which did not blend as nicely as the soaked ones. Oh well, who doesn’t like a little chunky cream? 🙄

I am sitting typing this at 6:30am. I have been awake since 5:00am and have already prepared the breakfast casserole that will fuel my next 4-6 mornings. Currently the doors and window are open allowing the Fall-like-temperature air enter the ITP Estate and allowing some of the oven’s hell-like-temperature air escape it.

Rather than push my luck with my health I think today I will do little more than coding and puttering around the house identifying more objects that will go onto my Goodwill pile. I wish that I could capitalize on the perfect outdoors weather we’ve had in Atlanta recently, but my leg still isn’t ready for full-on exercise and I don’t want to risk a long-term setback.

In the upcoming weeks I will be make at least one donation trip to Goodwill, and perhaps be putting some useable items on the curb to see if any of my neighbors may find them useful. I’ve yet to master “minimalism” (though I’ve watched a good many YouTube videos presented by attractive women telling me their secrets to success 😉), but keep trying; I just have so much stuff, and have a hard time not acquiring more.

What’s going on in your world these days?

Hope you are remaining happy and healthy.

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10 Responses to 2020-09-09

  1. Steve says:

    So besides limiting your use of your leg, what is the treatment plan? Is there another Dr. visit scheduled?

    A very flat stage yesterday with lots of road furniture, which caused lots of riders to fall down. No interesting notes from the communique except they are pinging riders for littering- 200 swiss francs. Ouch.

    My slow leaking rear tire on my CX bike has now been matched by a completely flat front tire. I know my ride Saturday was hard, but I didn’t think that hard. Must have hot something on our road, as except for that, the last 10 miles were paved. 20 last night- warm but not killer hot.

    Might be going into the office tomorrow or Friday. A piece of equipment died, or rather is dying and the replacement is already on the way. yippee.


    • Limit the leg’s use for a couple of weeks, then ween from the boot and lower-impact exercise for awhile. I’m wearing the walking boot again around the house. I have been given resistance bands and some paperwork describing how to use them. Today I will read the paperwork and try the exercises. No return appointment scheduled yet, if discomfort remains at month’s end I will schedule one.

  2. Internet gremlins have stopped the flow of bits on my AT&T U-Verse. Hope it’s a short-lived outage.

  3. Steve says:

    Tight finish:

    Don’t know if Sagan’s shoulder will get him in trouble. I think it was more a ” hey, here I am”.

    • I didn’t get to watch intently since I was on a conference call, but it did look at a glance like there was some argy bargy going on.

      • Steve says:

        Van Aert left the door open, so Peter came through. I don’t think he meant to “push” quite so hard, but he did and he paid for it. They way they are calling the race, this is entirely in line and not unexpected.

  4. Steve says:

    Oops. Just saw the stage result. Sagan, 85th!!

  5. Steve says:

    OUCH!! (deviation from the line in the sprint, relegated to last in the group, 500 Swiss Francs and 13 points in the sprint competition)

    Article 2.12.007 РAlin̩a 5.1 : D̩viation du couloir choisi en g̻nant ou en mettant en danger un autre coureur et sprint
    (21) Peter SAGAN – BOH – 10005460373
    Déclassement à la dernière place de son groupe.
    Amende de 500 CHF.
    Pénalité de 13 points au classement général par points.

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