I’m going to try not to talk about my bodily ailments today. I’m wondering if my change in diet, or addition of a “old mail multi-vitamin to my daily intake has caused my recent issues. Oh crap, I may have just failed.

Yesterday I didn’t do a whole hell of a lot. I worked a good eight hours before calling it quits to make dinner prior texting with Betsy. I was going to make an elaborate dinner for Top Chef night, but I wasn’t feeling very hungry or ambitious so I ate a couple of vegetarian hot dogs along with two garlic breadsticks.

While the sun was still out I went onto the deck to check out part of Wee Little Farm, specifically the green peppers. The plants have numerous small bell peppers at this point, but I have also discovered the emergence/arrival of insects. Sadly I don’t have the knowledge nor pesticides to deal with them, so I have to hope that they do not decimate my three-month-long attempt to grow peppers.

No German class tonight as we are between quarters. Instead I am supposed to meet a classmate of mine for beers. Hopefully the weather won’t be oppressively hot and humid because I would like to sit outdoors.

Hope all is healthy in your world.

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  1. Bonnie says:

    You could text Wendy about the insects, perhaps she would know what to do. Surely you’ve already Googled it? My mom used to use a mixture of dish soap and water on our plants for some kind of insects.

    • I have Googled and read about the soap and water. Amazingly I don’t have a single clean spray bottle in this house, and don’t trust my cleaning skills to repurpose one that I do have. Depending on where I go today, perhaps I’ll stop at a hardware store or Target to get a new bottle.

      On a positive note, some of the lettuces I planted earlier this week have started to germinate. 🙂

  2. Steve says:

    Farmer Paulie… somehow I’m not seeing it!! 🙂 I do wish you well on solving the insect problem.

    There was running, then a little road trip for dinner with the mizzus. Our plan was to fill the truck, the 2 diesel cans as the tractor was thirsty, and hit the Wendy’s (I know, a big night!). Fuel satisfied, but Wendy’s had a closed drive through? Next choice was a Zaxby’s, which had a line of cars 3/4 around the building. We waited it out though.

    While some places are opening their dining rooms, I’m still not feeling it. I hope I will again at some point. While we dined in at the Italian place last week, they were doing a good job masking. A fast food place has too many folks coming and going for me.


  3. Health Insurance, which I admittedly need now more than ever, frustrates me. After paying my $40 copay for last week’s visit I am being told that I owe another $42. What a load of crap! Fortunately, I can afford to pay it off with a click of a button.

  4. barb says:

    still busy as hell here in the transportation world.

    I have plenty of banana peppers & jalapenos if you want some, the tomatoes are crappy, but the peppers seem to love to grow.

    got my car back from Subaru – whatever was wrong was all covered under warranty. (car speak is not something I want to understand – I just understood $0 owed)

    nothing exciting going on for us at all………….. Allan still hasn’t heard anything “for sure” about the paramedic supervisor job, but someone did as for some more info about dates of things. He had hoped it would happen for the next pay cycle (end of next week) so it still could happen soon.

  5. Bonnie says:

    I just took my fitness bike with road tires (700×32) for a test run on the gravel Beltline. It looks to me that this bike is about the same as a low-end Trek Checkpoint gravel bike so I thought about adding a gravel tire set-up to this bike and using it to ride the Beltline and Dirty Sheets, etc.? I’m not sure what I thought. It’s for sure a lighter and faster bike vs. my rigid MTB but oh yeah it needs bigger grippier tires. I’m afraid to go back outside and clean it up. Hopefully no bolts rattled out of place and I didn’t take too much life off of these tires.

    • Steve says:

      You have to pay more attention with narrower tires, but it should be able to handle it. My CX is 32mm tires and Dirty Sheet was not a problem.

  6. Bonnie says:

    Glenwood Park new business alerts: Jeni’s Ice Cream and Vesper (James Bond-inspired cocktail bar and tapas) are now open. Vesper is said to add some outdoor seating soon.

  7. barb says:

    went to the dentist -they said I should go to the periodontist – so – that means – lots of $$$$ to be spent again on my teeth & gums. Oh joy…….

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