Friday. Woot? Though I fell asleep relatively early, I didn’t sleep all that well and am subsequently tired this morning.

Due to scheduling changes last night was spent at Red’s Beer Garden, celebrating Oktoberfest with some German-styled beer, a pretzel, and a vegetarian hot dog covered with sauerkraut. I believe a fun time was had by all who showed up.

Today I need to get some shit done. If I finally get the “come and get it” email from Home Depot I may wind up driving to Ponce to get the two garbage cans I ordered weeks ago. Yeeesh! If I kick off work early enough tonight I may also try and beat the darkness by getting a head start on this weekend’s yard work.

Tomorrow will be dedicated to cleaning up the back yard.

Since Sunday’s Wheelhopper starts at Glenwood Kroger that’s now on my calendar too.

Have a fun and healthy weekend all!

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5 Responses to 2020-09-18

  1. Bonnie says:

    I am going to attempt to attend a soccer watch party at Elder Tree today. If I can watch on the patio, great. If not, I guess I’ll just walk back home. Tomorrow I have a football watch party in Smyrna that is supposed to be on a patio. Then headed to Lake Allatoona to do some “Ozark” filming location look-sees and to eat at “The Blue Cat Lodge” AKA JDs on the Lake. Sunday morning I may try and swap tires on my mountain bike from 1.95” to a 2.2” set that the husband removed from his bike. If they fit, perhaps that will help my Wheelhopper experience a tad until I can find a new bike.

    • If I had a way to have you feel comfortable inside my house, of if I could show the game outside I’d offer to let you watch it here. I hope your sports watching works out!

      I don’t see any Bundesliga 2 games in the ESPN+ app, so I think I’ll lose ties to St Pauli. Also, much happier that Werder Bremen didn’t get relegated now!

      Good luck with the tire swap. I’m not bike nerdy enough to think about such things. 🤓🤯

  2. Steve says:

    Just back in from 27 miles on the road bike. Didn’t quite realize the breeze was out of the north and unfortunately rode south so had to fight at all the way home.

    Work tomorrow morning, probably a half a day, then I don’t know what the plan is.

    Sunday we are meeting out at Stone Mountain Park for some videography for the upcoming virtual games. No wheel hopper for me.


  3. Even with sunshine today I chose to harness the power of electricity and used my dryer to dry the load of clothes I washed this morning.

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