7am and still pitch black, funny how this happens.

Thursday, Thursday, wet Thursday. It appears that the remnants of Hurricane Sally will be passing through today, perhaps lingering into tomorrow. If only I still had turnip plants growing I’m sure they would have enjoyed this weather. One of the tasks I want to accomplish this weekend is starting another round of Winter planting as I get Wee Little Farm (Georgia) up and running; the addendum of the state is because there is actually a farm already named “The Wee Little Farm” in Idaho!

Yesterday didn’t prove to be as productive as I hoped, though I did make a foray into the basement and put in a less-than-aggressive thirty minutes on my trainer. On the aches and pain scale from 1-10 today hovers around 3 due to numerous small injuries/maladies with which I am dealing.

Last night I took the opportunity of staying at home, as if that’s been a rarity the past six months, to make a wonderful dinner. Because it’s not hot outside, the lack of sun will do such things, I felt okay using my oven so I made an impromptu casserole using fake chicken, black beans, frozen vegetables, canned tomatoes, a packet of “yellow” rice, and cheese curds — all sourced from my pantry, refrigerator, or freezer. Huzzah!

Today I want to get some coding done, you know so I continue to get a salary; do some German studying, since classes start again next Thursday; and attempt to clean/organize/gather things in the the house. If I can avoid plopping my ass on the couch and watching YouTube this should all be manageable.

Just noticed that two more stalks of my underperforming sweet basil have fallen over, becoming compost material in the process.

May you have a pleasing and healthy, potentially rain-soaked, day.

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4 Responses to 2020-09-17

  1. I’m a little damp as I had to go outside and stake up two of my other basil plants, and have attempted to propagate a few pieces from the plants I cut this morning. 🤞🏻

    This was a fortuitous break as I also realized that I failed to turn off my toaster oven after taking the biscuits out this morning. 😮

  2. Steve says:

    Quite soggy yesterday and overnight, but the rain is subsiding quickly. No machine operator in sight and if he has any sense, not until tomorrow.

    Pictures from Navarre Beach, which I remember as a kid (of course completely different now) were amazing. Almost as if the island sank into the ocean.

    I managed about 40 minutes on the trainer last night. It was cold in the mancave- at least in front of the fan.


    • Good on ya!

      I spun with as little resistance as I could. My shin this morning is “stiff”, which I can’t tell is because I am still injured, or because I have not been exercising.

      Weather forecast improving by the hour.

  3. Steve says:

    This late news from the tour:

    Intimidation, name calling, improper behavior of a team member towards a UCI member during the bicycle check carried out at the end of stage 17
    Merijn ZEEMAN – TJV – 10022895721
    Fine of CHF 2,000. Exclusion from the event

    Don’t be a dick to the comms because we can send you home. DS for Jumbo Visma

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