Two months after my birthday and it’s crazy dark outside at 6:15am.

Yesterday wasn’t the most productive day I’ve ever had, but wasn’t too bad either; I toiled at work, put trash and recycling out for collection, made an Instant Pot’s worth of “baked” beans, and did about an hour of yard work. I really wanted to do more yard work, I still have a bunch of privet to cut down to open up more sunlit-space for vegetable planting, but just wasn’t feeling it. I should also have been a good German student and started to prepare for the return of class on Thursday, but only wanted to vegetate on the couch during the evening.

My neighbor’s are amazing (or maybe just young), because I heard them partying in their back yard and on their back deck until almost 2am. To be fair, the only reason I know this is because I woke up often after falling asleep sometime around 10pm.

Today I need to do a load of laundry, to be started once I knock out this blog post, and then plop my ass in my office chair to do an hour of German studying before starting my work day. This evening I am going to finalize my online transaction at Home Depot by either getting my trash cans, or getting a refund. Afterward I will be meeting up with a buddy for a beer or two.

I’m starting to keep an eye on the weather for this weekend because I have some outdoor activities scheduled. Sadly at this point it doesn’t appear that the weather is going to cooperate.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 188.8 pounds (-1.4 from last week’s weigh-in); yard work is magical! Want to do some with me? 😂

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  1. Steve says:

    Well… Tour withdrawal has begun. I almost watched the Junior World RR from last year, just to get a fix. Hopefully, the Giro will be covered on some media I can see.

    A nice scooter ride yesterday, followed by a bit of trainer time. A problem with one large yellow machine had the guys gone by 2 yesterday and returning at almost dark to deliver a huge track hoe. Unfortunately, they came down the road as Debbie was returning from watching a lesson at Nicole’s around the corner- riding Ceili and ponying Daisy. She managed to dislocate a finger in trying to control the beasts as the lowboy passed.

    In the orifice today and already having problems with equipment to install. Ugh.


    • I keep meaning to watch the ITT. I saw who won the TdF, but I am interested to see Saturday’s leg. I think the Giro is the one I can never watch because it’s on a service for which I have no account.

      Ugh on the dislocated finger, and the problematic work.

      I’m working, and keeping an eye out for the CoA yard waste truck to ensure they get all of my shit as scheduled for today.

  2. Bonnie says:

    I see there are some mountain bikes back in stock at Atlanta Cycling, but I have too much to do this week to deal with a big decision. *Sigh.* I hope it doesn’t bite me in the ass. There’s a lot of fall left and I’d like to have some riding fun. I dreamed about bikes a good bit last night, as I tend to do when something is weighing on my mind.

  3. 3:10pm and no sight of the CoA yard waste truck yet…

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