It’s 6:30am and I had an incredibly satisfying night of sleep.

Last night I met up with my buddy Shelby. We met at Home Depot on Ponce, convenient for him since he lives nearby, where I successfully picked up my trash cans to be turned into compost bins.

From Home Depot we went over to New Realm Brewing for a couple of beers and some dinner. I ate an enormous Beyond burger with french fries.

Upon arriving home I discovered that the City of Atlanta failed to pick up my yard waste as scheduled. I should probably use this to my advantage by adding more to it this morning, but won’t due to lack of motivation and shortage of time.

What I really need to do today is study some German while learning some new coding techniques.

Tonight’s goals are to get some exercise, start planning this weekend’s meals, and do Top Chef and TV with Betsy.

Happy and Healthy Hump Day to you all.

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10 Responses to 2020-09-23

  1. ITP Lurker says:

    Steve, this one’s for you: https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/22/uk/old-tv-breaks-broadband-village-scli-intl-gbr/index.html

    And Paulie, here’s to good sleep. I slept through the night last time for the first time in months. Exhaustion eventually has it’s privileges. Also the city will eventually take your stuff away. Just don’t place any bets on when.

  2. Steve says:

    Yesterday wasn’t a complete waste, but not enough progress was made and I’m sure I’ll have to go back. One device was provided to us and will have to be shipped back as the engineer couldn’t provide the correct root password to change settings. Someone else will have to crack it.

    I finally made it home about 6:30 to view a debris pile about 2 stories high in the front yard. That will be quite a bonfire when we finally get to light it! And there will be 2 more piles!! Still not too late to get good firewood out of it.

    Truck stop Mexican and a margarita, as it was a long, frustrating day.


  3. For fuck’s sake, gardening was hard enough for me and now the goddamn squirrels are digging into my bags long for places to bury their nuts. I lost at least 20% of my tiny carrot plants. 😡

  4. Steve says:

    I can hook you up with a solar powered fence charger and you can light them up!!

  5. The CoA truck has arrived! Actually, it must be a contracted tree service. Let’s see how good of a job they do.

    • And they are done… Hours upon hours of my manual labor scooped up in fewer than five minutes. 😮

      Looks as if they got about greater than 95% of my debris.

      • Steve says:

        And there was much rejoicing!

        In our wandering of the worksite last night, we found one giant log that didn’t look like it came from the yard. 20 feet long and BIG! Debbie immediately wanted to make a jump out of it. I knew it was too big for my tractor to move, so she asked the track hoe operator to move it and even he had issues!! I’m curious if this is the trunk from the tree I cut after the hurricane a few years ago- where I stood the stump back up. Guess I’ll look for my saw marks.

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