I did two hours of yard work yesterday, mostly taking down privet, young magnolia trees, and dead limbs. In the process I probably created three more hours of cleanup, but many of the felled limbs are incredibly straight and long, so I will use them for future teepees/trellises in Wee Little Farm. I am one good (long) day of cutting to get to my “final” planting airspace, and a good number of fires away from burning the wood that can’t be repurposed.

After showering to clean off my yard work stench I sat down to relax before making dinner. I was quite happy until I read the news that Eddie Van Halen has died. I had no idea he was 65 (of course I find it hard to believe that I am 55), and that he had cancer.

Even though I did a lot of yard work, it’s highly unlikely that I lost weight because my dinner was delicious but extremely caloric. I ate a fake chicken sandwich, with two substantial pretzel sticks on the side. I will strive to do better today.

Last night I tried to pre-order my Hop Passport for 2021 only to find out that it won’t be offered in Georgia next year. I reached out to the Hop Passport folk, and they replied telling me that since Georgia brewers cannot offer discounted beer, they won’t be in Georgia again. I know that bars in the City of Atlanta can’t do beer specials (Happy Hour pricing) but I swear I’ve seen it happen in other parts of the state. Is this a new state law? How did they get away with it this year?

I was going to go out and do some yard cleanup this morning, but alas I am tired and sore, and feeling like I should get into my home office and crank out a little work instead.

Tonight I will be making a freestyle Thai dish using my Instant Pot. It’s another recipe that will use up more of the things that I currently have in my cupboard, refrigerator, and freezer. Woot! And of course I will be consuming it while watching an old episode of Top Chef whilst texting with Betsy.

Hope all is happy and healthy in your world.

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  1. Steve says:

    The yellow machines have mostly completed their work. The piles are made and will be lit in the next few days (I believe). I think there will be a bit of work after the burn as well, but I think some of the smoothing will be up to us.

    I’m confused by the hop passport. Isn’t the point to try new breweries and wouldn’t the hop passport people have a steady stream of customers? I’m not sure how the discount plays into it.

    I should have ridden the road yesterday, but a nap got in the way, so it was a half hour on the trainer instead and breakfast for dinner!


    • Were you able to rid yourself of yellow jackets? I thought about you as I tramped through ivy-covered grounds to cut down my brush. Every once and awhile I’d see a flying stinger hovering around the ground. Between the mosquitos, biting ants(?), and yellow jackets I am leery to go out into the yard sometimes. Once the trees are removed I will return to pulling ivy to clear out the backyard some more.

      The Hop Passport is to get you to visit breweries in a specific state. The passport costs $25, and to recuperate your cost you get your first two beers at participating breweries at a 50% discount.

      • Steve says:

        I gave the yellow jackets a little chemical warfare early yesterday and didn’t see them swarming in the same numbers as Saturday. I watched a YouTube video of a guy who built his own simple trap with chicken as bait and water with some soap as the gotcha- he trapped 700+ in 4 hours. Going to remember that one..

  2. With my remaining iOS devices I am currently taking the iOS 14 plunge. Apple is on iOS/iPadOS 14.0.1, and have announced another “event” for next Tuesday, so I am (fairly) confident that the update won’t brick my devices nor cause them significant battery drain.

  3. My two favorite German soccer clubs play a “friendly” today. It appears that I can legally watch the game on YouTube, so I might have to tune in. It’ll be a bonus if I am forced to listen to the game in German as well.

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