Husker Du — Do you remember?

That translation seems fitting for today’s blog post given that sixteen years ago today I published the first Inside The Perimeter blog post! 🎉
October 8, 2004: Do you remember?

This morning I was reminded that five years ago today I joined Stacy for pizza at Camelli’s on Moreland, where we ordered the BIG pizza pie. To this day it’s the biggest pizza, in diameter, I have ever seen in person.
I Guess Time Goes Where All Of My Brown Hair Went?
October 8, 2015: Do you remember?

This morning I am also listening to the Coverville podcast; this week’s episode is a song-by-song album cover of Led Zeppelin III, which was release fifty years ago.
October 5, 1970: Do you remember? Okay, this one I don’t remember so well as I was only five years old. Those of you not yet born by this date need not comment about that fact. 😝

Let’s all remain healthy doing something memorable today that we will recount years down the road…

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12 Responses to 2020-10-08

  1. Stacy says:

    Happy Birthday ITP blog! Old enough to drive now, it is.

    And not going to lie: now I’m craving pizza a little and it’s not even 8am yet.

  2. Bonnie says:

    After lunch I am riding Dirty Sheets with Knight Stalker—well, he’ll be running it. I’m going to try and fit my new MTB into my car and if not then I’ll have to ride the old Schwinn. 🙁

    • You should have awesome weather to ride. Good luck getting the new bike in your car.

    • Bob says:

      Bonnie you may want to look in to investing in a hitch mount rack for your car. Will make carting your bikes around much easier.

      • Bonnie says:

        Yes I would like one. Couple issues: my car is 20 years old and although I don’t think a new car is imminent, it’s hard to convince the husband to pay to install a hitch at this point. But, I feel it it something that MUST be done so I’m going to push. It would likely fit if I took both wheels off, but sometimes I struggle with getting the rear wheel back on so I don’t want to deal with it today since I have a time constraint. Though I did just learn my clutch derailer has a locking mechanism that should make it easier for me! Front wheel off only didn’t fit. At this point to ride trails I’d need to ride a pretty good distance first to get to one or ask a friend who has a shelf rack to pick me up. 🙁

        • Bob says:

          Don’t pay to have a hitch put on. You can get one for a couple hundred bucks and it’s usually 4 bolts to install. It is totally a DIY task. Just do a google search for your car and receiver hitch and you will get plenty of info.

      • Yakima has an adapter, but it’s out of stock until mid-November.

  3. Steve says:

    A very happy birthday, ITP! So pleased it has weathered the storms and still survived.

    I started preparing the recently cleared land for seed. While the large machines do a great job, there are still lots of roots left- either laying or still attached. I spent 3 hours yesterday pulling the drag harrow, stopping and collecting and cutting roots. In that time, not even a third of what the horses have to move around in. This will take a while.

    Watched a bit of the VP debate. While not a shoutfest, it was still pretty painful to watch. See also “mansplaining”.

    Yesterday, my friend in Louisiana sent me a pic of the storm track with his house perfectly aligned dead center. This morning the track is a bit farther west, but still too close. “Just” a Cat 2 now, he says…


    • Thanks. Hoping to provide many more years, time and health will dictate…

      I spent about an hour yesterday “making poles” from branches by stripping them on tiny limbs, and bagging my refuse. I have many hours of work remaining too. My backyard looks a little like a battlefield, and I still have more cutting down of ancient privet tans cleaning that up in my near future.

      This election can’t happen soon enough for me, and I am hoping that this one turns out better (IMO) than the last.

      I’m keeping an eye on the weather for my weekend activities. I’m still to injured to exercise, but a beer drinking trip may occur. Sucks that COVID has dictated that I should only visit breweries during weather nice enough to remain outdoors.

  4. Huh, I hadn’t heard until today that TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab were merging. There is some more October 8 history for us.

  5. Bob says:

    While I dislike the reason you started this blog Paulie I’m happy you continue to post. It’s nice to keep up with folks I don’t see very often.

    Travis has a race on Sunday and we are supposed to be camping. Looks like it may be a washout and will have to do a day trip to Dausett instead 🙁 I know that is selfish on my part as those directly in the path of the storm will be much more impacted.

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