We did it! Last night about fifteen hashers showed up to run the trail laid by Bonnie and me. The 4.5-mile (ish) trail took them around Oakhurst through streets, parks, and muddied trails, before winding them at Universal Joint, which was a block from the start. Each person with whom I talked said it was a good trail, and easy to follow. Job done!

Now I return to a life of chores, which reminds me that the tree company I called is scheduled to come out today to survey the work I want done and give me a few estimates. This ought to be interesting, and hopefully not too costly. I have a few other commitments this week, and with rain supposed to arrive tomorrow and last through Thursday thanks to the remnants of another hurricane, I’ll save my indoor chores until then.

Hope all is happy and healthy in your world.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 189.0 pounds (-1.2 from last week’s weigh-in); woot! And, some of the chores scheduled for this week are in the backyard, so more manual labor! Double woot!

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  1. I just remembered that I was going to try to go to Kroger at 5:30am today so that I could spend the entire post-work afternoon in the yard. I was awake at 5:15am so I could have done so. Poop!

  2. Steve says:

    Congratulations on your trail. It only take one mislaid mark or one overachieving hare to screw your trail.

    I managed to get a good bit more area groomed and seeded last night. I put the box blade on and neglected to put in one of the locking pins and when I turned off the driveway into the pasture, it dropped like an anchor! Now cattywampus, I had to back the tractor just so to be able to get reconnected. Fortunately nothing was bent! I’m sore in odd places from trying to lift/cajole/push the blade onto the PTO. Just one more section!

    Hopefully, once I get all the property seeded, I can get back on my bike. Of course the time is about to change, so there’s that! Ugh.


    • Speaking of bikes… the other day while riding my mountain bike reccying i heard a rhythmic click. At one point I looked down and noticed that there seemed to be a bend in my chainring. Upon stopping what I discovered was that a chainring bolt was loose, and then discover two others were also loose and one has fallen out completely. 😮

      • Steve says:

        Loc-Tite! I have had cranks that just wouldn’t keep their chainring bolts. I never could figure out why…

        I thought I had a tragedy this morning. My coffee maker was dead to the world this morning! I was sure I was in trouble- then I remembered I had run the shop vac in that outlet last night and didn’t realize it at the time, but had tripped the GFCI. Reset and then there was coffee!!

      • Whew, such a scary moment so close to Halloween!

  3. It’s weird doing business in COVID times. I’m so used to shaking hands with people with whom I am doing business.

    Backyard garden may have to wait until tree work is done…

  4. Stupid NBC Sports app forces me to watch an advertisement for their Peacock service before I can stream la Vuelta on my AppleTV. FFS, I am already paying to watch the sport take me their immediately!

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