I’m officially at the office already since I have another long day ahead of me. I’ll need to leave the office ASAP today so that I can help Bonnie lay tonight’s Moonlight trail. Fortunately my commute today will be very easy. 😂

My weekend was fun, but limited fun due to my injured left knee. At some point in time I might have to make yet another doctor visit. 😞

On Friday afternoon Bonnie and I did some preliminary reccying over in Oakhurst. Things went fairly well, so once we were done we picked up some food from Midway and walked it back to the ITP Estate. At my house we consumed the food in the carport and then retired to the back yard where we sat around a lovely fire and drank a couple more beers.

Saturday morning I did my weekend morning walkabout with Betsy, and then Bonnie and I cycled over to Oakhurst to finish our reccying. Looking at the radar I saw that rain was coming, so we cycled back toward EAV to do our celebratory drinking. We decided to park the bikes at the ITP Estate and walk up to Midway. While there the Atlanta United game started, and so did the rain. We were safely under cover of the Midway’s patio so we stayed for a few extra beers. However, the walk from Midway to my house after the United game ended got us both soaked. Oops.

Yesterday was the annual Boo Sheep hash. Of course I am unable to run/walk the hash like the healthy kids can, so I did a piddly 1.5-mile amble around the horse grounds while everyone else went out and did an epic six-mile trail. Poop on me!

Like I said above, tonight I’ll be helping lay Moonlight so at least I normally do that walking and since I’ll be walking the entire trail I won’t feel as if I am missing out.

Hope that you had a happy and healthy weekend.

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  1. ITP Lurker says:

    I struck out toward Arabia Mountain yesterday, hoping for a 50 mile ride, but 9.5 miles in hit a section of the trail that was so flooded I couldn’t see the end of the water. I don’t mind riding through say 10 feet of water, but that was a bigger stretch than I’ll risk. I mulled over a few alternative options, and realized I hadn’t ridden the PATH 400 trail in a while, so my route ultimately me from Grant Park to Gresham Park to Chastain Park, and back to Grant Park, in the space of a little over 43 miles.

    I’m happy to report that the PATH 400 trail is officially open now, no more dragging one’s bike through a hole in the fence, although that did offer a certain charm. Still, it was nice being able to ride it straight through without interruption.

    • Bonnie says:

      I was going to ask how your riding had been going lately. I may have to try that northernly route someday. 🙂 Flooding is bad everywhere, the South River Trail is likely flooded too. I had thought about doing a 20-miler there this morning. There was tons of flooding at yesterday’s hash in that some of the swamps we actually had to swim through as it was over our heads.

      • ITP Lurker says:

        Bonnie, yes, it was the South River Trail that was flooded badly, in the stretch beyond the school. Yikes on swimming through swamps…not my cup of tea at all.

        I’ve ridden 240 miles this month, so I’m at about half the pace I was keeping this summer. That’s OK, that summer time riding pace can’t be done year-round, but I’ll try it again next summer. I’ve also set a goal to walk 50 miles. As of today I’m at 49 miles.

    • Well done Lurker!

      I had been meaning to check out the PATH 400 and the greenway that goes between Buford Hwy and I-85 from North Druid Hills to Clairmont for future hashing ideas.

  2. Steve says:

    I was a slug when it comes to riding this past weekend. I took Friday afternoon off to finish the upper pasture and get seed down. Joined the hunt Saturday morning and enjoyed their company into the early afternoon. Did get a half hour on the trainer watching it rain.

    Sunday morning started with a visit from the sheriff! Apparently, the hunters across the street no longer want Debbie crossing the property (she’s on the game cameras!). The sheriff was very nice- “no one is in trouble, we’re just trying to prevent an accident”. Once the seed sprouts, the deer will all be over here anyway! That will teach ’em.

    In the office Wednesday and Thursday this week. Oh. Boy.


  3. Here’s a Life Tip: if you know you are going to chop jalapeños, go to the bathroom before you do so! Don’t ask for details about how I know this… 🙄

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