If Werder Bremen had managed a victory instead of a draw on Friday, against an inferior Cologne squad, this would have been a marvelous weekend of winning for me. Oh, the Jets didn’t win, they play tonight and I expect them to lose to New England.

I had a good time camping this weekend. The weather cooperated nicely, the food and beer were excellent, and as best as I could tell there was no drama. It was interesting being in an area with virtually no cell service for a few days.

Unfortunately I had to sit out all of the reindeer games involving exercise this weekend, including yesterday’s Black Sheep, because I am hobbling around in pain. The jury is still out on my knee as I await for results from the MRI. If I don’t hear anything by this afternoon I will make an inquiry.

My knee pain will keep me from venturing out to tonight’s Moonlite hash as well. Once again, a night of no drinking will do my body some good.

Like many people in the Southeast I am watching the oddly moving tropical storm Eta, which may cause a little problem for my mother’s section of Florida as it continues to head northeastward. I am not sure if I remember many tropical storms / hurricanes that formed in November…

Hope all is healthy and happy in your world.

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5 Responses to 2020-11-09

  1. Steve says:

    A very happy, then a very sad weekend.

    The happy- a wedding for the son of one of our key volunteers on the games committee. The BF side of Athens- a little tiny farm where the parking was in the cows pasture. There was a gate attendant so the cows wouldn’t get out!!

    Sad, part one- we went to the steeplechase at Calloway with hunt friends Saturday. The rain broke and we could enjoy the racing. Unfortunately, I the the rain affected the footing- 2 jockey’s “unseated”, (all good and horses up), then in 2 subsequent races, jocks and horses down and not getting up. Both right in front of the grandstand.
    While it’s not uncommon in this type of racing, to have 2 in a row was bad.

    Sad, part two- we learned yesterday of the death of one of the pillars of the Games. He was shooting pictures at the wedding Friday FFS! Sunday, had a heart attack and passed. I worked for Gordon for years as he had the job Burt and I now have. He was still close by and available as a wealth of knowledge and experience. While he was in his 70’s, it was still a shock. The Games committee is speechless.

    On the orifice for a system upgrade at 5.


  2. barb says:

    I was thinking bout you guys camping, weather was pretty good – hated we had to miss it.

    it was a fairly lazy weekend- but did managed to get a little hike in yesterday afternoon. there was 3 photo shoots going on – I guess the color of the leaves are just right.

    Steve – wow -that stinks.
    and – our friends out in Thomson were riding past the Belle Meade Hunt right as it started – so 1 of the girls stopped & video’d it. Pretty cool – since I’ve never seen a hunt getting started.

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